Oregon – Harney County. The next false flag?

Part 3 of a series-Reflections of a visit to Harney County, Oregon.

by Cathy Geibel | TLB staff writer/reporter

The next False Flag?

It’s been one week since my “Malheur” adventure, a week since LaVoy Finicum’s “murder” and Burns Oregon continues to be a town under siege. Not only does there continue to be a HUGE militarized police presence but reinforcements are arriving daily. A Deschutes County (Bend, Oregon) tactical vehicle arrived as well as others. For what? 4 or 5 remaining “militant radicals” out at the refuge 30 miles from town? I drove that stretch folks, its “all hell and gone” from anything that resembles a population.

Road closed 395 or

Hwy 395, Burns Oregon

Reports I get out of the area are that credit cards are being monitored, drones fly over private citizen’s houses, internet has been intermittently interrupted and You Tube videos disappear. From what I am told internet in this rural area is one of their main sources of information as they do not even have their own radio station. Monitor information in, monitor information out. WHAT could possibly be so important in small town Harney County that this level of security is warranted? Back door deals with foreign countries such as China and Russia over uranium brokered by none other than Hillary Clinton and administered by this Governor Kate Brown and the corrupt local government of Harney County?

streets closed

Streets closed and barricaded, Burns Oregon

 Military burns or

Check point, Burns Oregon

“Fire Power” from Chicago

Here is something to think about. On my last day there walking through the town past barricades and assault weapon clad “warriors” I happened to ask one of those fine gentlemen where he was from. The answer: “Cook County/Chicago”. His body armor proclaimed he was “Police” but he declined to answer just WHICH branch of law enforcement he works for. He would NOT answer if he was FBI, CIA, Homeland Security or any other level of United States law enforcement. Do we as U.S citizens and the residents of Harney County not have a RIGHT to KNOW just who and what is being used against us or to “protect” us. Why the huge secrecy? They could contract with private mercenaries for God’s sake and we would never know! And what pray tell would prevent a mercenary from opening fire on citizens? This is something the complacent American citizenry needs to wake up and observe because what is happening in Harney County is just a prelude to what can happen throughout the Country.

Check point

Check point outside of Burns Oregon


“Militia” PSYOP – “Militia” Crisis Actors Used to Discredit Militia?

Will the Malheur Refuge be the next false flag? Consider this. Why would 4-5 radicals remain on a refuge that is a “lost cause”? And they were live streaming out of the refuge in the nights following the arrests, murder and subsequent “rescue” of the women, children and others. Internet has been interrupted in the area but they can live stream? And when the feed was still live they were heard discussing signing “Talent Release Forms”?

I contend that the occupation of the Malheur Refuge/ Harney County Resource Center did not play out as the Federal Government had hoped. It got too big. Too many of us were not only speaking out but witnessing a legal process. It became too public AND there was more sympathy for their Constitutional cause than expected. LaVoy Finicum was assasinated because the Patriot’s cause was spreading to Grant County, Oregon and beyond.

Still “a last stand” and “spin”? 

So back to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and the few remaining “militants”.  Dare I predict there will be “loss of life” in a blazing gunbattle?  That these evil “militia” members will take on the Feds in a last stand?  I predict the spin will once again lead back to the agenda of the usurpation of our 2nd Amendment rights and it becoming “illegal” to belong to a Militia.  There is nowhere else for their spin to go.


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About the author:

Cathy Geibel is a TLB staff writer/reporter based in the state of Oregon. She is an RN, writer, researcher and activist.

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4 Comments on Oregon – Harney County. The next false flag?

  1. Please put me into contact with Patriots not PINOs such as Oath Keepers and NLA.
    Petitioner Ronald C. Vrooman in propria persona, Sui juris, adult, male, sovereign Oregonian, a member of we the people in our constitutional republic, bound by my oath in 1956 to the Constitution of the United States of America circa 1819 thru 1860-61. And by un rebutted affidavit.
    And Ronald Charles Vrooman Private Attorney General by the united States Congress 42 U.S.C.1988 and also 18 U.S.C.1510 and 18 U.S.C. 1512 and to be known as “One of the People” also “Qualified Criminal Investigator” and “”Federal Witness” and by un rebutted affidavit
    It has come to my knowledge that there are several acts, repugnant to the Constitution of the united States of America and the Oregon Constitution, being perpetrated upon “we the People” and as “one of the People’ action is taken:

  2. Truth and righteousness are a virus to ron the lie wyden, mr TPP, who is intent on removing food off the table of all and transferring maximum extortion to his bosses the 1300 talmudic billionaires of the world. All people in the 12 pacific rim countries will not only have ever less to eat they will be held responsible for all short falls of expected theft profit by the 1300. The amount of short fall to be determined by the 1300 with no redress, no common law, just talmudic theft exercises. Until 2025 when none will be allowed to own anything, except the 1300 talmudic billionaires who will own all the world as an unpaid slave. The emails of swillary are all about the Uranium extraction from Oregon by Uranium One a canadian scam front to sell USA uranium to the chinese and russians to build weapons to use against the American People. There will not be 300 million Americans in 2025, there will be 62.5 million Americans left alive at the current rate of births and deaths according to the US Census Bureau, October 2015 The fbi is a cia talmudic compromised agency as the fortune 50 formerly the fortune 500. Ever since 1940 when allan dulles the first talmudic head of the cia made the decision to have an agent in every one of the fortune 500. By 1970 not only did they have a man in every one of the fortune 500 their man was the CEO of each of the fortune 500. It is the same kind of barbaric, murdering despot, talmudic mercenaries in the fbi and state police who fill the ranks of the US airforce and airforce reserve. Spraying the monsanto aluminum to end the life of 6.5 billion humans, 100 million metric tons per year claimed as herbicide and pesticide spraying for national security, the most absurd lie ever, by slob portman and shithead brown.
    Day 826 of o’scammers named indigo skyfold mass poisoning of the world for the theft of the world by the 1300 talmudic inbred billionaires. Mass poisoning paid for by US tax debt to the billionaires world bank, a trillion a year for the death metal powder and a trillion a year to keep the 6000 US airforce tanker planes airborne. All diabolically insane, the only good talmudic is a non existent talmudic. Day 826 of the world knowing and witnessing the fbi, cia, dod, un, imf, cfr and every other private death theft club of the 1300 descendants and arranged marriage theft conglomeration. Theft conglomeration of the bauer,‭ ‬schiff,‭ ‬steier,‭ ‬beyer,‭ ‬sterns,‭ ‬warburg,‭ ‬sachs,‭ ‬goldman,‭ ‬goldschmidt,‭ ‬kuhn,‭ ‬loeb,‭ ‬baer and rockerfeller, descendant’s inbred talmudic extortion banking club. This insanity must be rectified and laws returned to the world.
    ‎ Call your sheriff demand he ticket the polluters, polluting at 16,000 feet, none but the US airforce can be at this altitude proof it is only them. Demand 1./ all talmudics both judaic and islamic be rounded up arrested and deported 2./ ticket the US Airforce pesticide spraying and abolish. ‏3./‎ ‏Abolish the CFR,‭ ‬arrest all its members,‭ ‬all at its creations,‭ ‬the IMF,‭ ‬UN,‭ ‬CIA and israel,‭ ‬presence in your county.‭ ‬For racketeering,‭ ‬espionage,‭ ‬and operating under an illegal charter.‭ ‬Only sovereign nations can be granted a charter,‭ ‬not groups,‭ ‬clubs,‭ ‬or people,‭ ‬per‭ ‬Constitution.‭
    4./‎ ‏Remove the president from office and charge him with being a spy.,‭ ‬under the UCMJ at‭ ‬906.106‭ ‬traitor under‭ ‬18‭ ‬USC,‭ ‬Part‭ ‬1,‭ ‬Chapter‭ ‬115,Sec.2381.S.‭ ‬No TPP,‭ ‬No amnesty,‭ ‬No redistricting of National Forest..‭ Demand the fbi be shut down.

  3. You guys are hysterical; good work. But don’t you worry that the actual right-wing nutcase types will not be happy with your satire? I’d love to have the nerve to make up a crazy-fucker-over-the-top site like this, but I live in the Pacific NW where there are people who actually believe this shit! I wonder where you actually live. (East Coast obviously!) Anyway, keep up the parodies; the Bundy types have gone so far beyond the pale that even the Onion can’t make fun of them anymore, but girls you rock!

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