The Storm is Over in Turkey…Or Is It?

July 21, 2013 1

By: Ceylan Ozbudak, TLB Contributor Prime Minister Erdoğan asked the crowds in his rallies after the Gezi protests in Istanbul: “Where were all those people back on the 28th of February 1997?” The protesters answered […]


Obamacare Allies Break Ranks

July 18, 2013 2

By: Michael F. Cannon President Obama touted Obamacare’s supposed benefits Thursday in  the hope of distracting attention from Wednesday’s bipartisan House vote that for the first time revealed fissures in congressional Democrats’ lockstep  support for his […]


Brain Damage: Vaccines, Heavy Metals, & GMOs (Part 2)

July 17, 2013 5

By: Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri Three years ago, I wrote an article linking early signs of brain dysfunction/damage with the toxic ingredients in Chemtrails. See: This is one of the most dangerous, covert, and […]

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