Trump: the man vs. his ideas

April 23, 2017 0

Trump: the man vs. his ideas by Jon Rappoport “Well, my hero failed to live up to his promises. He has feet of clay. So why should I care about his ideas? They’re unimportant. All […]


The Danger & Cost of a Broken U.S. Immigration System

September 26, 2016 0

The Danger and Cost of the Broken U.S. Immigration System By: Center for Self Governance (CSG) Administrative Team While our country has long prided itself on being a “melting pot” by welcoming people from other countries […]

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New Documentary Exposes America’s Hidden Border War

February 22, 2016 0

By Abby Martin With growing attention on the refugee crisis, Obama has pledged to carve out space in the US for those escaping war and violence. But there’s already a humanitarian crisis at America’s doorstep. Due to […]

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