Pro & Anti-Vaxers go Head to Head in Houston [Videos]

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Pro & Anti-Vaxers go Head to Head in Houston

by TLB contributing author/researcher Raphaëlle O’Neil

Earlier this week,  The 20th Global Vaccine & Immunization Summit held their conference in Houston, Texas. (2) Despite Hurricane Harvey, mass public resistance in Europe (1) of forced consent and Despite the Nuremberg Code’s explicit insistence that “the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential,” their Dog and Pony show went on as scheduled.

Not unnoticed or left unchallenged these Pro-Vaxers were met with fierce resistance by a plethora of doctor’s, scientists, and parents coming together in protest and forming a series of their own events.

 The Texas Medical Freedom Alliance and various allies greeted the Global Vaccine Summit with a rally (3) objecting to their greater agenda to force vaccines on the entire population by force of police even, if necessary (4).

At the rally was the “Vaxxed” team & Del Bigtree, film maker with their VAXXED tour bus which has & continues to gather hundreds (if not, 1000s??) of names of vaccine victims collected on the road as a moving display and testimony to the untold pain vaccines have caused countless people (5).

The rally was followed with a screening of the new Gulf War Syndrome documentary “Vaccine Syndrome” (6), about the forced anthrax vaccines and their toll on nearly a million veterans who fell victim to their dangerous excipient squalene.

The following day the groups had their own symposium and the entire conference can be seen on VAXXED TV youtube (7). Star speakers included Dr. Judy A. Mikovits (8) and Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Stephanie Seneff (9), among others.

The events were a heart-felt, intelligent, and mind blowing expose of uncensored truth, testimony and, especially, science. I am sure this gathering will continue to serve as a catalyst for the growing vaccine resistance movement to solidify around.

Vaccine injured and denied victims (10) and those who support them with great concern for not just the medical threat the vaccines themselves pose, but for the political tyranny and the agenda that is encroaching its claws on the very human rights of the sovereign individual under the veil of “public health.” It’s the salami technique. One person at a time… one town/city at a time… one region at a time… enveloping us into the global community “standard”, whether we like it or not…

Raise your hand if you believe a vaccine caused your child’s autism! from NOLAbutterfly on Vimeo.


The population is rejecting the mandatory vaccines in Europe (11) and we are and must continue to do so here in America. The Global Vaccine Agenda will continue (12) with “peddle to the metal” to obtain their goal of World Control by Depopulation.

Not only is freedom from medical tyranny guaranteed by the Nuremberg Code, but also by our Constitution. Ultimately, it is up to you and I to be the guarantors of that right. Beware of those would see fit to deprive us of it under the guise of compassion. The time to educate ourselves and raise our voices is NOW, and we must all, like Del Bigtree says (13) BE BRAVE ……


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About the author:

Raphaëlle O’Neil is a climate engineering awareness activist & educator, and author of the children’s chemtrail book “Funny Clouds: A Chemtrail Tale”, illustrated by Sean Gautreaux. She is also a massage therapist, who’s passion for liberty has made her a freedom fighter going back her whole life, but after surviving recent assaults on the environment after Katrina and the BP oil spill, she renewed her commitment to ringing the alarm on various pressing environmental issues as well as health issues brought about by the Global push for mandatory Vaccinations.

Because no safeguards to a clean environment can be made without the right to freedom of speech, she was forced to defend herself against such tyranny by going up to bat for the constitution of the Unites States of America, which she did by being Press Chief for P.A.N.D.A (People Against the National Defense Authorization Act) until the birth of her child.

Podcast: Though she covers multiple issues on her podcast Beyond the Veil on her nolabutterfly youtube channel, ranging from free speech, mind control, and other shady government cover-ups. She is focused on the globalist agenda we see unfolding every day.

Raphaëlle is currently working with others to change the chemtrail narrative into one that holds anthropological cloud makers responsible for the effects of their creations…regardless of the intent… driving the making of clouds in hopes of forcing greater scrutiny, integrity & accountability on the part of the public at large. She is a contributing author/researcher The Liberty Beacon Project.















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