Oregon Update: “Militant” Myths & Rumors Destroyed

Editorial Note:  This is the 1st of a 5 part series covering the people and events in Harney County Oregon.  These first hand accounts and observations, by Cathy Geibel, will go a long way in bringing clarity and accurate information to our readers.

We would like to express our gratitude to Idaho 3% ers, peace keeping militia groups and Oath Keeper groups for providing community security and keeping Cathy safe as she moves about the county looking for Constitutional truth. (TLB)

Update 1/26/16 Harney County Oregon (USA)

by Cathy Geibel | TLB staff writer/reporter

First of all I want to thank Mr. [Judge] Grasty for cancelling his town meeting that was scheduled for yesterday.  Instead I had the opportunity, honor and privilege to spend the day at the Harney County Resource Center, formerly known as the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. It has been renamed to reflect that it has now been returned to the hands of the people.

Harney County Resource cntr Sign

No tanks… no drawn guns… no BS

Front Gate Garded Oregon Game Fef Bundy

Right off the top, let me dispel some rumors. There was no line of tanks circling the “compound”, there were no guns drawn when we approached the entrance, I was not frisked, patted down or even questioned. Also I saw no evidence that they were using bulldozers to build embankments or roads. The property itself was clean and well kept and by all accounts some of the buildings are cleaner now than when first occupied. When the decision was made to take the refuge back for the people per Constitutional law they literally walked in, most buildings were left unlocked and keys left in the ignitions of the vehicles. The supposed stewards of our “public resources” left doors unlocked? Ultimately though, these resources do belong to US, “we the people” after all.

Wildlife Reg Oregon Bundy

Security and the 2nd Amendment

Members of the Idaho 3% ers are present on site to provide security and a peaceful 3rd party presence. I found them to be friendly and polite. I saw no evidence of “armed militants”, “militant agitators” or “armed radicals”. Yes, there were people exercising their 2nd Amendment rights and I imagine if there were a first shot fired they would protect themselves. This is not a picnic in the park but person after person attested they want no blood spilled, no guns drawn, no shots fired.

Ryan Bundy & Cathy Geibel 1-25-2016

Ryan Bundy with TLB reporter Cathy Geibel

Conversation with Ryan Bundy

I had the honor of speaking privately with Ryan Bundy. With the controversy surrounding the Bundy’s I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I found was a man who, along with his family and other like minded individuals, is committed to restoring the Constitution as the supreme rule of law in this country. And that is what this “occupation” is about, restoring our Liberty and the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. The Malheur Wildlife Refuge provided the perfect setting to bring the spotlight to how far we have strayed from the Constitution and Harney County provides the perfect example of how deeply and insidiously the roots of tyranny and corruption have spread.

Dont Tread On Me Flag Oregon Bundy

The people have found their voice

There are those in this country who would like to continue to make us believe we have no power, no voice but I tell you now, “We The People” are the voice and it is well past time we exercise our Constitutional rights and rein in the overreach of our government before our Freedoms and Liberties are forever and irrevocably lost.


Cathy Gibel Thumb Nail pix Cathy Geibel is a TLB staff writer/reporter and a resident of the State of Oregon.










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  1. The Feds idea of a peaceful resolution is noting they will negotiate!! Their big headed attitude is that THEY want to be surrendered to! It is their way or the hi-way!!! They are there standing around wasting thousands of taxpayers dollars! THEY need to leave immediately!!! This property is public….for the people, by the people, of the people!!!
    The Hammonds should never have gone to prison in the first place!!!…..The judge should be in prison along with her sons of whom are instigators of this situation!!!

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