Zionism Exposed: The Bilderberg Group’s Untold Tyranny Against Humanity

By Patrick Millersland Dudley, Edited by Ariyana Love
The Bilderberg group was set up in 1954 in the USA . Eisenhower the C.I.A. Rockefeller and Ford foundations instigated the first meetings. The first official meeting of The Blinderberg Group was in the Hague in 1954. Throughout the decades they have met in various locations but their headquarters remain in Holland. Many of the Blunderberg members were responsible for creating the 1957 treaty of Rome; the first building block to the now, EU.
I would describe the Blinderberg group as the biggest unelected rich corporate club which is accountable to no one but yields all the power. It makes the EU look like small fry and of course the EU originates from the Blinderberg Group! The amount of influence this group has should be not underestimated.
In fact, before becoming leaders, Tony Blair and Bill Clinton were members of this group. They were obviously primed to represent the global elites interests before becoming leaders. Other names linked to The Blinderberg Group from the The Bush Administration before becoming senators, who were primed by The Blinderberg Group, were Richard Perle, Richard Armitage, Colin Powell, John Kerry and Donald McCain. In a democracy should you not be elected first instead of waiting for the approval of this corporate group and then installed into the selective democratic process.
The BBC of all organisations describe The Blinderberg Group in 2004 as “The elite coterie of Western thinkers and power brokers.” The cream of The North Atlantic.
Statesman, royals, bankers, industrialists, pressmen and generals, meet annually to discuss world issues and select and invite favoured individuals for membership; thus Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.
At this years secret get together, George Osbourne and Ed Balls were present. Keeping the Blinderberg influence in both camps eh? The Blinderberg group interlinks with the World Economic Forum, World Bank, IMF and the Club of Isles (House of Windsor). These groups are interlinked for global dominance! The politicians are the puppets of these organisations including the Merkels of this world who were present at this years Blinderberg bash…
The world economic Forum has the representatives of the worlds top 1000 company’s. One of the board members of the forum was Peter Sutherland, who is the Chairman of Goldman Sachs. Here is an illustration of how the world economic forum and the Blinderbergs are linked to the world economic forum which was born out of the Blinderberg group.
What is to be said about the IMF set up after world war 2, with its headquarters in Washington? Lets give loans to the undeveloped countries and deliberately jack up the interest rates so they cannot pay it back! Then give ourselves a license to set up shop in their respective countries, with our corporations taking over the land and assets, etc.. Good old fashioned imperialism, helped by there corporate buddies in the World Bank!
In my view, the argument about Europe and Brussels being undemocratic is small fry in contrast to these highly unaccountable organisations interlinked with each other, who contribute to poverty, war, starvation and untold misery, all to keep the elite in there splendour! As a socialist in my view its paramount to tackle World Capitalism as a whole! Nation States, separate Capitalist nations and The EU is part of the world capitalist Club under the umbrella of the Bigger Corporate organisations such as The Blinderberg Group… all equating to the same !
The transatlantic Trade Agreement introduced by the USA is another example of the elites quest for corporate domination over the masses and you have guessed it! Highly secretive and unaccountable to the general public!




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7 Comments on Zionism Exposed: The Bilderberg Group’s Untold Tyranny Against Humanity

  1. It is not necessarily capitalism that is to blame but monopoly capitalism.

    Having said that, I think that the western world started to decline when it became acceptable to lend, and to borrow, with the expectation that the money would be returned with interest. In addition, it was always the lender that our laws have been designed to protect.

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