Crown Temple B.A.R.

HIGH TREASON on New Hampshire

August 21, 2016 4

By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William Twentieth Day of the Eighth Month Two Thousand, and Sixteen Anno Domini HIGH TREASON on New Hampshire WARNING!  This Article is rather lengthy.  Bear in mind it’s contents are […]

Crown Temple B.A.R.


July 17, 2016 2

By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William July 18, 2016 CHANGE IS HERE Everything is coming to a change, and in a global way.  People will be affected.  The economy will reveal itself as the mirage […]

Crown Temple B.A.R.


May 13, 2016 2

By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William May 13, 2016 THE SPLC, IBA, ABA, ADL, ARE DOMESTIC/FOREIGN TERRORISTS CHRISTIANS AND COMMON LAW ARE THE ENEMY TO CORPORATE BANKSTERS  Lorelei Laird is a classic example of a […]

Crown Temple B.A.R.

The Marriage License

February 15, 2016 0

By: David-William | TLB Staff Writer MARRIAGE LICENSE Who needs a marriage license?  Why would anyone need a license to get married?  Anyone who gets a marriage license needs to think about what they’ve done, […]

Crown Temple B.A.R.


February 3, 2016 0

By TLB Staff Writer:  David-William   The Crown Temple B.A.R. uses concealments and coercion to trick people into relinquishing their rights based purely upon their ignorance of real law.  Once one comprehends the depth of […]


Breaking News!!!

October 26, 2015 6

by TLB Contributor: Paul James As I have said repeatedly… the US (note US is foreign to u.s. of A) Legal System foisted on Americans is a CRIMINAL enterprise ran by the BAR which is a […]