Interstellar: A Positive Message for Humanity at the Crossroads of History


Can a generation rise out of this and reach for the stars? Can we cut through the programming and believe in ourselves again?

By Daniel Taylor

“His [Mankind’s] glory is in his humanity and not his race or color. Endowed with freedom of choice, he may descend to the lowest hell or rise to the highest heaven. In him as a person all the moral ends of the universe and all the movement of God’s eternal purpose find meaning and value.” – Georgia Harkness, Beliefs That Count

We are living in an age of austerity; An age of decadence and corruption. Media messages have taken on an anti-human tone and the mood of the globe is gloomy and desperate. The establishment has directed its power against the individual; His mind, body and spirit have been targeted in a deliberate campaign to dumb down, destroy and decay mankind rather than inspire and uplift.

This is exactly why we need more films like Interstellar.

Look out over a cityscape and you will likely see a mass of humanity distracted, absorbed in the glowing screens of handheld devices, largely unaware of the approaching crossroads of history. If you are a person of a moral nature, your conscience will tell you to warn them; Empower them and give them information that will help them make the right choice and unleash their true potential. From an elitist standpoint, you might see their mindless state as yet another example of the innate evils of humanity. They are helpless zombies that will eventually be rendered obsolete by the coming robotic age.

The elite of the globe are promoting the idea that mankind is a blight on the earth and will inevitably spread its disease to other planets. A recent report from the National Academy of Sciences titled Human population reduction is not a quick fix for environmental problems states that a global one child policy is needed to reduce humanity’s impact on the environment. The report also envisions a scenario in which a global pandemic kills 6 billion people.

Paul Joseph Watson writes, “The authors admit that global fertility rates are already dropping but that “rising affluence-linked population and consumption rates” (in other words – higher standards of living) are contributing to worsening environmental conditions.”

President Obama told a crowd in Africa last year that “…if everybody is raising living standards to the point where everybody has got a car and everybody has got air conditioning, and everybody has got a big house, well, the planet will boil over…”

Further driving the knife into the heart of mankind, global warming propaganda ads show children being violently killed to reduce Co2 emissions.

As current political structures falter and uncertainty abounds, we are advancing into a historic 4th turning cycle (More on this here). A major sign of this turning was the recent nationwide rejection of democratic party rule on a scale not seen since the 1920’s.

This generation of young people will form the values and principles upon which the next era stands. What kind of world do we want? The state of the world “out there” starts from within your mind body and spirit. Your habits, thoughts, actions, choices and beliefs are all within your circle of influence. These in turn will impact the larger world around you; Whether it is your relationships, health, or political system.

Big government and the tyranny it supports needs you to be fundamentally dis empowered. The media and culture pushed by the establishment is aiding in this agenda by promoting death and a withering of conscience.

In the event that the globe does experience a systemic meltdown, our civilization will be tested in a way it has not been in recent memory. What will happen after the fact? Will we have any kind of foundation to build on? Our culture, the values and ideas it upholds and most promotes will shape our future. Films like Interstellar are playing an important role in re-igniting a flame in our hearts that has been dwindling.

An article written by David Hamilton discusses the perversion of modern art and the corrosive effect it has on civilization. Hamilton writes, “Historically, there were qualities that denoted an idea of civilisation that gave meaning to culture: confidence and a sense of belief in one’s own people that generated a sense of permanence. This was reflected by the arts elite of the day.” Hamilton continues, “There was a self-belief in our society’s values and a desire to receive them from our ancestors and transmit them to our descendants.”

Hamilton concludes, “…now it seems this process is being jettisoned for a vague future that is being artificially constructed by cultural elites.”

Interstellar’s message is resonating with millions because it creates a tribal sense of connection and a longing to carry the fire of humanity into the future. The film is a rejection of the command and control systems being imposed on humanity and a beckoning to break the chains on our pioneering spirit.

The artificial habitat that we live in has seduced us into a sate of complacency. We aren’t exercising the strength that we have as human beings. Our ancestors strove for knowledge and beauty amidst great hardship. Now we are convinced that we are at the end of the road; We don’t need to strive for anything else. We don’t have a reason to rebel. It’s time to break the chains.

Your impact on this critical time period can be as simple as making changes in your personal life, or as big as speaking out on important issues and spreading ideas for change. In a world of rising tyranny and corruption, you can carry the fire of humanity into the future.

The elite of society have told us that humanity is a virus. Global warming is our fault. We are having too many babies. Being a man is inherently evil. Creativity and free thought is stamped out in our schools. Empty shells of human beings are worshiped on television.

Can a generation rise out of this and reach for the stars? Can we cut through the programming and believe in ourselves again?

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