Political Corruption of Monsanto and it’s Influence

monsanto_scarecrowCorporate totalitarianism … rules through  dispensability and corruption. It treats communities, people, countries,  ecosystems, species as disposable and dispensable.

Monsanto; one of the most hated companies in America has had  a long history of corruption, producing the most toxic chemicals and  pesticides, food monopoly and market control.

Over the last century, Monsanto has been able to get away with many things, since it’s deeply rooted and embedded within the U.S. government. One of the best ways to be  effective and be able to get away with anything even if it’s murder is the ability to penetrate and function inside of a powerful organization or institution. The CIA does it all the time; the old Mafia did it so do many  other powerful corporations in America.

Agent-Orange-GMOs[1]Monsanto’s bullying policies are known to anyone who has  stood up on their way against the use of GMOs, pesticides or rBGH growth  hormones.

One of the countries who stood firmly against the import of  GMOs, synthetic pesticides and cows who are injected with hormones and  antibiotics was France because it has zero tolerance for carcinogens in food.  But as we all know, no act of rebellion against the pesticide empire remains  unpunished. During George Bush’s presidency, the French rejected to import livestock from the US, however the US retaliated by increasing steel import  tariff’s during GATT talks to punish the French government and accused them of  being anti-American.

That sounds familiar doesn’t it? Donald Rumsfeld (CEO of  pharmaceutical company Searle that was later sold to Monsanto) called European countries (France and Germany) that did not support the invasion of Iraq in  2003, the “old Europe”.

George Bush’s famous quote,” that either you are with us or  you are with the enemy” is still remembered by many. Even Iran who helped  America to win the war on terror in Afghanistan was soon called the “axis of  evil” by the same administration. Even one million Iraqi civilians mostly women  and children were regarded as collateral damage of the war on terror.

As George Orwell said “until people become conscious, they  never rebel and until after they have rebelled, they cannot become conscious”.  The criminal elite know that if they take away the meaning of words, it will  incapacitate our thoughts. So labels are  everything; the content, the code, the underlying intentions and the desire to  manipulate and control the masses so they can pass anything to American public  with no time to review or reject it.

Knowing the history of Monsanto, oil companies and big  banks, it’s quite laughable how Monsanto is now joining big banks and oil  companies for pushing the UN so called Agenda 21 for global sustainability and  development. Last week a report by organicconsumers.org showed how Monsanto has  been deeply embedded with all our government branches since 1990s.

Here is a summary:

The history of Monsanto and FDA starts at 1991 when Margaret Miller one of the ex-top scientists at Monsanto was appointed as Deputy Director of FDA by George Bush Sr. Margaret Miller, as one of the top scientists in Monsanto was working on developing rBGH growth hormones that have been linked to breast cancer on women and prostate cancer in men. Later on when she was working in FDA, she approved the same growth hormones that she was previously studying at Monsanto.

In the same year of 1991, Clarence Thomas, an extremist and  a right wing nutcase (who was Monsanto’s former attorney and a big promoter of  agribusinesses and mass chemical poisoning) was appointed to the Supreme Court  despite the rage of the whole nation.

On the other hand Al Gore that warned all of us of the rapid  climate change and greedy polluting corporations like Monsanto won the 2000 election  by the majority vote. However, over 46,000 black votes were discounted in the  state of Florida where George Bush’s bother was the governor. It was the  decision of the US Supreme Court that effectively resolved the 2000  presidential election fraud in favor of George W. Bush. Clarence Thomas was the  one who cast the deceptive vote that put George W. Bush into the office.







In 1992, Michael Taylor, Monsanto’s former attorney was  appointed as Deputy Commissioner of FDA; a role that gave him the authority to  expedite the approval of genetically modified organisms in our food  supply.  Later on Mike Taylor became the  VP of Monsanto.

In 1993; Rufus Yerxa Monsanto’s Chief Counsel  and one of the most powerful figures in the world international trade policies  was nominated as U.S. deputy to the World Trade Organization.

In 1996, Michael Kantor who was on  Monsanto’s Board of Directors became the US Secretary of Commerce.   In 2000, Carol Tucker Foreman who was a lobbyist  for Monsanto was appointed as the “Consumer Advocate” on the international  committee assessing genetically modified foods.

In 2001, Anne Veneman who was on Board  of Directors of one of Monsanto’s biotech subsidiary called Calgene was  appointed as head of USDA in charge of regulating genetically modified  organisms.

In January 2001, Donald Rumsfeld the  CEO of Searle pharmaceutical corporation acquired by Monsanto was sworn in as  Secretary of Defense. Although  Bush was a lame-duck president for 8 month soon after 9/11 he rediscovered his  mission that was appointed to him by Gods to fight a good war on terror.  Secretary Rumsfeld was in charge of the Defense Department during the 9/11  attack and the war on terror.

In 2001 Linda Fisher who was previously  Monsanto’s VP of Government Affairs was appointed as Deputy Administrator of Environmental  Protection Agency.

In 2002, George Poste the former Monsanto’s animal specialist was appointed as head of bioterrorism division of  Homeland Security.

In 2008, Obama despite his promises to  make changes and label GMO foods appointed Michael Taylor, Monsanto’s  former attorney and VP as Deputy Commissioner of FDA. He also gave his blessing  to continue the use of aborted babies as flavor enhancer in sodas and soft drinks which  means business as usual.

Not that Obama hasn’t made any efforts to lead America  towards healthier food production with temporary  halt to GMO foods, he has continued the policies of George W  Bush. Besides appointing Mike Taylor, soon after he took office he appointed  Roger Beachy, the former director at Monsanto as head of USDA, Tom Vilsack and creator of  Governors’ Biotechnology Partnership as the commissioner of USDA. He promised  to label GM foods but instead the USDA under the Obama administration approved GMO alfalfa and sugar beets that can increase the chances of cross  contamination and many other environmental problems.




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