U.S. Defense Secretary & Congressman Admit to Arial Spraying

by Ralph Ely | TLB staff

Today U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Congressman Tim Ryan dropped a verbal bomb in the middle of a Congressional Defense Budget hearing as they discussed Arial Spraying capabilities of C-130 J Military aircraft in regards to controlling the zika virus.

It is well know the military keeps an inventory of C-130 J’s for the express purpose of GeoEngineering/weather modification and other programs that call for Arial Spray applications on a Global scale.

Listen to the exchange between Carter and Ryan as they discuss the application of Arial Spraying and the fleet of C-130 J’s.

The exchange begins at the 1:56:40

The exchange above leaves very little room for discussion as to if there is an active program of Arial Spraying with the intent to modify our health and environment.


TLB extends our gratitude to C-Span3 for making this video available.

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