Facets: Israel Thumbs Their Nose At the World In Defiance of International Law

Once again Israel thumbs their nose at the world in defiance of international law.

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

Ask this man what he thinks of settlements.

Authors note: Few American men would ever admit to being afraid. We try to be stoic in the face of danger, clear-headed, decisive, and in control of the situation.  And yet, there are times when it seems the entire world is conspiring against us, and we realize we have lost our grip. A motor-cycle wreck, a loved one getting sick, war, a down-turn in the economy, seem to be completely out of our control. That feeling found in the pit of our stomachs, that cold sweat, weak legs, and a mind-fog akin to panic, is, fortunately, a rarity. It is so profound, however, that we can never forget it. That feeling will follow most men to the grave, no matter what is tried from drugs to therapy.

We also have, what I will describe as, a low-grade fear. It is of a kind that settles into the folds of our lives, that, after a time, seems to be normal.  It is not. That is the kind of fear that slowly morphs into anger… resentment… bitterness… and with time, hostility. Fear strangles hope, Love, dreams, and taints the very value of Joy.  This is what I feel when I even say the word, “Zionism.” It is the name of our master, whether we believe it or not.  That ideal, of everlasting war and domination, is fed with my tax dollars, the same as Obama Care’s abortion, or the Progressive Marxism that has us all by the throat….

As I was raised a Christian, I realized early on that there were fundamental elements, standards, and without them the whole framework of what it meant would break… Love seemed the most essential part. but not just any love, but a selfless Love called Agape…and  I didn’t find that in the Old Testament. The teachings of Jesus were found in the New Testament, and today many so called Christians have forgotten that… Other profound revelations I found in the New Testament was, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” “Love your neighbors as yourself.” “He who is without guilt cast the first stone.” “Judge not and you will not be judged.” and “He who lives by the sword will die by it.” That last quote was told to Peter in the garden, by Jesus, as he started to draw his sword  to protect Jesus from being taken by the Romans. So I made a conscious decision… to practice His teachings.

And so, my entire life, I have tried to live up to these precepts. I look back now and think it was the primary reason I got along with nearly everyone, as we drilled for oil all around the world. I gave them respect, and low and behold, I got it back! I think Love works that way too! If someone Loves you, truly Loves you, you can’t do them harm. It is the universal law of cause and effect, also explained in the Bible as the seed you plant, you will sow.

These feelings well up in me when I think of Israel, a land full of good people, found in the middle of a land full of good people… and yet, there are monsters there. Monsters that have been so damaged by fear, the horrors of constant war and the blood of innocence, they are no longer considered sane. They have lost their land, their Liberty, dreams, safety, and their loved ones, and they can never be whole again. No matter if they get an apology, the ability to start again  is not enough. What they have lost is too profound, and it goes like a rusty knife into their very soul, and vengeance, as taught in the Koran and Old Testament, seems to be the only path.  They have lost the veritable qualities, the essence of what it means to be a human being, because both sides do not have the teachings of Jesus in their hearts, and can never forgive.

Those kinds of people, and the people who created them, fills me with a dread I cannot contain. It spills over into my life as a fear I have no control to overcome… and when I see that one side continually provokes, with superior weapons paid for by my country, I see that my destiny, the destiny of my country, and that of my children, no longer belong to me. I am sick to death of that feeling. I’m tired of war since 1948, and I want to get off of this speeding train that will self destruct, with everything I hold dear as well… I do not want to die for a standard I do not hold as truth, and I’m tired, tired, tired, of being lied to, as another World War looms. 

A friend who kills my friends…

Israel is again taking center stage in world journalism, but just a curtsy from our own so-called media. American media bias toward the Zionist Regime is well known throughout the world, and that is a topic all its own. Americans have no idea what is going on in Palestine, and that seems to be their plan. The problem is. with Israeli incursion into lands not their own, dominated by superior fire power, and Palestinians’, who have no cohesive and uniting rule of law, or a viable means of defense, seeks justice and vengeance by the tactics of homemade rockets, and rocks.

As Zionism continues to justify imperialism, thumbing their nose at both Europe and their biggest benefactor, The United States, peace negotiations remain at a stand-still. America is even convinced that dissolving the UN is in America’s best interests, at least that is what the Zionist Media tells us. If any challenge that, they are slammed with the label of anti-Semitism… and what could be worse? Better to be silent. Better to join in… But how does a moral thinking man justify the latest roadblock to any peace initiate, the 1,600 new housing units going up in the illegal settlement of Ramat Shlomo, or the 1500 burned to death by illegal sulfur bombs in one afternoon. Did you see the charred bodies of children lined up on the street, taken from the burned out shell of their school? Nothing mentioned in our Zionist controlled media. Nothing mentioned of how ignited sulfur kills, very much like napalm, and why it is banned in war by the UN and International Law. Oh, but we do hate the UN, and Zionists do hate law.

The Palestinians (and the UN) demand these settlements stop, and the press release by Vice-President Joe Biden quoted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can be found on the forth page, section two, of a Zionist-owned newspaper… Joe Biden said that Netanyahu: “…announced this morning that he (Netanyahu) is putting in place a process to prevent this sort of occurrence, and who clarified that the beginning of actual construction would likely take several years.” And this has indeed materialized… How can any peace be reached? It can’t, because it is designed to fail.

This statement astounds the world as it completely ignores the fact that these settlements are illegal.

Saeb Erekat, chief Palestinian negotiator had this to say:”The statement is unacceptable because it talks about an error in timing and not the error in substance, which is the continuation of settlements that must stop.”

The frustrations with Israel’s inability to seriously promote peace in the Middle East is once again becoming the main topic of European conversation from Copenhagen to Tel Aviv. The veiled threats between Iran and Israel is getting more press than the floundering EU economy, and the real fear of an escalation in violence could lead to another World War. Recently, as we have taken a rare look atProgressive Emails, we are being pressed into another cold war with Russia…

More than half a million Jews now live in more than 100 settlements built since 1967 when Israel occupied both the West Bank and East Jerusalem, all under the military protection of advanced weaponry, paid for by US dollars.

Though Israel has defended this land occupation in several ways, from biblical justifications, population growth, and security reasons, the world continues to rake Israel with demands and sanctions to pull back. The main premise is that their actions are illegal under international law, from over-kill retaliatory responses in densely populated areas, the intentional inhibition of economic Palestinian growth by their hand, and human rights violations that some say border on genocide. This inflames the worse kind of hatred…  It stimulates a violence that runs so deep, young girls will strap bombs under their cloths, and blow themselves up along with innocent bystanders, to prove a point. A point never shown to us here in America. This kind of hatred, when the nurturing nature of women is suspended, is not normal in our human world. What is stimulating it? This hatred is created, and could bring us to WW3, and few will even question why. A hatred is being created in our Zionist media that is so profound… it will stir Christians to die for the profits of a Zionist-owned war machine, and a Zionist banking cartel who finance both sides. I say, enough of this madness!

An analysis by the well known and respected journalist Paul Wood with BBC News gave his take on the situation back in 2010, and little has changed. What he said has come to pass:

“Mr Biden was careful to praise Mr Netanyahu’s statement that a mechanism would be put in place to make sure future announcements of such building did not come at sensitive moments during the peace process. And he emphasized that building would not take place at Ramat Shlomo for several years.”

It seems that the White House had decided to try to avoid another damaging and protracted tussle with the Israeli prime minister about settlements. After all, Israel came out on top in the last test of wills – agreeing to something far less than the total settlement freeze that Washington and the Palestinians had been demanding.

The particular formula put forward by Israel for Ramat Shlomo – and seemingly accepted by the US – still leaves the Palestinians in a very difficult position.”

Author’s note: While we fight among ourselves, and designed economies continually flounder, international banking cartels are salivating on the side-lines waiting to produce more weapons, distribute them, and to then pick up the pieces for pennies on the dollar. This Zionist Banking conglomerate cares nothing for collateral damage, just so that the fight occurs,  profits made, and power is maintained. They promote both sides because they finance both sides, and no matter who wins or loses, they will make a return, a black bottom line. They will suck any county dry, and if they oppose, destroy with a crippling debt. Look at us, don’t you see it? A debt that can never be paid…

If you want both peace and accountability we must first address just what strings are being pulled, and they must be substantial, as this cartel is said to control more than one half of all of the assets of the world. They can print money out of thin air, and we are not allowed to even question where it went… This One World Order originates from banker boardrooms, resonating to the boardrooms of mega-international-war-based-corporations, and the cost of it all is put on the back of our children’s future, as debt slaves. We are being played… Four months before Obama took office we were at 6 trillion in debt, and today 19.5 trillion… and all of it sanctioned by the Federal Reserve and our own US Congress.,, both bypassing our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and are unaccountable to Law, both Constitutional and International. They are indeed, above all law, and so powerful they can not only control our minds, but our very future as well. They are winning, and most all Americans are helping them…

We the People no longer exist, even though Trump is said to be our champion. So controlled and dominated, we have not been allowed to even look into Fort Knox in over 55 years, and few care. Yes, it is the lack of caring that fills me with the most dread, and I’m tired of that…. I’m tired of watching helplessly as our country is betrayed…

Don’t look at the fires being lit, but the entity holding the match. We are being dismantled, and we continue to kiss the feet of those who enslave us. It is my greatest hope that Donald Trump can cut the chains that bind us… but at this point, we can’t even say our master’s name out loud.  We have another chance, and without a doubt, in the 11th hour, it will be our last…

 Truth… from good Christians and Jews.



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