Sheriff Trails Disgusted Patriot Who Told State Authoritarians Exactly What He Thinks

Sheriff Trails Disgusted Patriot Who Told State Authoritarians Exactly What He Thinks

by Rick Wells

Authoritarians don’t care what peasants think of them, they just have them removed. Agenda 2030 is bound to be unpopular with those it enslaves, complaints from patriots are…

The video [below] begins with a statement by Jim Madaffer of the California Transportation Commission touting the “benefits” of a system that knows who you are, knows where you’ve been and is going to charge you based upon those factors for your vehicle’s fuel purchase.

He claims it only records the totals an obvious compromise to get it passed in order to avoid a challenge based upon privacy concerns. It won’t take long for them to change that, incrementally, as globalist leftists always do. The first step is the only one they have difficulty with, so they make it less objectionable.

There’s little doubt that the California authoritarians are attempting to force the Americans out of the state in order to make room for the illegals. Americans can be problematic. They remember how things used to be in this nation and will resist their mandated UN Agenda 21 and 2030 compliance.

The patriots who attended this hearing in Riverside, CA of the California Transportation Commission Technical Advisory Committee are incensed at the expensive  hellhole that their state has become and continues to be molded into by the globalists. They let their displeasure be known in no uncertain terms and that their charade is completely known to them.

They’re trying to get the cars off of the roads by making it too expensive to operate or own one for most of their residents, citizens and illegals alike. There are many familiar faces in the Grinadal61 video, patriots who are fighting not only the importation of illegal aliens and the creation of a preferred class of them, but also the imposition of the UN mandated Agenda 21 dictates.

The second speaker makes a return appearance to offer the arrogant bureaucrats a piece of his mind. He’s one of many in pro-Trump attire, stating to the authoritarians on the panel exactly what he and the rest of them think of their cabal and its ties to the corrupt and anti-American tyranny of Governor Jerry Brown.


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