Study Finally Discovers True Cause of Autism!

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Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

And now on the lighter side … That is if there can EVER be a lighter side to Autism.

The Intentionally Satirical article attached below goes a long way towards shining the light on the blatant redirection and misdirection being perpetrated on a trusting public, using humor as a mechanism of delivery … and for those aware, quite effectively. It may be hilarious to research just how many (trust blinded individuals) actually believed this article …

Vaccines and concentrated environmental pollutants (Lead Mercury, Aluminum, Fluoride etc…) are constantly being tied through solid science, to the multitude of neurological disasters suffered in this country and across the planet, this is now a global blight. But we in the US are number one by a large margin in many if not all if these neurological conditions including Autism (ain’t you proud).

Now considering the EPA, CDC, USDA, & FDA are responsible (Mandated) for our health and safety … and they are in FACT in bed with the devil (Pharmaceutical, GMO and Chemical industries), who exerts total control over these agencies, the reality of scientifically proven ties must be avoided at all cost, least their blatant complicity be exposed to the light of day.

This misdirection and redirection is accomplished by throwing so much bull-crap science at us that it facilitates to all but the most awake and researched among us, the camouflaging or masking (lost in a crowd) of the true mechanisms or triggers of this catastrophe … and a majority of the trusting public eat it up like chocolate ice-cream on a hot August day!

Until their child is born with (quite possibly due to vaccinations during pregnancy) or diagnosed with Autism immediately following a round of recommended vaccinations. Then they awaken with a vengeance … but too late! Sad reality … Hind sight is always 20/20 …



New Study Discovers Cause of Autism

By: Jennifer Hutchinson

According to a new study, children whose last names begin with D, K, or P and are born on Tuesday or Thursday are more likely to have autism.

Researchers at the NIH-funded Autism Cause Discovery Center studied 2,547 children born between 2008 and 2009 and found a 38 percent increase in autism in children whose last names begin with D, K, or P. The increase rose to 53 percent in children who are also born on Tuesday or Thursday.

“We have yet to fully understand these findings,” said James Forrester, M.S., Ph.D., and director of the center, “but we are excited. What we do know is that people whose surnames begin with D, K, or P frequently live between 108 and 113 degrees north latitude and 31 and 37 degrees west longitude. When we delved a little deeper, we discovered that if these same children were also born on Tuesday or Thursday, the incidence of autism was even higher. That’s when we knew we were onto something monumental. The statistics are indisputable, and everyone at the center agrees that it bears further investigation.”

Dr. Forrester goes on to say that although avoiding last names that begin with D, K, or P could be a challenge, doing everything possible to ensure that most babies are born on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday shouldn’t be as difficult. “It would be easy, for example, for OB-GYNs to schedule inductions on those days,” he says.

Colleague Susan Mahoney, Ph.D., D.Sc., agrees. “So many causes of autism have been proposed, from vinyl floors, household dust, and flame retardant in pajamas to the age of the father, a history of abuse in the mother, proximity to a freeway, and even vaccines. This new discovery can finally put an end to the long, costly search for answers and allow researchers to turn their time and effort—not to mention money—to the real cause and eventually stop autism in its tracks.”

Notice to the readers: This article contains satire. All names are fictitious. Research what is being injected into your child.

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