20/20 – A Clear Vision For America


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Those who have spent the last three to four generations living in America have a unique perspective. We remember growing up in a country where freedom, education, productivity and the ability to prosper was a beacon to the world. America was considered Camelot, the shining castle on the hill, and the world was in awe of us. This facilitated a global migration to the land of the free …


Through this unique perspective we have watched this country incrementally fall to a point where the only true power remaining in this once great and prosperous country is our military, something wielded to bully and blackmail nations who don’t fall in line with the agenda set by powers that be. We are broke, sick (the sickest society on the planet), far less productive and controlled by those ruled by greed and the thirst for power.

This is NOT the America we were born into …

Now any decent researcher in the liberty movement, or any awake and concerned citizen, can list our problems and woes, but this list is overwhelming and frightening even to the most battle hardened patriot. What we need to do is also provide solutions … a light at the end of the tunnel to facilitate hope and the realization that all is not lost. We The People constitute the most powerful force in America and it was designed that way. We sit at the top of the totem pole in the structure of this Republic … unless we forget this and allow a supposed subservient government to abscond with our constitutional authority … and over the years this is exactly what we have allowed. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!


It takes a special individual to not only present the problems, but also the solutions. Today we are privileged to have a discussion with William Muckler, TLB Contributor and author of – 20/20 A CLEAR VISION FOR AMERICA. William has watched the degradation of this country for four generations but unlike most who only rail against this tyranny … he has formulated solutions well within the realm of We The People.

Please listen to this great discussion (click on TLB Radio logo) and read the message by William below. Also visit his website 20/20 America and find out more about his outstanding book.

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A Call to Action

Substantial solutions to regain our liberty and freedom. Common sense answers to create a bright future for our children.


By TLB Contributor: William Muckler

Veteran, Visionary, Entrepreneur, Problem Solver.

I’ll never forget a sunny Saturday morning in June 1958 when a group of tanned, chiseled candidates stood to take the oath of an Officer in the United States Marine Corps. I still remember solemnly swearing with pride to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. That oath was taken with joy in a nation filled with an enthusiastic spirit, full of energy and excitement over the bountiful prospects that lie ahead.

Living by that oath is my way of life. My vision of America has not changed since that day of great magnitude so many years ago. However, something terrible has happened over these many years. Our country, so poised to accomplish monumental undertakings has gradually become a listless, a lost ship in a roiling sea of uncertainty searching for a beacon of light. We have lost our direction and our moral compass.

I yearn for the days of promising career opportunities for everyone and the news of countless discoveries in science and space. My vision still burns bright. Competent, creative leadership can regenerate that same spirit and joy of accomplishment. We can find our way. Lets all roll out the revolution to reinstate our Constitution and to regain the essence of generations passed.

20/20: A Clear Vison for America” has become my life and my life is this vision to make America whole; to keep Americans safe; and to straighten the dysfunctional federal government path of corruption and apathy.

I quickly learned to be a leader of Marines, I had to recognize that each Marine not only has value and is equally important, but every Marine must add equal value no matter their rank, role or assignment. We could only accomplish our mission when we all worked together. We all relied on each other. We all had trust in each other. We all had to respect each other. It became clear that these are the essential requirements of all successful organizations.

My vision applies this same principle to our republic. Every American must add value. We must all respect, trust and rely on each other. All must have a meaningful education, substantive career training, satisfying jobs and a superior standard of living. My vision creates the solutions to achieve these goals; this mutual sense of purpose where everyone experiences the joy of achievement and pride in self-reliance.

I envision a mighty golden chain with more than 300 million links stretching from sea to shining sea. Each link represents an American citizen. Some links are strong and shiny; some are weak and tarnished. Some need extensive repair. To be a robust republic, we must meet the challenge of strengthening and polishing all 300 plus million links in our country’s chain.

Our Constitution is like a well-designed software program. It works well, and we must keep it intact. But our computer has become over taxed and over regulated with cookies and other junk. We need to clean up the corrupted federal government files and reboot.

The 20/20 Vision demonstrates that the only way to improve government is to reduce government. It proves that the illusion of more laws, more taxes and more regulations are destroying the spirit of America.

The 20/20 Vision is a book of practical solutions using established business management principles such as cost-benefit analysis to prove that a small, limited government is the true path to economic stability. It tells how to balance the budget and produce a reserve to decrease the national debt.

Our economy is crumbling under the weight of failed policies that reward indifference and punish productivity. Politicians have imposed more than 100 excessive taxes on the country over the past 100 years. The result is a faltering economy and millions on unemployment insurance, welfare and food stamps.

The book radiates the optimism of take-home pay increased by as much as 40 percent and the joy of higher wages that eliminate poverty. The spirit of the people is rejuvenated by the revival of the space program. An electrified nation is made whole with a common purpose in a period of new exploration.

The 20/20 Vision implements an ingenious voluntary tax system that generates sufficient revenue to operate all levels of government. Citizens no longer penalized for investing in their own economy by the immoral capital gains tax have ample retirement funds. Corporate taxes that cost jobs and wages and result in higher prices of goods and services are eliminated. Needless regulations are scaled back 20 years to reduce prices of goods and services.

Social Security recipients receive a tax-free 20 percent increase on their monthly benefits plus allowances for Medicare parts A and D instead of deductions. This plan results in more than $4,000.00 of additional annual benefits.

Military personnel receive a 20 percent increase in pay and allowances to reward them for their service and raise their much-deserved standard of living. The Veterans Administration is streamlined and accessible.

A minimum wage of ten dollars per hour is implemented in conjunction with a four phase jobs training program for all high school graduates from eighteen to twenty-seven years of age. Adult jobs training programs are available for enrollment by all citizens.

The borders are locked down while the country restores the legal immigration system. Foreign nationals are given the opportunity to enroll in citizenship queues, work queues or student plans.

The 20/20 Plan envisions privatized health care that is affordable to all. An energy independent country. Confidence in Internet freedom. Abolishment of domestic spying. Illicit drugs that are re-legalized and subject to taxation. The parole of non-violent prisoners enrolled in established work programs. The restoration of civility and the rejection of Political Correctness. Term limits are imposed on Congress and the States affirm their rightful jurisdiction and authority.

My vision of America is a call to action to create honesty and integrity whereas citizens realize government is the hindrance, not the answer to a bright future for their children.

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