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By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

No matter how many obstacles or PR ploys Big Pharma and the Pro-Vacci Medical Industry place in the way of VaXXed the movie being shown, the demand and additional bookings at Film Festivals and community Theaters continues to grow.

TLB is delighted to share the latest information and screenings received via email from the VaXXed production crew. [edited]


In case you missed it, Robert De Niro was on the TODAY Show with Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal Wednesday  morning.  When anchors asked him about the Tribeca-Vaxxed controversy, De Niro responded “there’s a lot of information about things that are happening with the CDC, the pharmaceutical companies…that are not said. If they shut it [Vaxxed] down, there’s no reason to. If you’re scientists let’s see, let’s hear. Everybody doesn’t seem to want to hear much about it…you guys [the media] are the ones who should be investigating, do the investigating.”

– Robert De Niro, The TODAY Show

Watch the full interview here. Thank you, Bob!

Houston, you really know how to bring it! After news broke that Vaxxed was being censored from WorldFest-Houston due to local government officials, a sea of supporters took to the streets and gathered outside Houston’s City Hall Tuesday to send a strong message. Learn more here.

Although two other film festivals refused to show “Vaxxed,” Silver Springs International Film Festival officials jumped at the chance. The film premiered to a sold out crowd this past Sunday (4/10) and had movie-goers lining up around the block.

“No matter what side of the controversy a person may sit, the filmmaker’s documentary should be heard.” — Greg Thompson, Festival director

Los Angeles responded remarkably to news of this weekend’s premiere, selling out five shows at the Laemmle Monica Film Center in just over 48 hours!

Which is why we’re happy to announce MORE L.A. area shows have been added at the Laemmle Playhouse 7 in Pasadena starting Friday (4/15). If you missed out on the Q & A screenings in Santa Monica, we’ll have two Q & As in Pasadena after the 11:00 AM shows on Saturday (4/16) and Sunday (4/17). Hurry to get your tickets!

While it’s exciting to see shows sell out quickly, it’s also crucial that seats continue to fill all week long! Strong support throughout the week will demonstrate the demand for the film. Our goal is to book theatrical runs in as many U.S. cities as possible and, therefore, remain in the headlines so that our voices are heard.

Vaxxed will also debut in Louisiana at the Chalmette Movies theatre this Friday (4/15). On April 22, the film will roll out in San Diego at the Angelika Carmel Mountain as well as two theatres in Phoenix: the Harkins Valley Art and the Harkins Arrowhead Fountains 18 in Peoria. Tickets will usually go on sale the Tuesday before!


Laemmle Monica Film Center (Los Angeles, CA)
SHOWTIMES DAILY:  12:00p, 2:20p, 4:40*p7:20*p, 10:10p
**Q & As with Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey following the 4:40pm and 7:20pm screenings (4/15 & 4/16) and 4:40pm Sunday (4/17) are SOLD OUT, but we will be Periscoping!

Laemmle Playhouse 7 (Pasadena, CA)
Daily at 1:30 & 7:00PM, with an added show Sat & Sun morning at 11:00AM.
**ADDED: Q & As will follow the 11:00am screenings Saturday (4/16) and Sunday (4/17).

Chalmette Movies (New Orleans, LA)
Daily at 4:00 & 7:20PM

Angelika Carmel Mountain (San Diego, CA)
Harkins Valley Art (Tempe, AZ)
Harkins Arrowhead Fountains 18 (Peoria, AZ)
**Stay tuned for showtimes – theatres typically announce the Tuesday before the premiere

We have teamed up with Laemmle theatres to continue the ticket angel program in LA. If you are interested in donating tickets, please email [email protected] with the subject line “LOS ANGELES TICKET ANGEL.”

If you are in need of tickets, please also email [email protected] with the subject line “LOS ANGELES – IN NEED OF SEATS,” with the number of seats you need and your preferred day/time of screening.

The team is heading back to the Big Apple for the Manhattan Film Festival on Sunday, April 24. Andy, Del, Polly and Brian will be joined by Stephanie Seneff and Sharyl Attkinsson for a Q & A after the 2:00 PM screening. Tickets for the festival can be purchased here.

For those who can’t make the film festival and haven’t yet had a chance to see Vaxxed in NYC, Vaxxed will continue its run at the Angelika Film Center for a third week, screening through April 21. Showtimes will be posted this coming Tuesday (4/14). Let’s fill those seats, New York!

As mentioned previously, our goal is to bring the film to as many US cities and theatres as possible to keep the conversation in the news.  We know there are many of you out there eager to have this film in your territories and we are dialoguing with international distributors.  We will share information as soon as we can.

Please be aware that there are several pirate sites out there advertising Vaxxed! Do not click on them. We’ll let you know as soon as the film is released online.

  • LOCAL AMBASSADORS – We’re currently gathering a list of people interested in becoming local ambassadors for cities in the U.S. and abroad! Local ambassadors will help us mobilize their organizational affiliations, spread word throughout their city, reach out to local networks, distribute postcards, etc. If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador for your city, email [email protected] and use the subject line:  “LOCAL AMBASSADOR <CITY NAME>”
  • VOLUNTEERS – We are currently looking for people who can work from our offices in Burbank, CA for a few weeks and help. Seeking those with previous film promotion or grassroots organizing experience. This is an unpaid volunteership. Requirements: currently residing in Los Angeles, reliable transportation, laptop. Please email a short overview of your experiences and why you want to help to [email protected] with the subject line: “LOS ANGELES VOLUNTEER APPLICATION.” Include relevant links, examples of past work and your availability.
  • WRITE TO YOUR LOCAL THEATRES – If you have an arthouse or independent movie theatre in your town that programs documentaries (full runs) we want them to know about Vaxxed! Write or call the Theatre owner/manager and tell them of your community’s interest in the film and ask that they contact [email protected] and use the subject line: “VAXXED – BOOKING INQUIRY”  

We’ve had some great coverage this week as we prepared for our Los Angeles and Louisiana premieres…

Andy called into the Imus in the Morning show Tuesday (4/12) to clear up many of the misconceptions surrounding Vaxxed, as well as discuss his recommendations for the future of vaccines and the CDC’s role in vaccine safety.

This Friday (4/15) on 90.7 FM, Sister Charlene Muhammad interviews Del about the film on her show Uprising: The Freedom Now Edition! Tune in from 8-9:00 AM PST.

KABC radio will be at the Laemmle Monica premiere Friday night interviewing Del, Andy and Polly and you can catch that interview Saturday (4/16) on “Truth, Medicine and Politics” with Dr. Gregory Smith.

And a Final Word

The exciting expansion continues for Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Controversy, and we’re elated to have your support on this important journey. Please continue your tweets and posts about the film, so we can keep the message fresh on everyone’s minds.


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