Zionist Warmongers Slaughter Scores of Iranians in Unprovoked Attack [video]

Zionist Warmongers Slaughter Scores of Iranians in Unprovoked Attack

by Michael Aydinian, TLB Contributing Writer

TO NETANYAHU: You crazy, murderous, steaming lump of lard. I always thought you were the most dangerous man on the planet. What I can’t believe is how so many Israelis could be that daft not to realise their nation is merely a sacrificial lamb the Khazarian Rothschild dynasty established in order to be the catalyst for WW III. Any kind of nuclear confrontation will be disastrous but it will be one Israel cannot possibly survive. How can Israelis not realise this?

TO THE MEDIA: You lot really do deserve to die. I’ve often wondered if there is a point among you media whores where you’ll actually stop & think, ‘hang on a minute. Am I not inadvertently signing my own death warrant by lying my arse off all the time for these Zionist lunatics?’ YES MORON. YOU ARE! If we all go, I would pay anything to see the look on your faces. Hopefully you’ll realise your work was effectively all part of a slow process of actually committing suicide! Nice. You did that! Well done.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, gets marching orders from Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu at the 2009 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland.

TO THE MISERABLE SO-IN-SO’S WHOSE ONLY PURPOSE HAS BEEN TO ENSURE AS FEW PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE READ MY ARTICLES BOTH ON FB & MY WEBSITE: Yes you proper mugs. You enjoyed censoring me? Well, each & every time, all you did was increase the odds for experiencing a deep fried sensation, radiation style. Nice going. Please. Keep censoring me. Oh by the way – did they bother to give you a ticket for an underground bunker? No. I don’t suppose they did. How do you feel now you Wally? 

TO THE BLITHERING IDIOTS WHO ADMONISHED ME FOR DARING TO SAY THE MEDIA IS A ZIONIST CONTROLLED ENTITY: Told you. Now the deep fried radiation could well be coming your way. Your stupidity helped bring it about. 

TO MY MANY EX JEWISH FRIENDS WHO CHOSE TO DESERT ME & SLAG ME OFF MERELY BECAUSE I CARED ABOUT RIGHT & WRONG: You too deserve what’s coming. I couldn’t have tried harder to warn you & it’s not because many of you knew I was right about 9/11 but chose to turn a blind eye. No. It’s because I realised what wicked people you really are. When it was all but proved the war on Iraq was based on a plethora of Zionist lies, the dawning realisation for me was the fact you lot didn’t give a shit about the poor Iraqi people. In fact, I got the distinct impression you were glad Arabs were getting royally screwed. I read it on your faces like a book. On the off chance any of you might read this, I just want you to know I’ve never regretted my decision to end our long friendship. You truly disgust me!

TO ALL THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS: Each & every last one of you should be taken & shot for Treason, that is, if we ever get ourselves out of this mess. Sadly I’m sure the worst of you lot have seats reserved in elaborate underground bunkers all built on the quiet. Yes. It is indeed a hard pill to swallow knowing those who deliberately aided & abetted in initiating WW III will be safely tucked away. If it does go off, my only hope is you lot don’t have the time to make it to the shelter!


It is so obvious what Netanyahu is doing. He’s trying to provoke Iran into some sort of response which the media will construe as an outrageous attack on Israel. Once again we’re confronted with the diabolical situation where on the most critical issue imaginable, the media is not only failing to do its job but is deliberately deceiving the general public. By rights everybody should know Israel is doing all it can to incur an Iranian response, several times flouting international law by launching unprovoked bombing raids in Syria, specifically targeting areas where Iranians are based. The media has neglected to report any of this. Israel is 100% the aggressor. The fact Iranian forces are in Syria helping Assad fight terrorism is none of Israel’s business. 

Look at the dilemma Iran now finds itself in? If it does nothing, it will only serve to give Netanyahu the green light to launch further attacks. Iran’s leaders can ill-afford to show signs of weakness but look what may happen if they pursue the only other option available to them? If they retaliate by attacking Israeli positions it’s a certainty the media will portray them as the bad guy even though they’re unquestionably the victim. But we know the routine – the Israelis will scream like stuffed pigs, the media will lie its arse off & untold pressure will be applied on America & Trump in particular to declare war on Iran. Should this occur it’s difficult to see how Russia & China can sit idly by. They, like Iran, aren’t fools. They know only too well, sooner or later, they will be the target. As well as being deluded, Zionists will not stop because they cannot stop. They passed the point of no return.  

So now we’re in a proper mess & IT’S ALL OF ISRAEL’S MAKING! And we should be in no doubt – the point of no return was 9/11 & since this was entirely an Israeli, dual national Zionist operation, the question everyone should be asking is, WHAT WON’T THEY DO? Zionist lunacy aside, this is a direct result of having a media controlled by a handful of people. Here are the pitfalls, staring at you in the face. HOW DO YOU LIKE IT NOW?

Here’s a clip (5.18) which shows the Israeli missile attack & explains exactly what is occurring….

Whether we’re dangling perilously near the edge of the precipice I’m not sure. There’s no doubt the situation stinks. Am I frightened? Hell no. I did my duty trying to warn my family, as I feel I have on social media. As a result a few think I’m a bit loopy-loo! One of the main reasons I decided not to have a family is because all along I felt this was where we were heading. As far back as 1986, when I was working in Geneva I said these very words to my uncle –


Ask yourself, how would you feel if Israeli jets bombed your neighbourhood, especially when you’ve committed no crime whatsoever? But then what earthly reason do we have to be surprised? All you have to do is look at Israel’s track record. Once you do the only conclusion you can reach is, in a relative short space of time, this country has caused more grief than any other in history. I really do believe this is where the Russians & Chinese really do have to step up to the plate. Otherwise it could be all she wrote.

Here’s a piece I wrote in July 2015 – 

EU Poll Names Israel As The Biggest Threat To World Peace. Imagine if they never had the media?


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