A Practical Guide To Fixing This Planet

A Practical Guide To Fixing This Planet

by Brian Porter | TLB Contributing Writer

Humans’ as a species need to come together soon to fix this most beautiful planet, or all will be lost. Planet killing technologies and practices are everywhere, 50 % of the biomass of this earth was recently reported gone, destroyed over the last 40-50 Years. The documentary “SEED” reports that 94 percent of seed varieties have been lost already.

I don’t want to go into details now, but safe to say, most reading The Liberty Beacon will have a very good idea of what we are facing as a species, Nuke waste, Fukushima, Vaccines that kill, toxins everywhere from chemicals used in farming, to preservatives in our food, Geo Engineering in our skies and economic systems that think the world is infinite, when it is quite finite and getting smaller every day.

Here they are, in very concrete form, the activist tools that will bring us back to the promised land.

1) Trienergetics:
I wrote about this earlier, the 3 loves that will save this place, Love of mother earth, father light and each other. All three are required, easily understood and need to be taught to our children daily! They form the energetic foundation of this planet. The personal and collective ego must conform to these basic truths, no one person, race or nation is more important than these 3 loves. They will guide us to share the planet
responsibly with each other and all other species here.

Here’s a list of priorities that makes sense, Earth first, community 2nd, individual needs 3rd. That means if you are not an activist, creating a community to fix this planet, you are a lost soul and wasting your time, probably focused on some brain numbing pleasure center like playing video games, watching sitcoms or doing drugs to
quell your pain.

2) We Need A Dominant Media Network to Get the Message Out:
Most people seek news in their newspapers, TVs and online. Many of us in the activist community have a radio or online show running already. Problem is, there are too many out there. Alex Jones has a descent enough analysis, but his solutions do not confront the planet killers, they simply offer a voyeurs’ view of the problems out there. The US constitution, all laws are designed to control us and funnel a high percentage of our labor to an elite cabal. Furthermore, if you believe in liberty, you too are a fool! We live in a biosphere, there are natural laws and rules here, no one is free, its those that think they are free that are doing most of the damage here. Those ancient cultures that have the deepest respect for this planet are the ones we need to emulate, not those running around spouting off about the American Dream which is a nightmare of nightmares.

So we need to consolidate our efforts. I love what Alex Jones has done, many say he’s funded by the Cabal because he offers no real solutions. Needless to say, I like his basic format, I like his 3-4 hour show, repeating non stop till the live show reappears.

This is what I have in mind. We need to create an online network that focuses on the real problems and top activists out there working to fix these problems, be they political, economic, social or environmental.

Let me give you an example, When it comes to GMO, who are some of the most successful activists out there, Gerry Smith, Vandana Shiva and the Environment Working Group. Get them on weekly and encourage them to work together on the local and international level. Brainstorm with them online, challenge them to work with all other activists and thereby create a dominate movement that can not be ignored by the broader media, the gov’ts, bankers and elite of this planet.

3) We Need a Green, Organic, International, Planet fixing Currency:
Primary Benefits:
– All currency issued will help create a bank that will literally buy back the planet, one acre, one lake at a time and ensure it is used in a sustainable manner.
– The genius of this currency is that it will allow fence sitters, or those less active in any movement to participate in change. Bitcoin has shown it can be done and Kenya has a bank app called M-Pesa that processes 75% of all commerce there.
Rothchild said, “give me control over a nations currency and I care not who makes it’s laws.” Using the same logic, a green, organic currency we can take back the power to change this planet.
– There are already numerous local currencies that we can unite all over this planet.
– We can promote this currency on our media network and we can also use the network to show the good it is doing all over the planet.
– Lets start with Nations that have already dumped the US fiat dollar, like Hungary, Iceland, Bolivian, Bhutan, who knows, perhaps Mr. Putin may help us set it up through the Brics.
– We simply need to get retailers and businesses to accept it. Whole Foods, Organic Restaurants, countless charities and enviro groups, door to door organic food providers, organic farmers, small business owners promoting a new green economy. Who knows, perhaps Elon Musk would love this idea, his Tesla cars and batteries are making him billions. He might ask his buyers to use this new GREEN MONEY.
– What about Uber, this is another business that might grab onto this new currency and offer those using their services a discount if they use this New Green Currency.
– The beauty of our own restorative green currency is that it costs the user nothing to use it, the effort comes from establishing it, getting in touch with the right folk, finding the right kind of computer experts to set it up and secure it. With 2 representative samples already in place, we already know it can be established!

We need a political party to end politics all together, or at least greatly reduce the size of gov’t. Some of the main platforms of the party will be:
– Stop as soon as possible all planet killing technologies and practices –
1) Geo Engineering and HAARP,
2) Nuke power, waste and bombs,
3) Industrial farming methods, chemicals, GMO and False Organics,
4) 84,000 other chemicals used as food additives, preservatives, cleaning products, fracking, etc. in our water, soil and air.
5) War and the release of DU – depleted uranium, kills and deforms the human genome for 4.5 billion years!
6) Mass deforestation and alteration of natural vegetation,
7) Atmospheric contaminates from oil, gas and coal creating climate change, ozone depletion, ocean acidification and weather disasters.
8) Worldwide shipping of goods on land and sea, …90,000 ships polluting our oceans using bunker fuels, creating acid rain and the subsequent need to move those goods over land.

There are others, this is a good start! We need to bring out enviro movements together. share our concerns and unite around them.

– To restore the role and importance of the family as the main building block of the human species and communities. All parents would be given the right to refuse any and all help from any gov’t agency or medical service. This would include the Children’s Aid Societies. Those who refuse help from gov’t agencies would be offered help from others in their community, church groups and concerned neighbors.  No parent can be forced, all is voluntary.
– Create a preventative healthcare system that would advise on toxic release, GMO food, vaccine use, toxin reduction strategies, how to integrate natural healthcare into established healthcare systems, a complete review of modern cancer therapy and the corrupt science that has propelled it forward. A similar review of all psychiatric drugs and their use.
– Vote for a slate of candidates, not one person, heads of departments of gov’t verses good folk from the neighbourhood who would like to do something useful, but have no idea what they are doing or talking about.
– Life time prison sentences for politicians or gov’t officials accepting bribes or being a part of corruption schemes.
– Full transparency of all gov’t officials, if you want to work for gov’t, you lose all rights to privacy whatsoever.
– We need to end all surveillance of the public by gov’t and corporations. All computer software needs to be made secure and bullet proof.
– Give people to right to go it alone or in a group, create all their needs locally, be they energy, housing, food, clothing,medical care and education of their children. Let them go it alone, give them some land and lets get back to the small family farm as the ideal societal model for our species. Gov’t must become optional, not mandatory.
– Encourage Urban Agriculture everywhere in cities, to help them revert to
a family farm way of living while living in cities.
– Delete and negate all laws that prevent good people from living as unencumbered as possible, there are really only 2 laws here, Respect mother nature and her needs and respect the right of all other humans to live their life to the fullest.
– We need to establish 1000’s of new off the grid communities, not One World order through the UN. These communities will first connect to the mother, derive their needs from her, and then the sky is the limit. Their themes may be hemp clothing, hemp farming, greenhouse growing and urban farming development, land restoration, music, sports, online education systems, gov’t deconstruction projects, you name it, the sky is the limit once our creative juices are released.

We need to make peace with Indigenous people by allowing their wisdom to form the foundation of our future world, cause without a natural foundation, nothing will work here. Our rampage against the planet, in search of false profits and gains must end tomorrow, if not sooner.

We need to teach all children about the horrendous mistakes that have been made by our European warlords and the military industrial complex.

We must fully expose the crimes committed against First Nations peoples. We must seek out and punish those at the Vatican, in the British Monarchy, other Royal Families, powerful bankers and other elites who have escaped justice through power and control over our count systems.

We must lobby with other nations to have the Vatican lose its nationhood status so all those affected by their crimes can seek some type of repayment and reconciliation . A special court needs to be established, the cases against the Vatican are many and need to be heard and settled asap.

We must seek out and exterminate all those who pray on our children, pedophilia must become a capital crime, death penalty is the cost of hurting those who can not defend themselves from such vicious attacks.

We must seek out all death cults, illuminate groups and outlaw the practice of Satanism and all other black arts that can be used to manipulate and hide their activities. Evil is real and must be limited to the greatest extent possible.

There you go folks, a platform to fix this planet and create a world full of love for all, respect for all life here, maximize responsible human expression (remember the mother always comes first) and rekindle the human soil that works best for our species, the small farming community that meets most of its need locally and sustainability! Yeah, there is light at the end of the tunnel after all.

If you would like to help with any of these projects, send me an email at


Brian cropped Brian Porter is a Radio Show Host and a TLB contributor.  Brian is based in Canada and has been ‘an activist for Humanity’ for many years. His show I Am Nature can be heard each Wednesday at 7pm West Coast time, and 10pm East.  I Am Nature is carried on Revolution Radio @ Freedomslips.com, Studio “B”

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  1. Great ideas! Now the only problem is to get BIG BROTHER, BIG MONEY, BIG PHARMA, BIG OIL & BIG CLIMATE DENIERS & MODIFIERS to step aside and let the real human beings with BIG HEARTS work together in solidarity to fix the mess they conned all of us into helping them create!?#@! In solidarity & love – FOREVER Idle NO More!!!

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