Black Chemtrails – Video Collage

February 21, 2017 2

Black Chemtrails – Multiple Video Collection By: Chemtrails Planet While typical contrails are created by water vapor emissions from engine combustion, these black chemtrails present tacit proof that a covert aerosol program is underway.  The […]


Geoengineering Impacts On Gulf Stream Slowdown

August 27, 2015 0

by TLB Contributor: Dane Wigington Climate Engineering has been increasingly disrupting and derailing Earth’s natural systems for over six decades. The scope and scale of the ongoing geoengineering planetary assault is now on a level […]


Monsanto’s Chemical Assault Against The Web Of Life

July 27, 2015 0

  by TLB Contributor: Dane Wigington Of all the companies and corporations that represent twisted greed, corruption, and irreparable destruction to our planet and it’s life forms, Monsanto stands out. Not only is Monsanto involved […]


Climate Engineering to Control Populations

May 20, 2015 0

Dane Wigington 5.20.2015 Contributor, ZenGardner.com   Climate engineering is the most powerful and most utilized weapon of the western power structure to destabilize and topple the countries and governments around the globe which it wishes to control. […]

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