4 Family Justice: Sewing Seeds of Change

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Hosted by: Melissa Diegel & Karla Johnson On The Liberty Beacon Radio Network

This week: Sewing Seeds of Change

This is a 4 Family Justice Special and can be heard now.

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Sewing Seeds of Change

Plant the seeds

By: Melissa Diegel

Do you question yourself? CPS loves to sew seeds of self doubt. Who were you before CPS entered your life? You have self worth. You are unique and special and you have something to offer this world. You can do this, Never Give Up and Never Lose Hope!

This show covers the very sensitive topic of parents losing hope. Melissa offers encouragement, hope and solutions. To become involved, join Advocates for Two Sisters (on Facebook)



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Melissa Diegel is the mother of (3) children, two of whom were medically kidnapped. She is the voice of the voiceless and speaks out on humanitarian issues. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona and supports the constitution, family rights and believes in the right to freedom of speech. She is a radio talk show host on the 4 Family Justice National Radio Show sponsored by the Liberty Beacon Project. She is a published writer and has been a frequent guest on many international talk show radio programs. Currently there are 18, 265 children in the Arizona DCS system, more than any other state over 35 children a day are being taken. Two of those children out of those 18 thousand are her daughters!


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