WORLDWIDE CALL TO ACTION: #FreeAhed Twitter Storm for Her Immediate Release

WORLDWIDE CALL TO ACTION: #FreeAhed Twitter Storm for Her Immediate Release

By Ariyana Love

What is Ahed Tamimi’s crime? The answer is nothing. Her crime is being born Palestinian. That is enough to be valued as a nobody, in the eyes of this world.

If Ahed were a Jewish child who was abducted by Arabs, the whole world would be in an uproar, demanding her immediate release. So why the double standards?

Simply stated, the answer is propaganda. There is an MSM occupation to control our minds, as much as there is an occupation to control Palestine.

MSM and TV networks are all owned by Israeli Zionists, who are telling us how and what to think.

What is the strongest similarity between Nazism and Zionism? The answer is SUPREMACY.

The programming goes something like this:

Israeli’s & Jews = Good/God’s chosen

Palestinians & Arabs = Bad/terrorists

No matter how hard they try to brainwash their narrative into our minds and whitewash Palestine out of our minds, Palestine is a word that will never be erased from history.

PLEASE SEE: IDF Terrorists Snipe and Execute a Child from al-Tamimi Family

Due to the extreme racism and arrogance of Israeli Jews, Palestinian children such as Ahed, are denied their childhood.

We all see she is a victim in their hand. But to them she is a terrorist who needs to be raped into submission

They tell us to believe that “Israel has a right to defend itself.” But who has the right to “defend” themselves from the indefensible? From the incomprehensible and unforgivable jailing and tortureof a child? 

If we are not moved into action by Ahed’s lion heart, as she stands boldly in the face of tyrannical occupation, then what will become of us?


DATE: 30 Jan – Worldwide – International day of Action to #FreeAhed 

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Twitter page: @WMPSC here:

Also follow Twitter pages: @OPTVmedia & @mideastrising 

Former Congressional candidate, Dan Frank, is presently in the West Bank of occupied Palestine.

Last Sunday, he conducted an exclusive interview with Bassam Tamimi, the father of Ahed, in their family home. Bassam revealed that the Israeli occupation served him with a home demolition notice, for no reason but to further torture the Tamimi family.

Dan also interviewed Ahed’s first cousin, Janna Jihad, who is the youngest journalist in the world.

Exclusive: My interview with Mr. Tamimi, the father of the 16-year-old Ahed Tammi who is in an Israeli prison for trying to protect their home and other children in the village of Nabi Salih outside of Ramallah. I want to thank the Tamimi family so much for inviting us in, being so kind and showing us their hospitality.

I also spoke to Ahed Tamimi’s cousin Jenna Jihad, one of the most courageous, adorable young ladies you will ever meet.

Many thanks to my awesome friend Gha

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Below is a Facebook Livesream with myself and Dan, discussing the Israeli Zionists deliberate targeting and brutal torture of the Tamimi family in greater detail.

NOTE: This was originally a Facebook Livestream. It was interrupted multiple times and we had to restart to Live. It was distracting, so I apologize for the weak introduction.

Also note: Here is the link to the Israeli  journalist, who called for Ahed Tamimi to be raped.

One more thing before you go!

Please add your name to this open letter targeting all world leaders to #FreeAhed Tamimi.

Thank you!

About Ariyana Love

Ariyana Love is a Publisher and Journalist with The Liberty Beacon Project. She is TLB Director of Middle East Rising news and Founder/Director of Occupy Palestine TV (OPTV media). Ariyana is also a Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine and Chairwoman of an international foundation, that wishes to promote human rights for the Palestinian and all indigenous people, providing a platform for we the people’s voice to be heard.

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