VaXXed: Fox reported, You decide + Latest Screenings

by TLB Editorial Staff

FOX did a morning show report on VaXXed. Is MS Media finally getting it right?

Finally, a MS media interview and report that did not minimize, demonize or criticize VaXXed and the production participants. And finally MS exposure that did not “nip away” at the edges of the story with dis-information comments or “got ya” questions pulled right out of the Play-Book of Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.

The tide appears to be turning as John Q Citizen becomes more aware of VaXXed and what the film “is really” about. This awareness has also brought to light the hypocrisy of Main Stream Media, the CDC, the Vaccination Manufactures and their Medical pro-vaccination minions and fellow group travelers.

For the latest VaXXed news, screenings and other information from the production team, Click Here.


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