Theory used to force vaccination of children is not always true

Preface By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

Mumps outbreaks have been reported across the United States and the main focus has been the outbreaks on college and university campuses. What they have not been saying is that a huge number of these people catching the mumps are vaccinated. Mumps is a minor illness that once you have it you are immune for life and the illness has been shown to significantly lower the risk of ovarian cancer and it has been shown that if a person has had mumps and measles they have lower complications of heart attack and stroke. If this were not a reason to end the vaccination program I really don’t know what is.

Sadly, even in the non vax / anti vax community people still fear the childhood illnesses and many do not understand that these minor illnesses are actually what builds the foundation of the immune system. I will say it until my last days… seek these minor illnesses out and allow your family to have them as a child or teen but don’t fear catching them them if you are an adult either.

Natural immunity is the only immunity, just like fresh grown organic food is the only real food. Nature has a plan and when you go against this plan bad things often happen. This is what is happening with vaccine injuries whether it be ones that people ignore or the more serious ones that cause obvious disability and death.  We are trading being sick for a week or so to opening our self’s up to really horrific health issues. I think we can reverse this but we as non vaxers have to be willing to bring back natural immunity and understand that stopping the damage done by vaccines is about so much more than just not vaccinating. (CW)

Theory used to force vaccination of children is not always true

By Rev. Jim Hetzer

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