by TLB Staff Writer:  David-William

One of the main duties of the Crown Temple B.A.R. Attornies/Attorners/Brokers is to conceal and protect the bankruptcy for their Lords and Masters, the Crown/Vatican/Swiss Banking Cabal. The Crown/CITY OF LONDON is the beast lurking in the shadows behind the military coup d’etat on STATE OF NEW COLUMBIA, aka/formerly known as, District of Columbia.  This foreign occupation called U.S. is not to be mistaken for the united States of America.  One emerged from the Articles of Confederation and the constitution from the 1700s and the other is de facto from the unlawful District of Columbia Act of 1871.

Since then, America has been inundated with B.A.R. Attorners who coerce commercial contracts upon people, which is enticement into slavery.

The B.A.R. “courts” deal with the DECEDENT, and trick you into allowing them to rob your STRAWMAN account. JOHN H. DOE is an Estate Trust, mirroring John. He came from the Birth Certificate.  You are commonly known as John, or John-Henry, or :John-Henry: house of Doe. You’re a living, breathing man.

JOHN H. DOE is a PERSON, INDIVIDUAL, VESSEL, CHILD, INFANT, DECEDENT, U.S. citizen, Enemy of the State, ESTATE TRUST, STRAWMAN and most importantly, not a living man.

The video by Glenn-Winningham we’ve provided is a brief introduction to the subject of how the foreign agents in the B.A.R. coerce people into the OFFICE OF THE PERSON.

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