Black Chemtrails – Video Collage

Black Chemtrails – Multiple Video Collection

By: Chemtrails Planet

While typical contrails are created by water vapor emissions from engine combustion, these black chemtrails present tacit proof that a covert aerosol program is underway.  The original proposal for spraying carbon dust from aircraft was a 1974 paper written by Dr. William Gray at U. Colorado: “Weather Modification By Carbon Dust Absorption of Solar Energy” (Read entire article here)

SMOKERS – Black Carbon Chemtrails

Black Chemtrails Being Reported Across The World – 2016

Black Chemtrails Reno – C5 Galaxy

6/9/2016 ΑΘΗΝΑ 9-06-2016 BLACK CHEMTRAILS…!!!

2/13/2017 Geo Chem Dump Alert – Feb 08, 2017 Total Haze Out – Eyes Stinging, Black Chemtrails, California


Jan 17, 2017 Black Chemtrails Air to Air –  Russia

3/12/20017  Black ChemTrails March 12-2007 Holland Ron Baggerman Stick

Nov 26, 2011 chemtrail skum-black chemtrails, no dispute…[25/11/2011,suffolk].

5/6/2016 Plane Caught Spraying Black Chemtrail Poisoning us Becoming More Blatant

Black carbon, black chemtrails 4/19/16

Black chemtrails over Adelaide

Black Chemtrail 2014 Germany, schwarze Chemtrails Deutschland


12/20/16  Sunset, pink and black chemtrails & massive trail 12/20/16

2/3/17  Chemtrails + black chemtrail

1/26/2008 Black Chemtrails above Düsseldorf Skies 13.01 & 26.01.2008

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