56 Serious Reasons Why You Should Home-school

Plus: What is Homeschooling & How to Home School


By: Stephanie Relfe B.Sc.

A man’s judgement is only as good as his information” Dr. Stuart Crane

What is Homeschooling? Homeschooling is teaching your own children at home, as it was done before the state took over schools. I will explain:

  • Dozens of reasons why you should homeschool.

  • How you can do a much better job than school teachers, no matter what your level of education, so long as you can read. All you have to do is what teachers do – buy books that have a year’s curriculum (program) in them, and do what it says.

  • Why it is more affordable than you may think.

This information is not meant to insult or belittle any teacher or parent, but the buck stops here. If the quality of our lives is to improve, we need to do things very differently.

The fact is that through sophisticated propaganda techniques, parents and teachers worldwide have been convinced that government controlled schools are “better” for children. That is an error. Parents continue to make “bad” judgments based on “bad” information (propaganda). The important question is, once you have new information, what will you do?

I did not have the luxury of home schooling. It is not a reflection on my parents that I did not have that advantage. Instead, at 11 years old I went to a private Catholic Boarding High School for ladies, in Sydney, Australia. However, I now know that homeschooling is vastly better for improving the quality of life in all aspects, than even expensive private schools.

Reasons to home-school:


If you don’t believe me, read “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” (now free online). This was written by Charlotte Iserbyt, who served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration.


Most schools teach sight reading instead of sounding out. This is why children cannot read past third grade. Basically, if you can’t sound out a word, you can’t read. Once a child can sound out a word they can:

  • Look up any word in a dictionary.

  • Read any name, town or street sign.

  • Learn new technology.

  • Read books from long ago when they used words that we no longer use.

Here is totally shocking evidence that schools are deliberately told to stop children from learning to read, that was posted by a parent on a forum. A school sent these notes out to all parents:

Sounding out not allowed phonicsThis is deliberate sabotage


Teaching a child to read is a remarkably easy process, that can be done in a matter of months, if you do it step by step, by simple sounding out. Teach for about 10-15 minutes a day. Don’t do more than that so your child does not get tired of it.

Note that simple sounding out is not the same as phonics. Phonics teaches a lot of complicated “blends”, which you don’t need, and are confusing. Even if you learned sight reading yourself at school, you should learn the few simple rules you need to sound out any word:

Here are just about the only things you need, to teach anyone to read.

  • For children, read lots of books to them, preferably from the time they are born. Enunciate words slowly and clearly. Have books in the house. Children are programmed to do whatever you do. If you don’t have books, they will pick up that you don’t think books are important.

  • When they are about three or older, teach them the alphabet. First read a lot of alphabet books. The best one is likely The Stephen Cartwright ABC

  • Explain that a letter is a symbol that people write to represent a sound. Letters make up words. Each letter can be written in two different ways, as a capital letter or as a lower case letter. Capital letters are used at the start of a sentence or a name. A sentence is a group of words that tells you something, and that makes sense.

  • To teach the alphabet and sounding out, say each letter twice. The first time you say the letter, say the normal way the letter is said to someone. The second time you say the letter, give the “sounding it out” sound. Don’t move on until this is mastered. Continue to read lots of alphabet books. eg Say “A ” (ay) “a” (as in cat), “B” (bee) – “b” (buh), “C” (see) – “c” (kuh), D “dee” – “d” (duh), “F” (eff) – “f” (fff) etc. Hang up a chart with the alphabet around the house. And, of course, sing them the alphabet song.

  • The sounds for “th” (that), “sh” (ship), “ch” (chip), “ph” (phone), ck (clock), “gh” when at end of words (enough).

  • Some sounds are silent. Just ignore them. eg know, lamb, write, light.

  • 5 letters are called vowels. They are a, e, i, o, u. A vowel is a letter with a sound where you open your mouth. With the other letters, called consonants, part of your mouth joins another part of the mouth. Vowels join two consonants together. Sometimes ‘y’ acts like a vowel.

  • There are short vowels and long vowels. Long vowels sound like the name of the letter. Short vowels sound like how you sound them out (eg long “e” is “ee”). The library has books about long and short vowels. Get them.

  • When to use the long vowel sound (when an “e” is at the end of a word, and for the various vowel groups such as oa (road), ee (tree), ea (leaf), ie (relief).

  • A few other changes to vowel sounds such as “ou” (counter), “ow” (now).

  • There are a few words where the letters have a weird sound, like “e” in “the”.

  • Once they can read individual simple words, read simple sentences like “A cat sat on a mat.” Remind them that a sentence is a group of words that tells you something, and that makes sense. It has a capital letter at the start. At the end is one of three things – either a period (.), question mark (?), to show it’s a question, or an exclamation mark (!), to show it’s very important or has a lot of feeling.

That’s it. As I said, even if you learned to recognize “whole words”, learn these simple rules, and pass them onto your children. Basic literacy is not literacy. You must have the tools to expand your vocabulary. Later if you aren’t sure how to pronounce a word, a dictionary will show you how..



These two videos are unbelievable:



Common Core – More Info (click here)

3 x 4 = 11 (?). See this vid about Common Core curriculum.

It is called “fuzzy math” – but it is much worse than plain fuzzy. This is why employers now have difficulty finding even manual workers, because they cannot do even basic math problems, called “shop math“.

For example, some schools teach what is called Everyday Mathematics. They do not even teach the multiplication tables! Instead, they teach a weird method of doing multiplication on the hands, which I don’t even understand.

Another method is some kind of box method to do multiplication. Here is one comment that was posted on a forum, by a parent, about this box method:

“He’s in 4th grade. But he tells me it’s easier. Like for example if he has to do 74×3 he will put 70 in one box and 4 in the other. but you still have to get over the hump of 7×3 you know? I had him do one in a box method it took him 10 minutes to do one problem, then I had him do it the traditional way, the way you and I were taught, he had it done in less than a minute”.

It gets worse. The following was posted on a forum during a discussion about homeschooling:

“My grand daughter is in 6th grade in a Florida public school. She is given math work sheets to bring home and complete for homework. Quite often the math questions do not make any sense. The whole family, grandparent, aunts, uncles and older cousins, will try to come up with an answer. Sometimes there is no logical answer.

Her parents went to the school to discuss the problem with the teacher. They were armed with the latest idiotic math question. They asked the teacher what her answer booklet said was the correct answer. Her response was mind blowing to put it mildly.

The teacher does not have an answer booklet, in fact she does not grade the work sheets at all. She collects them and sends them to an outside company for grading. This outside company e-mails the grade scores for each student. The final grade is determined on how many work sheets are turned in. The right or wrong answers are irrelevant. No one checks the student’s work. They only count the number of work sheets.”

I will point out the obvious: Children who do not have math corrected, do not learn any math at all. And it must be hell for them to sit through a class.

Another example: Student’s answer is marked wrong even though it was right, because it wasn’t “friendly”:

The teacher wanted the student to solve “530 – 270 = ?” in the following manner: First, add 30 to both numbers, changing the problem to “560 – 300 = ?”. These numbers are the “friendly” numbers, because they are supposedly easier to work with.

The student, however, simply subtracted 270 from 530 the good old-fashioned way, arriving at the same answer. Unfortunately, this is not a Common Core-approved technique.

The following appalling story was posted on a forum discussing the failure of schools to teach anything. It gives you an idea of who successful the Deliberate Dumbing down of America has been:

“Ordered a combo plate (4.50) and a drink (1.00) from a food vender during a local event. Gave the young lady (18ish) a $20 bill. She looks at her friend, clueless as how to proceed. Her friend begins frantically looking for a calculator…

So I politely tell them it’s $5.50 total and the change should be $14.50.

After consulting each other to make sure I wasn’t trying to rip them off they both agreed that “sounded right”. They then gave me my change. $14.25

Didn’t even bother point out that too was wrong, it would have made one of them cry.”

To teach math, get the Saxon math curriculum, which goes right through high school. For early years, it is good to supplement with Math Reasoning, which is in color. Also, get the units and hundreds blocks from MathUSee, but do not be tempted to get the MathUSee curriculum as I did for a number of years (in addition to saxon). There are big problems with it, especially from Grade 2 onwards, as the teacher continually violates the 4 Barriers to Learning.

To be good at math, a person needs lots of practice, in using numbers and word problems in thousands of different ways. Saxon Math will give you that. Either your or your child should read aloud the very easy-to-understand written lesson before doing the worksheets. If you aren’t good at math, you will be after you have done Saxon.


Garbage in = garbage out.

This is done so that big corporations can make billions of dollars. A growing brain grows from what it eats and drinks. If it gets toxins, and does not get enough nutrients, it will not function properly.

Plus you don’t want to poison them with GMOs.

You want your child to be beautiful and healthy. See the great DVD Supersize me. If your child is at home, you can control what they eat and drink. Learn how to have a healthy diet, read –


Generally, homeschoolers are an unbelievable seven years ahead of public school children in reasoning skills.

Plus, homeschoolers average 77%. Public schoolers average 50%.


Generally, home-schoolers are at least one year ahead academically. Now that you can earn degrees online, they can even earn a degree while others are just graduating from school.


What is the aim of the Public School system? The Public School system was created over a hundred years ago with the aim of producing workers and soldiers. These days you can add to that “consumers” and also people who will help to keep the Crony Capitalists in charge of government.

When you home-school, you and your child can set your own goals as to what you want to achieve in life. Your goals can be to create happy, healthy, wealthy, spiritual, capable men and women who are able to think for themselves, are financially independent and able to work on making the world a better place for everyone.


The great inventor and visionary Buckminster Fuller talked about how there are lags in different industries. Lag is the time from when an idea is conceived to when it is installed. The lag in the computer industry is only about a few days. In the building industry it’s around 30 years. In the education industry, it’s about 80 years! Many public school children don’t care about school work because they are smart enough to know that 95% of what they are learning will not have any practical application in the real world.


What good things did you learn at school that you still use? For most people, it’s just reading and basic maths. Add a bit of science and maybe a couple of other things that you could have learned from reading a few books. A lot of school is about babysitting. (Sitting on the bus, roll call, moving to new rooms, handing out material, collecting material, waiting for other children to answer questions you already know, waiting your turn to have your question answered, doing work you don’t need to do any longer, doing work that was never really useful in the first place).

What better things could you have spent during all that time? When a child is home-schooled, learning never stops, provided you leave materials in the house that can teach him.

What bad things did you learn? For me, I learned that there was something wrong with me. Otherwise, why didn’t everyone like me? I didn’t really get over this problem until senior high school. And it continued to show up in subconscious ways in relationships later, so that I didn’t finally get a happy, balanced life with a wonderful marriage and control of money until my early 30s when I spent thousands of dollars and many hours in different seminars and therapies such as kinesiology.

I also learned about other things that I should not have – like alcohol. I now never drink alcohol at all – it’s a drug which poisons the body. That includes red wine – if you want the benefits of red wine without the alcohol, try eating lots of raw red grapes.


Money and business are virtually never mentioned in school. And yet, understanding these are crucial to surviving, and to becoming successful in life. In a business, money comes in and money goes out. So every person is a business.

I was in the top 10% of my school, which was a well respected private school in Sydney Australia. However, I struggled through life for many, many years after school, even though I gained a Bachelor of Science degree from Sydney University, because no one at any time taught me about the realities of money, finances and survival. It wasn’t until I did some seminars with Robert Kiyosaki that I began to learn something about money and what I needed to do to get out of the rut I was in.

When you home-school, you have plenty of time to include all kinds of education in subjects like money and business. I highly recommend the brilliant book, If You Want to Be Rich & Happy Don’t Go to School: Ensuring Lifetime Security for Yourself and Your Children, which goes into this subject a whole lot more than I can here in this article.

This was posted on a forum:

“When I used to hire for projects, I always hired the “home-schooled” kids when they presented themselves, excellent little workers, and they could read, write and add and spoke well. There was a HUGE difference in their knowledge based, morals/values, and work ethics from the “average” population of same age group, HUGE difference. I’ve experienced it, seen it, witnessed it”.


I cannot more highly recommend “Mary Pride’s Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling”. In that book she explains how generally home-schoolers are at least one academic year ahead of public school educated children. Often more than that. And when it comes to reasoning skills, home-schoolers are generally an unbelievable seven years ahead!


Almost the only reason left to public schoolers to promote their cause is that children need school for “social development”. In fact, the reverse is the case. Proof of this is a shocking statistic that shows the social results of the public school system – over 40% of males are arrested by age 23! Anyone who is arrested has almost no chance of ever getting a good, career job. Anyone who is a felon has massive trouble getting even a lowly job.

And remember that most serial killers went to pubic school.

Children learn best from adults, who love them. Not from children their own age who know as little as they do. In addition, children find it very easy to pick up bad habits from other children who didn’t have parents that are as good as you are. Let alone other children who are drug dealers.

This goes for manners and communication, as well as learning. Public school is an artificial reality that has little resemblance to the real world. It is the only time when children are surrounded only by children their own age. I think that many children experience the same thing that I did when they leave school – a feeling of loss of no longer being able to live in an artificial bubble. In the real world, people are continually surrounded by other people of all ages.

For proof that home-schoolers are well socialized, see “Homeschooling Grows up“.

Homeschooling Grows Up is the largest research survey to date of adults who were home educated. Over the last decade, researchers, professionals, parents, the media, and many others have asked repeatedly: How do home-schooled students turn out? Can a home-school graduate get into college or get a job? How do they fit into society? Are they good citizens? Are they happy? In 2003, HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) commissioned Dr. Brian D. Ray, president of the National Home Education Research Institute, to conduct a study to answer these questions. The results of his research demonstrate that homes-choolers are succeeding.

Here’s a thought: If we are going to ask how well homeschooling teaches social development, we should ask the same question of group schooling. Here are two comments that were posted on a forum:

“And the public schools never produce socially awkward kids? We had plenty of them when I was in high school. And shrinks’ offices are loaded with people who were traumatized by schools. It is just not a good place for kids anymore.”

“Here in the USA kids LEARN how to commit crimes from their criminal class mates in public schools. The complete lack of parenting allows these hoodlums to get away with everything and anything they want. I watched all my friends’ children slowly being corrupted via public school. After seeing these once lovely, sweet, caring children come home cursing, smart mouthing, smoking, doing script drugs other kids had stolen from their worthless parents, I noticed how influential the brats they hung out with every day had become”.

Are there some home-schoolers who are socially awkward? Are there some public schoolers who are socially awkward? The answer to both is yes. And since bullying is one of the many reasons that people decide to home-school, it stands to reason that some of those socially awkward students find their way to homeschooling for that very reason. At home they are much more likely to be safe, respected, and able to develop into adults who aren’t broken by their childhood experiences.

One thing that homeschooling teaches that group schooling does not, is how to be self reliant and happy when on your own. This is a useful skill to have, since these days I know a lot of people who are so busy working, they no longer see their old school ‘friends’, even if they live close by. It’s worse if you move away. I remember how it took me years to adjust to being on my own and working for a living after 12 years of always having so many people around me, and – WHAM – the last day of school comes and everyone scatters and you never see most of them ever again.

P.S. The American Heritage Dicionary defines “socialization” as:

To place under government or group ownership or control.


One of the most important parts of being socially adept is having a strong self esteem. Nothing builds a better strong esteem in a person than spending the first seven years of their life 24 hours a day with their mother. This builds strong feelings of love and safety. The lack of mother’s presence does the opposite. So the more of the early years that a child is home-schooled, the better.

Studies have shown that toddlers go into stress when their mother just leaves the room! (I’m sorry, I read this somewhere and can’t find a reference for this. If someone can send me a reference, I would be very grateful). That makes sense because nature programmed mother and baby primates to depend on their mother for survival. Stress is the greatest block to learning because it scrambles the brain. Love strengthens the brain and if a mother is not present with a child, she is communicating lack of love.


At school, many children either don’t ask questions, or don’t answer them, for peer pressure for fear of being wrong or being ridiculed and because there isn’t enough time for 30 children to ask all the questions they have. How can anyone learn if they can’t or don’t ask all the questions they want to? The best way to learn is to ask questions. Children who are home-schooled grow up with a good ability to ask questions, and with no fear of doing it.

And there is another side to this subject. At school, I loved asking questions! Because I was so good at getting the ‘right’ answer! And did that help me in later life? Quite the opposite! Because the right answers at school don’t have much application to the real world. I had to unlearn much of what I learned at school, and learn to question everything.

For example, if you asked a lot of people, what should you do when you are sick or have a body pain, the “right” answer would be to go to the doctor. Doctors are people who were very good at school in knowing the “right” answers. So they ended up getting selected for medical school and continued to learn more of the “right” answers – to ‘cure’ people with drugs or by cutting off body parts that didn’t work. The drug and medical research companies love this system because they make 2.2 trillion dollars a year doing it, in the USA. (This is from the excellent documentary Forks Over Knives ). But once you learn to question the system, rather than just look for the “right” answer, a person gets to start to learn about natural health and the power of natural health therapies such as kinesiology and muscle testing , which help the body to heal without hurting it.

Children who are home-schooled learn to not only ask questions, but their mind is free to roam to explore many new possibilities in all kinds of subjects. Here is a great article that talks more about this.


In her book, Mary Pride reports that (as of 2008), 2 million children are being homeschooled. That’s 4% of the population of children from Kindergarten to Year 12. That’s the same as all the children in the schools in ten of the smaller states! And this percentage grows every year at a rate of about 7%.


In 2005, 8% of people 12 and over used illicit drugs within the last month. Ref: www.cdc.gov/nchs/FASTATS/druguse.htm

Most people will be introduced to drugs through school, or through ‘friends’ they met at school. Children at private schools can be more likely to be introduced to drugs, because they have more money.

From The National Center On Addiction And Substance Abuse at Columbia University. The Califano Report:

  • 1.7 million Americans are incarcerated in prisons or jails, more per capita than any other nation.

  • Nearly 80% of all prisoners in America are for drug related offenses.

  • Ten million people have been arrested for marijuana since 1965.

A woman I met told me that at the local high school in NE Florida, any child who does not do some kind of drug or alcohol “would not be considered normal”.

If you home-school, you have vastly more control over what people your child spends time with.


Since 2003, former Judge, Mark Ciavarella Jr., received millions of dollars in bribes from private prisons for condemning 5,000 minors to maximum prison sentences, knowing that many of them will then spend most of their lives as a prisoner, bringing in billions of dollars for the private prisons. Many of these children sentenced to prison were done so for minor violations while attending one of the local public schools. In one notorious case, Ciavarella sentenced a 10-year-old to two years in a private detention facility for accidentally bottoming out his mother’s car. More info here.


A survey mentioned in Mary Pride’s book found that 4/10 children feared violence at elementary school. Even if it is not physical violence, there is another kind of violence – the violence of taunts and hurts which hurt the soul. This is especially true in the early years, up to about 10 years old, while the child is growing in the love and self esteem and spiritual strength that you should be providing them.


Be with wise men and become wise. Be with evil men and become evil.” Proverbs 13:20.

People become like the people they hang out with. This can be an unconscious, as well as a conscious thing – like the way that people pick up the accents of those around them.

If your child goes to school, he will be daily spending time with the children of people who are lazy, immoral, liars, unloving, stupid, drug or alcohol users, unhealthy and maybe even evil. If your children are home-schooled, they will be spending most of their time with you, and people that you approve of.


You choose the curriculum. Or mix and match as you like. Or make up your own. You don’t have to teach canned garbage written by someone who is probably not as smart as you.


There are an alarming number of teachers who can’t pass basic competency tests. Teachers are not experts. They follow the text books just like you can do – only you can choose much better text books.


The net is continually reporting stories of children getting into all kind of trouble just for praying.


Children learn everything, from facts to manners to how to think, from adults. In school there is one teacher and maybe 30 students. So they will ‘learn’ at least as much from the other students as they do from the teacher. How can people with no knowledge pass on knowledge? They can’t – except for things you don’t want your child to learn.


Life is about survival. Those who survive better have more pleasure, and those who don’t survive as well have more pain. While your children are at home they will learn things that will help them with survival including –

  • How to do real work, like tidying and cleaning. Not sitting around staring out of the window.

  • How to prepare food and cook, so they stay strong, healthy and smart and can save money looking after themselves.

  • How to explore new subjects in the multitude of things which aren’t even mentioned in school, such as –

    • Banking & international business (where the real money is)

    • Manufacturing, especially heavy industry (where the real money is).

    • Advanced science (eg study Nikola Tesla, Eric Dollard, Victor Schauberger)

    • Alternative health.

    • Marketing.

    • Sales (Most things involve sales. You have to sell your children on doing their teeth).

    • Finance and accounting.

    • Avoiding the mind control of television and the media (so they can think for themselves).

    • Growing your own food / farming.

    • Plumbing & electrician work (again, where there is real money to be made).

    • Having your own business.

    • Travel.

  • How to think for themselves.

  • Useful information.

This is as opposed to work which just fills in time. This eventually produces lazy children who don’t know a whole lot, and who don’t want to do physical work or to think for themselves – they are waiting for somebody to come along and spoon feed them what to do with their life. I am not saying that all children end up this way, but if they don’t, it’s because of their parents, not because of anything they learned at school.


A crucial part to learning is being able to go at the speed that is right for you. Sometimes you need to slow down to fully understand something before you can move on to the next step. Sometimes you are way ahead of everyone else, and sitting around waiting for others to catch up is both time wasting and boring, which makes you less interested in the subject. Home-schooled children can go at exactly the pace that they need.


If your child is home-schooled they can pursue a great range of subjects, in addition to the core subjects. Why waste 12 years of life not learning a few new languages or some practical skills or trades in addition? Like:

  • Spanish, French, Mandarin.

  • How to build a house.

  • How to look after cars.

  • How to grow food.

  • How to do whatever businesses the family is involved with.

  • Cooking and preparing healthy food.

  • Natural health techniques.

  • Service projects to fulfill God’s work.


Homeschooling can be done for $200 – $900 a year. In addition to curriculum’s, supplies, outings and educational toys for young children, the more books and book cases you buy (rather than kindle, which likely affects their brain in unnatural ways), the better.

Even if you send your child to a public school, there will still be expenses. And a top private school can cost $10,000 – $17,000 a year or a lot more.

But the real cost is that much of that money is not being spent efficiently. A school field trip that may cost you $80 may not be anywhere near as effective at producing long term results as a good curriculum or toy bought off the internet. The library, and sharing with others, can provide a lot of material for free.

And you must consider the whole picture when working out the cost of education. For example, consider the cost of taxes and living in an expensive city. Moving to a smaller town where taxes and cost of living is less, and having the mother stay at home to home-school, can save a lot of money because the mother no longer needs to pay taxes or gas money for the car or fancy clothes for work, or daycare and other expenses. In addition, she can do at home activities which save more money tax-free, like cooking the family’s food instead of buying packaged food, or growing food.

If money is an issue, always look for bargains on ebay.


You may think that you can’t afford to home-school, but I think that you can’t afford not to. Do you know of teenagers, or for that matter, 30 or 40 year olds, who are so poor at looking after themselves, that they have to come home and live with their parents? I sure know some. And I was like that for a while myself.

School, whether it is public or private, teaches a whole lot of extra things that you don’t want your children to learn, like:

  1. Wasting countless hours playing computer games.

  2. Being a consumer rather than a saver and investor.

  3. Spending money to keep up with everyone else – when the truth is that none of those people care about you, and one day after school you probably won’t see any of them ever again.

  4. Being lazy. After all, kids in school sit on their butts about six hours a day. And a lot of that time is spent staring off into space waiting for something to happen, or gossiping.


Manners are becoming rarer and rarer these days. And yet, good manners can still make a huge difference in whether a person is successful in life, or not. Children at school learn no manners, or pick up bad manners from their peers. This often means that they learn to be bullies or to be bullied.

Children who are home-schooled can learn and keep good manners. Which will make life more pleasant for you as well.


The information and materials that are available to home-schoolers are truly wonderful, and getting more wonderful every day. And thanks to the internet and www.ebay.com, they are easy to find, get reviews on, and buy either new or second hand.

Mean while, the level of accomplishments in public schools continues to decline. And the quality of most private schools is still not as good as what you can get as as a home-schooler. (See Saxon Math and the “Mathematical Reasoning” series for starters.)


Although people are arguing about California. Mary Pride’s Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling has a great summary at the back. If I was in a state that is not friendly to homeschooling, I would move to a better state.


The word is out – home-schoolers make better students and go on to make better workers. 3/4 of colleges have procedures for accepting home-schoolers, and many home-schoolers win scholarships. Harvard even has special admission officers who attend home-school conferences looking for applicants!


There are many young people who owe $20,000 – $100,000+ for college education, that they aren’t using because they can’t get a job anyway, or they have decided they would rather do something else. This is partly because, while jobs for college graduates have gone down, in all areas, college fees have risen by 600%! What a scam! You can’t even go bankrupt on a college debt! It will sure make it harder for these people to get married.

Read Professor Doom’s Expose of the College Scam (click here)


How can schools train people for a time 10+ years in the future, when no one knows what the future holds? This excellent article, “To College Grads: It’s A Different Economy”, shows that things will continue to get worse until at least 2017! Young people are going to need to have their wits about them to survive, and to survive well. Homeschooling gives them the time and resources to develop careers in unique niches that traditional schooling would not even consider.

Here’s another excellent article, “29 Shocking Facts That Prove That College Education In America Is A Giant Money Making Scam”, that shows that the US Government is docking social security payments of people who are behind in college loan repayments. And that 70% of college students wish they had spent more time preparing for the real world, which is a lot easier if you are home-schooled.


For more information, see the documentary “The College Conspiracy” at the end of this article.

Or consider a college overseas. If you are going to pay a lot of money for college, make sure they learn something that’s actually valuable.


The average student is lucky to receive one minute of individual attention in each lesson. When you home-school, your children get all your attention. That makes a massive difference, especially for young children.


In public and private schools, each year each teacher has to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each child. That can take months before they teach them efficiently. In fact, they could easily miss something important. Otherwise how else do so many children end up being so clueless? You are the opposite. No one knows your child like you do. And when you teach them, instead of a stranger, no one will know what they need for their education better than you will.


Especially for young children, those weeks of summer holidays can mean that they forget a huge amount of what they learned. So the first weeks or more have to be spent re-learning stuff all over again. When you home school, you can keep doing a little work over the holidays so that your children just keep on getting further and further ahead of the group schooled children. Some home-schoolers are ready and accepted to go to college by 11 years old! I am not recommending this, because of the disparity in age, but then again – why not do a college degree online? Time is money. Every year out of the workforce means less money to that child later on. Or, they can spend that time doing something that is really important, perhaps something that is related to their Life Purpose.


Most people have to move regularly these days, for all kinds of reasons, especially work. There’s an added stress in this if you have children because you only want to go where there are good schools for all of them, and that limits you a lot. Also, every time your children change school, their education suffers.

When you home-school, you can live anywhere, any time, and your child’s education will not be affected. Want to travel a lot? Want to live overseas to practice a new language? No problem! Want to live in the country or in a small town, where houses and other living expenses are a fraction of your present cost? Again, that’s possible when you home-school.


When you home-school, you are your children’s role model. When you give responsibility of their schooling to a group school, other people become their role models – including their peers, the parents of their peers, TV, pop stars and the military. Some extra work homeschooling could save you a lifetime of regret later on.


You can go faster or slower, depending on whatever your child needs and wants.


Home-schooled children are not exposed to a lot of extra diseases. Some exposure is good to toughen an immune system, but it is not natural for young children to be stuck in a room with 30 other children the same age for days on end.


Did you have any abusive teachers? Teachers who said, or thought of, mean things to you? Verbal abuse can be worse than physical abuse. I sure did, especially at the Catholic elementary school I went to. In any case, while many teachers are well meaning, always remember, they are not a saint. They are just a person collecting a paycheck. Why would you trust the most important thing in your life to a stranger? Especially for young children who have not yet learned how to defend themselves, or what is right and what is wrong.

The only reason why people continue to think that this is acceptable is because that is what was done to them. The time has come for us to think for ourselves and create improved ways of doing things.


There is a great range of things which a person needs in order to survive well in life, and most of them are not taught in school, such as business, manners, martial arts, ability to locate information etc. You have all the time to teach your child these. How to be a leader or a powerful, independent individual, not just a follower of the crowd.

Public and private schools, on the other hand, teach children how to do menial jobs, working for the elite and their corporations (if they teach anything at all).


(More HERE)

Two of the worst ingredients in vaccines are mercury and formaldehyde.  There is no safe level for either of these poisons.  Other vaccine ingredients that are related to obesity as well as major health problems are poisonous aluminum and MSG.  You don’t want these poisons in food, so why do we put them into perfect little babies?  Since the truth to this answer is so shocking I will get an expert, Dr. Len Horowitz, to tell you what the mainstream media will not.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H. is a Harvard graduate, an internationally recognized authority in public health and a powerful public speaker.  He was awarded “Author of the Year” award by the World Natural Health Organization.  His best selling book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident, or Intentional?is a must-read.  This work is largely responsible for public health and vaccine policy changes in at least three Third World nations.

The following is just a very little of the essential information from the excellent CD by Dr. Horowitz that I cannot recommend more highly to absolutely everyone, Horowitz on Vaccines: The risks of following your doctor’s advice may be deadly..

In 1986 Dr. Maurice Hilleman, Chief of the Merck Pharmaceutical Company’s vaccine division, and the world’s leading vaccine developer, was interviewed by WGBH, Boston’s famed public broadcasting station.  The interview was never aired.  On the CD you will actually hear Hilleman discuss the fact that the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines in the late 50s and early 60s were both hideously contaminated with monkey viruses, much like they are today.  The really weird thing about this interview is the laughter from those present at the shocking news.  These people are not like you and me.Here are some brief, direct quotes from the radio interview:

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: … so we brought African Greens (monkeys) in and I didn’t know we were importing the AIDS virus at the time.

Miscellaneous background voices:…(loud laughter)… it was you who introduced the AIDS virus into the country. Now we know! (laughter) This is the real story! (laughter) What Merck won’t do to develop a vaccine! (laughter) …

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: So now I got to have something (to discuss at a conference)…. And I thought….  That virus has got to be in vaccines…So I quick tested it (laughter) and sure enough it was in there.

Dr. Edward Shorter (Harvard’s famous medical historian): I’ll be damned.

Dr. Maurice Hilleman:… So I go down and I talked about the detection of non detectable viruses and told Albert, I said, “Listen Albert you know you and I are good friends but I’m going to go down there and you’re going to get upset, because I’m going to talk about the detection of virus that it’s in your vaccine…

…well he said basically, that this is just another obfuscation that’s going to upset vaccines…

Dr. Maurice Hilleman:  Well there are 40 different viruses in these vaccines, anyway, that we were inactivating …

Dr. Edward Shorter:  But you weren’t inactivating his though…

Dr. Maurice Hilleman:  No that’s right, but yellow fever vaccine had leukemia virus in it …

…So then the next thing you know is, three, four weeks after that we found that there were tumors popping up in these hamsters.

Guylaine Lanctot wrote the recommended book, The Medical Mafia, in Canada.  She is a pediatric physician who refused to vaccinate her patients.  So the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian government brought her before a kangaroo court where she called as witnesses Dr. Horowitz and W. John Martin, one of the world’s leading vaccine contamination analysts, in charge of testing human vaccines for contamination between 1976 and 1980 at the FDA Bureau of Biologics.

John Martin gave testimony saying that these vaccines carry major contaminants, and the fact is that they may or may not cause cancer or other illnesses in your lifetime, but they may be passed in the gene line to your children or your children’s children, or even environmentally and they may cause cancer or other illnesses in their lifetimes.

The judge then came back after the first break and pounded his gavel and said, “Case dismissed.”  They do not want this information made public.

It helps to study the history of medicine that we were never taught in school.  The Rockefeller led military-medical-industrial complex, which literally had a partnership with I.G. Farben and the Nazi Third Reich, is working to control the world’s pharmaceutical and chemical industries, because they realized that they could literally eliminate humans silently and covertly through drugs and chemicals, promoted by propaganda.

Dr. Horowitz makes the valid proposition that vaccines today are being used like the gas of World War 2, and that the health officials who offer you free vaccines are like the concentration camps of yesteryear.  It’s the same people, or their heirs and the same money, who believe in genocide (the murder of large numbers of people), at the same time that they make vast fortunes off of human suffering.

There is a good book called The science of coercion, by Christopher Simpson.  Simpson studied psychological warfare methods used on scientists and physicians from 1945 to virtually the present.  Simpson concludes virtually the same thing that Dr. Horowitz concluded in Emerging Viruses, AIDS & Ebola, that the Rockefellers established the agenda for science throughout the world.  If you were a scientist or a health professional that did not go along with the agenda then you were, and still are, demoted, defunded, and ostracized or persecuted.  This included alternative health professionals as well as independent doctors not under their control.

A man named Flexner was paid by John D. Rockefeller from his Standard Oil fortune, to get rid of competition in health care.  To this end, he made a bogus scientific report which allegedly said that alternative therapies were quackery.  The Flexner report also took a lot of power away from independent doctors, and centralized it into the hands of the big corporations.  With the help of the Flexner report, the Rockefellers and their associates established a monopoly of American medicine in the 1920s, when they also established the cancer industry.

Ernest Rudin became the director of the Rockefeller-built Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Eugenics in pre-Nazi Germany.  (Eugenics is the study of improving people by selective breeding).  Today physicians and public health nurses tell you that vaccines are for your own good, because they’ve been persuaded by the Rockefeller-directed military-medical-industrial complex propaganda.  The only difference between health care professionals that tell you these vaccines are safe and effective, and any other cult follower, is that most cult followers know who their leaders are.  In health care, most physicians and public health nurses have no clue that they are puppets for the Rockefeller family.

The following is almost a direct quote from Dr. Horowitz’s excellent, life-saving CD which I again strongly urge you to listen to.  Dr. Horowitz proves that vaccines are for the purpose of depopulating earth.  He does this with the vaccine company’s own literature, that comes with the Hepatitis B vaccine.

As you read this, please note that Hepatitis B kills only 5,000 people in the U.S. each year, and that it is normally spread by drug addicts with infected needles, or from sexual contact.  That is not something that a baby is going to do.

If you look at the Merck literature and the Hepatitis B vaccine, just read the package insert to see what it says about side effects!

  • It starts at 15%, with a little redness and swelling around the site of injection.    (Okay, no big deal).

  • Then it says 14% develop a little fever, some flu-like symptoms.  It goes away in a few days.

  • Then 12-13% develop more sustained fevers, longer duration, more flu-like symptoms.  (Now we parents start getting a little worried now, don’t we?

  • It goes on to say that 9-10% have more severe flu symptoms, potentially long-term chronic illnesses, 7-8% worse, 3-5% even worse than that!

  • Finally it gets down to where they say – quote – “Less than 1% of the people who get this vaccine sustain serious injury” – end quote.

What does that mean – “serious injury”?  Serious injury means “Brain damage, chronic crippling rheumatoid arthritis, or Sudden Infant Death”.

Death (More HERE).

Now, they say “less than 1%”.  Let’s be conservative. Let’s just cut the 1% in half.  They want to inoculate, 90% of approximately 50 million infants and children.  So let’s take half of that.  Instead of 50 million, let’s take 25 million.  What’s 1% of 25 million children?

That’s 250,000!  That’s 250,000 of our children, over the next seven years, who will likely develop brain damage, chronic crippling arthritis or be dead.  From that one vaccine!  One out of over twenty vaccines that they want to give us and our children today!

All this for a disease that kills only 5,000 people in the U.S. each year , and that is normally spread only by drug addicts with infected needles, or from sexual contact.

250,000 over seven years, means approximately 35,000 children a year.  And this is from just one vaccine.  Every time a child receives another shot, they get another chance at death.

Dr. Horowitz expands this further to the other vaccines, using the Center for Disease control’s own data.  The CDC reported two publications in 1995 and 1996: Between 1990 and 1995 there were over 45,000 vaccine-injured people.  And that, they said, represented – quote – “less than 1% of the actual injuries due to gross under-reporting” – end quote.

Now you know what that means, because of what we read above about the literature that comes with the Hepatitis B vaccine.  You have to take 45,000 over five years and multiply it by at least 100 to see how many children got injured.  It could be 200, but let’s take 100.  What is 100 times 45,000?  That is 4.5 million vaccine induced injuries, according to the federal government statistics, over five years.  And you don’t read a word about it in the media.

That is an ongoing holocaust of vaccine injuries in the United States today!  And you don’t read one word about it.  You only read wonderful praise about vaccines. It was Adolph Hitler who said that if you tell a lie long enough, eventually it will be believed as truth.  And the greater the lie, the more people will believe it.  Well, you know, the phrase that comes to mind with this is the phrase “vaccines are safe and effective”.

In fact, they don’t know whether they are killing and maiming more people than they are helping and saving, because they have no definitive long-term studies that show that most plausibly the entire gamut of autoimmune related disorders and weird cancers with no family history, including lupus, MS, fibromyalgia,  Guillain-Barre, Attention Deficit Disorders, Hyperactivity disorders, AIDS, Chronic Fatigue, Gulf War Syndrome, chronic crippling rheumatoid arthritis, adult onset diabetes, Lou Gehrig’s disease and asthma, all have now been scientifically linked to an immune system that is not functioning correctly.

This is what happens: As you get injected by contaminants and even the ingredients of the vaccines, you get foreign RNA and DNA.  That is, carcinogens.  Because what is foreign RNA when it gets injected into your blood?  The cells in your immune system surround those, they take them into the genes, they can recombine with your own genes and then it becomes a pre-cancer cell.  That is, cancer in an adult may be from viruses that they were given in vaccines as a child.  For example, on the CD you hear Dr. Hilleman tell you how hideously contaminated the Yellow Fever vaccine was with leukemia virus.

The American Cancer Society and the Center for Diseases Control for decades tell you some ways to prevent cancer, but never discuss viruses related to cancer.  Dr. Horowitz talks about how documentation shows how Litton Biomedics Labs was fooling around with prostate cancer viruses (and prostate cancer is exploding) and that after they studied mouse mammary tumor viruses, mouse mammary tumor viruses started turning up in mother’s breast milk!

Many people believe that vaccines have wiped many of the infectious diseases off the planet.  To make people believe this, the CDC officials show a chart starting in 1960, when they initiated a vaccine program.  The chart shows a drastic reduction in infectious diseases.  But if they just extend their slide from 1960 back to the early 1900s, you would see that the vast majority of infectious diseases were well on their way out before the vaccines were administered.  This was probably due to improvements in hygiene and clean drinking water.

On his CD, Dr. Horowitz tells the story of how a hospital took custody of their baby for four days, and they went through living hell, when they went to the hospital for an injury, and his wife said that they did not believe in vaccines.  Dr. Horowitz then suggests some advice to people who are ever in a similar situation.  I strongly urge you to get this CD to hear the full advice for yourself.  Naturally, you must investigate this for yourself, but consider something such as:

“We’ll get vaccinated under one condition.  You provide me with a bonded, notarized affidavit that swears that you will assume all medical, legal and financial risks in the event that I or my child is injured from the vaccine”.

Plus, many people do not vaccinate because it is against their religion.  They do not want to defile the body, the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  Others research home births, home schooling and the advantages of living in friendlier states, and read Vaccine Legal Exemptions.

Here’s a post that was on forum:

“I live in TN and my daughter was vaccinated for flu at school without my consent. She’s no longer in public school.”

(I digress – back to more reasons why you should home-school) –10X10-white-spacer


All the school shootings should be reason enough. In addition, there are cases reported on the news where children are physically locked in small rooms and tortured by teachers in their school.


Homeschoolers average 77%. Public schoolers average 50%.


See these 28 signs. and 11 Reasons to Get your Children out of Public School  More: 12 Year old Arrested for spraying Perfume on Herself


Warning: Do not open the following article if children are nearby. This article is so gross – it’s hard to believe they will teach this stuff in school, unless you realize that evil is real and organized on planet earth. Do not open it if there are children in the house.

This article is very good: Is it Education or Indoctrination?

SHOCK – NOT FOR CHILDREN TO SEE: Fox News – Middle School Poster


You can’t make this stuff up. Some schools even charge hundreds of dollars when parents ask to see the curriculum! See this article.


So many people have no idea what the answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” should be, because they don’t know what they will be to DO when they achieve that. An example – a lady I know spent 5 years at university learning to be a vet. Then she graduated and spent a year or two working as a vet, and found she hated it. So she went back to university and became a chiropractor. What a waste of time and money! When you home-school, you can create opportunities so that they can get practical experiences at many different careers.


Please see my article, “The Four Barriers to Learning“. This article contains information that hardly any teachers know.


A lady I know had her 17 year old son phone her on his cell phone and say, “Mum, how can I possibly learn – listen to THIS”, and he held his phone up so that she could hear all of the children running around the class room, making a ton of noise. This during a lesson!


Whereas school curriculum’s are mostly just “fill in the blank / choose the correct answer” type learning.


A friend of mine said how she remembered at 5 years old thinking “I have to be brave now” – knowing she had to leave her mother and go to school. Children should not have to leave their mother until they are emotionally strong and able to take care of themselves.


Home-schooled children naturally learn to love learning. Groups schooled children learn to hate it. Therefore, home-schooled children are more likely to keep learning for the rest of their life.


You may feel a little nervous at first, just like a teacher does when they face a class of 30 students. But, you can do it, as long as you can read. All you have to do is follow the curriculum’s you choose. I cannot more highly recommend that you get Mary Pride’s Complete Guide to Getting Started in Home-schooling, right now, and read it cover to cover. Once you do so, you will absolutely know that you can do it, and what you have to do. Please re-read reasons #1-3 above to remind yourself how important this is.





These vary enormously from state to state. While you must confirm what the current situation is (such as at the Home School Legal Defense Association www.hslda.org, which I strongly urge you to join, for protection), Mary Pride has an excellent summary of state-by-state home-school laws in her book (see pic below). It’s easy to understand, with the information divided into columns, under these subjects:

  • Compulsory school age.

  • Legal options (there can be more than one. Make sure you check them all out).

  • Attendance required.

  • Subjects required.

  • Teacher credentials (most states have none).

  • Notice required.

  • Record keeping required (many states have none)

  • Testing required (varies enormously from state to state – many have none).

Why don’t you hear this in the mainstream media?

Follow the money. The average school gets about $10,000 per child per year. The average home-schooler costs only $500 a year. What do they do with all that money, when the buildings are paid for? With 2 million children being home-schooled in the USA, that’s a loss of $20,000,000,000 per year that is not available for lining certain pockets.

Comments Posted by Home-schoolers:

“My wife is an elementary school teacher. She is also a doctor. Our three children have attended everything from public to private to Montessori. All of them were unacceptable. She quit her job and pulled our kids. Homeschooling has been the most important decision we have ever made. It has been a complete transformation for the kids. It saved our kids. And because their days aren’t filled with indoctrination bullshit, all three have skipped grades and excelled way beyond their peers. It has been awesome.”

“Great article – I am a home-schooler. I pulled my kids out when I got “the conversation” at a parent-teacher meeting when the teacher tried to tell me my 1st grader was ADHD. So… here is another one for you:

Public schools try to label your kids with disabilities and give them IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) so that they can get more government funding per child. That is why they push the ADHD drugs and “alternative” classes. Once in those classes they are no longer taught much of anything because their standardized test scores can be excluded from the school’s statistics.

There are so many free online resources available for home-schooled kids today. My kids are excelling in all subjects, but especially science and math… which most public schools really fall down on teaching.

Here is my favorite online math resource:

Khana Academy – Free Forever

It is a lifesaver for math, but has other subjects, too, including computer programming intros. My kids are FAR BEYOND what I accomplished in a “college prep” high school when I was a kid (and I had the highest SAT score in my high school).”

“Being someone who was home-schooled, I can now as an adult who has my eyes open to the issues ongoing in this country and around the world tell you that I am very appreciative that I was home-schooled. I may not have been when I was younger, but I am very glad about it now. Also, never got vaccinated once, ever! Healthy as a horse!”

Important! See also:


  • Home School Legal Defense Association: Joining is Highly recommended. The cost is only $100 per year for your entire family, and well worth it in protecting your (and everybody else’s) right to home-school. 84,000+ families are members, and giving you peace of mind.

This was posted on a forum about ADHD: “Public schools try to label your kids with disabilities and give them IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) so that they can get more government funding per child. That is why they push the ADHD drugs and “alternative” classes. Once in those classes they are no longer taught much of anything because their standardized test scores can be excluded from the school’s statistics”.


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& Scammed Everyone


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