Zuckerberg Has No Clothes

Zuckerberg Has No Clothes

by The Butcher Shop, a (TLB) Contributor 

If Facebook charged one dollar a year, I wouldn’t use it. With its frontal assault on free speech, its manipulation of posts, interfering with elections, and troll armies it would be sued for fraud should it charge for its services. Right now Facebook is looking like Ma Bell right before the fall.

Brother Theo had a most interesting talk with a guest of Bill Mahr recently. Bill, as you know, is so far left that he’s right, and usually his guests are as whacked out as he is, but even a stopped watch is right twice a day, and according to this guy it is high noon for Facebook.

According to this prophet of doom before the election of 2020 Facebook will loose half of its subscribers. Now, you must understand something. Facebook is a bit like the Mormon Church. While flaunting fifteen million members most Mormons are not active. The numbers include all persons who have been baptized into the fold, including at one time, six million dead Jews from the Holocaust, even though they had to give them back. It doesn’t account for those who, while registered, never go to church, or those who have died, and no longer have a voice (kinda like the Democrats on Election Day) or those who never attended services after their baptism. Getting up that first Sunday morning, having to dress up and sit through three hours of drivel without a cup of coffee, or a morning smoke will have a profound effect on one’s faith. Some coffee beans fall on rocky ground. Suffice to say all is not well down at the old Temple!

Well, Facebook is like that. If you will notice, Facebook was a lot like the early McDonalds. Back in the day the sign in front of the burger franchise had a number that was constantly being updated. It was fascinating to see. Eventually they sold so many Big Macs they had to replace the ever increasing numbers with the simple statement, “Billions and Billions served!” They didn’t subtract how many were puked out on the floor, but that number is negligible. I’d still like to know if the LDS Church subtracted all those dead Jews.

That’s Facebook Common Core math. Once you join your theirs forever! Even if you’re in Facebook Jail. It’s like a rapist considering his victim to be his girlfriend. And the numbers never go down, even if you die. In the used to be when you died Facebook would deactivate your account. Then they came up with the idea of “memorializing” those accounts so now those dead Peckerwoods are all members too! And due to remembrances put up by friends and family, they still post! And just like those Jews and Big Macs, they never rot!

Also, you must account for those who use Facebook for the first time, some troll threatens to screw their three year old daughter, and they never return. Oh, they’ll cancel their account, but that doesn’t mean that Facebook will drop them from the rolls. Long ago the service switched from an accurate count to just stating that half of the earth’s population was aboard.

That’s why when you post something, and say like five people “like” it, it’s not censorship. Those people aren’t THERE! It’s a lie! Those low numbers reflect the truth. If you account for real people you actually know, and family stupid enough to read your posts, the number of people interacting with you is just about right! It’s like YouTube. You could post a video of you circumcising yourself with a pipe cutter and you’d be lucky to get fifty hits.

In addition to all that there is the exit of bloggers and columnists who leave in disgust after thirty days in Facebook Jail for writing the word, “Muslim” and you have what amounts to #Facebook Walkaway!” Alternative Media such as The Liberty Beacon, The Dam Good Times, The Tea Party Tribune, and yes even The Young Turks gain more traction every day. That’s because they are more reliable.

Then there are people who rarely or never use Facebook. Some people get up in the morning with stuff to do. They actually check the weather. In fact, it is becoming fashionable to NOT have a Facebook account. Imagine an employer asking for your Facebook account and you tell him you don’t use that. What’s he gonna do? Insist that you get one so some kid in Albuquerque can masturbate to pictures of your wife?

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And if you’re waiting on the “govment” to step in have I got a bridge for you and it’s on sale! When Zuckerberg appeared before congress, sitting on that stack of phone books, he just threw them a fish and they clapped their flippers, barking at the moon. Ted Cruz was the only cognitive voice, but he couldn’t be heard with all the acclimation and palm branches being thrown in front of the boy wonder from Silicon Valley. You do understand that Jesus was riding a Democrat on Palm Sunday, don’t you?

Anyway this bubble will probably burst by the time Trump begins his second term. All of these factors, and the loss of all that Russian money will begin to shrink Facebook down to a more manageable size. And it will not recover because it doesn’t know how. It’s a fluke. More interested in social manipulation than simply providing a legitimate service at a reasonable price. Some kid with a lemonade stand has more on the ball. A meth dealer has more.

You will See other platforms emerge. Oh, they won’t be the megalithic world shaker that Facebook appeared to be, but don’t you see, it never was. Zuckerberg had no clothes. And I “Like” that!


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