By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William

July 18, 2016


Everything is coming to a change, and in a global way.  People will be affected.  The economy will reveal itself as the mirage that it is.  People are going to find out they don’t own their land.  There will be a major adjustment.  

“IMPORTANT WORLD WIDE NEWS!                                                                                                         EVERYONE DO YOUR PART TO DISTRIBUTE WORLDWIDE”

This man’s words prove conclusively that the Crown Temple B.A.R., Middle B.A.R., Inns of the Court, CROWN/CITY OF LONDON, is still to this day, the foreign occupier of the Territory of Columbia, in a military coup d’etat under the Crown – Vatican – Swiss Banking Cabal and their ruling families. THE UNITED STATES is up for grabs at this moment. The term “Sovereign Citizen” is a big RED FLAG!
Whoever uses that description is a trained sub-ordinate regurgitating proof it’s coming from the top down. They can never define the term, because they truly don’t know how to comment upon it’s use. All those who use it get it from the MOSSAD, who by the rules of D.H.S. if municipalities accept FEDERAL funding, they must be trained as such.
According to my research, the propaganda against Americans and leveling Americans as “right-wing extremists,” “sovereign citizens,” “radical Christian fundamentalists,” “the patriot movement,” etcetera, etcetera, seems to be originating from a common source.
The ones with the real axe-agenda to grind against Americans are able to organize more easily because they’re the ones with the money, who have a motive to ruin America. The usual slanderers of Christians aren’t victims of crimes perpetrated by Christians. They are usually doing damage control because these so-called radical Americans are exposing the source of the anti-American rhetoric and the anti-American agents who are terrorizing our people.
The foreign agent Crown Temple B.A.R. Attorners/Brokers in the black robes are here to pillage and plunder America for the Zionist-Jesuit Rothschild run Central Banks, by holding YOU as collateral for their artificial DEBT. Their job is to keep you in a perpetual state of “civilly dead” so they can rob your Estate Trust created when you were born, not “BIRTHed” and that’s why they’re back-pedalling. The Genie is out of the bottle, forever. The fraud is exposed. This man harmed no one, and he did nothing to threaten the foreign occupiers who define “U.S. citizens” as “Enemies of the State” as documented in the Trading With The Enemy Act,” bankruptcy emergency.
The most rabid of lying Crown Temple B.A.R. Attorneys, who just hate America, and Christians, are the ADL, SPLC, ABA, and U.N., a.k.a. U.N.W.O., are all foreign agents, pointing the finger at us?! They just want to disarm America and position the people for disposal. The B.A.R. is under Crown Rule, which is Vatican. They’re here to keep us bankrupt, and in DEBT, so they can run the B.A.R. Court Mill to commit atrocities against our people. The Foreign Agents, alpha-bet gangs listed above are FOREIGN. Learn this!  This is how and why jurors are SO DAMNED STUPID!  The B.A.R.  relies heavily upon the willful cognitive dissonance of the general population.



This is HIDDEN HISTORY.  This is intolerable, and just exactly as we see in the Declaration of Independence.  These events occur every day, but no one’s watching.  We can blame the B.A.R., but there’s no excuse for the people to drop their pants around their ankles to allow this, calling themselves “jurors.”  “Registered Voters” are the most uninformed jurors of all.  History doesn’t need to repeat if everyone remains ignorant.  History can simply remain as it does, constantly, steadily eroding away at your brain, labour/energy, rights, and your lives.  The HIDDEN HISTORY is that of the Vatican foot soldiers on American soil, enslaving and trafficking our people, as they are the B.A.R. Attorneys.  It’s a military coup.  They’re the enemies, calling us the enemies.  U.S. is at war against peaceful inhabitants.


Terrorism, in its broadest sense, is defined as the use or threatened use of violence (terror) in order to achieve a political, religious, or ideological aim. It is classified as fourth-generation warfare and as a violent crime. In modern times, terrorism is considered a major threat to society and therefore illegal under anti-terrorism laws in most jurisdictions. It is also considered a war crime under the laws of war when used to target non-combatants, such as civilians, neutral military personnel, or enemy prisoners of war.”

Do you not see this?

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  1. Jaby – It is very easy to comment about what we did not do, and give us homework assignments, but at least we are doing something such as informing. The author probably felt this was their message as defined by them (not you). If you feel something is missing, and you can state with knowledge what that may be, why don’t you write that and submit it for publication (if deserved we would be glad to). There is no such thing as an article that tells everything about anything, because it would make even a book the size of the Bible look small in comparison. We do appreciate you comment (FACT) so when can we expect your submission … ???

  2. you merely state the history so what change is coming ? it should be exposure and change for the better not war so i am seeing ,, please continue the article as you failed to describe the “change that is coming ” just more fear of what they all want to do to America ,, that is over with ,, these crops can no longer achieve their new world BS ,, it has been thwarted so what change does one force? Stop the fear porn and hope for a better and peaceful world and food on every man/woman’s table with a roof over ones head

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