Editors Note: Brian ask us to suggest to you, the reader, that you read the article out loud, slowly. Stop from time to time, think deeply and reflect on what you have read and compare its wisdom to the life you are presently living.

by Brian Porter | TLB Contributing Writer


I am primarily water, so I am the lakes, rivers and oceans,

I contain many of the elements of this earth, so I am the rock and all things solid here,

I am the wind and it allows me to breath,

I am fire created by the mitochondria in my cells and these energy producers have evolved from bacteria,

I am home to many lifeforms, 100 trillion cells, 90% are microbes that help me digest my food, bolster my immune system, eliminate my toxins and live within me for reasons I do not fully understand,

I am but one species in 10 million, they all live together and therefore I want to return to nature to find my proper place,

While I came into this world through the blood, sweat and tears of my mother, I recognize that the biosphere, mother nature, Pachamama, is my first mother, for without her, nothing can live, reproduce or grow here.

Our Unnatural World

I am not a number, I am not my money, I am not plastic, I am not a radionuclide, I am not a toxic chemical, I am not a genetically modified organism, I am not a chemical fertilizer, I am not waste from some industrial process, I am not my car, I am not a nuclear bomb, I am not depleted uranium, I am not any of the millions of toxins that are destroying all life on this planet and creating disease within me!

I understand, that without my consent, I have been exposed to all the toxins listed above and because I AM NATURE and wish to live a healthy and cooperative existence here, I must

First remove these toxins on a daily basis, from my body biosphere, by drinking clean water and eating organic or natural sources of food. This will give me the energy to live a healthy existence, mostly free of disease and capable of procreating my species.

Secondly, I realize that I am part of a larger biosphere, it flows through me and therefore, I must work everyday that I am alive to remove these toxins from the air, earth and water around me! Within my body, my energy is created by natural processes, therefore, all energy created outside of me must also come from nature, the wind, the sun, the earth’s core, the water and soon, from the ether or the realm of energy we have yet to clearly understand.

Thirdly, for the mothers and fathers out there, if you do not make efforts to achieve steps 1 and 2, you are not acting in your children’s best interests and are in effect, killing your own children and their destiny. The level of toxin release increases daily and soon it will be impossible to create life here for our species. If you wish for your children to have a healthy life and their own children, it clearly follows that you must act to stop toxin release on this planet in a concerted manner, I’m talking everyday of your life!

Back To Nature

In nature, other species work together to sustain themselves, some consume the waste of other lifeforms, while other lifeforms consume others in the food chain, so that they do not become too populous and encroach on the territory of all the other species. This is called the balance of nature, thus some species are predatory and some are recyclers.

Our species is naturally predatory, because we can consume a wide variety of other species. We used to be good at recycling too, because we only used natural materials to make our tools, homes, art and other activities we enjoyed doing.

Western science has changed all that and we have learned how to alter our natural world and create unnatural things, millions of them, generally known as toxins, and they are killing all life here, including our own species.

Because we are nature, naturally intelligent, we can act together as other species do, to prevent the extinction of our species. If we do allow this to happen, it will be the first time a species has created its own extinction event.


1) Talk to others, to your coworkers, to your family, to friends and educate them regarding the primary planet killers (followed by credible activists):

Geo Engineering and HAARP, Michael Murphy, Ann Fillmore, Elena Freeland, Jim Lee, Suzanne Mayer

b) Nuke power, waste and bombs, Helen Caldicott, Leuren Moret, Arni Gunderson, Dana Durnford
c) Industrial farming methods, chemicals, GMO and False Organics, Jeffrey Smith, Vandana Shiva, Rachel Parent

d) 84,000 other chemicals used as food additives, preservatives, cleaning products, ect. in our water, soil and air. EWG-Enviro Working Group

e) War and the release of DU – depleted uranium, kills and deforms the human genome for 4.5 billion years! – Veterans Daily, Dana Durnford

f) Mass deforestation and alteration of natural vegetation – Rain Forest Action Network, David Fredrick Dene,

g) Atmospheric contaminates from oil, gas and coal contributing to climate change, ozone depletion, ocean acidification and weather disasters. David Suzuki

h) Shipment of goods, 90,000 ships burning toxic bunker oil, virtually no control on exhaust, emitting acid rain that goes directly into our oceans, some estimate this problem is 250 times worse than land based emissions. Then we need to truck these goods everywhere! , Brian Porter
2) Look at your life, your work, your connection to the biosphere and work to minimize your footprint here.

3) This is key and the hardest part to accept, most governments and businesses are perpetuating the destruction of this planet. Our leaders are lost in a power addicted world, and through your tax dollars, they are working hard to kill you and your beautiful planet. The pursuit of money, creating huge, complex hierarchies that few control is not natural at all, its highly unnatural and highly destructive. It drains the resources that are required to fix this most wonderful place. At a personal level, you may need to leave your work to be a natural being, create a net positive job and stop contributing to the destruction of the biosphere.

4) We need a more natural model for growing our species here, one that is not self-destructive, one that allows for all of us to share this planet and it really stems from 3 basic understandings:

a) Do not kill the mother, for she sustains all life here,

b) Small is beautiful, we must live in much smaller communities that are self-sufficient, sustainable and governed by all. When we live in large societies, we lose connection to each other and our leaders and we start to live destructive lives. Once we recreate our small communities, we can then network to deal with our collective destiny.

c) Do not interfere with human diversity here, we need many types of communities sharing cultures and all the different religions and races, there are many trees in the forest, flowers, plants and millions of species here. We have had enough war to know that it solves nothing, but create the conditions for more war.
3 Natural Solutions

1) Solo solutions- create your own off the grid, sustainable home, wherever u live. Check out urban agriculture!

2) Collective solutions – Work with others to create your own sustainable community. Check out Permaculture, Urban Agriculture, The Gardener Party, the campaign to create a Green, organic, planet healing currency and Trienergetics – the love balancing system that provides a spiritual foundation for our return to the garden, our natural community.

3) Network solutions – Create a group of friends, share ideas that will help all of you achieve your goal of living a natural life once again! Share this essay, this is the vital first step that will help us find a path back to our rightful place and role on this earth.


If you would like to be involved with any of Brian’s projects, send an email to: bporter56@me.com.

 Brian cropped Brian Porter is a Radio Show Host and a TLB contributor.  Brian is based in Canada and has been ‘an activist for Humanity’ for many years. His show I Am Nature can be heard each Wednesday at 7pm West Coast time, and 10pm East.  I Am Nature is carried on Revolution Radio @ Freedomslips.com, Studio “B”

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