By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William

June 2, 2016

Whenever fraud, contract, and B.A.R. Association come up in one sentence, the next thing that should come to mind is terrorism.  The Middle Temple, Inns of the Court in City of London, a.k.a. the Crown, is who and/or what runs the foreign, bankrupt, private corporation called The United States.  They’re the ones making tax slaves of everyone, while they enact all the legislation that violates the rights of the people.  

Everyone needs to realize, this is mid 2016, and more than thirty years into the availability of Internet, and at least twenty years for most people, so ignorance is not longer forgivable, or tolerable.  Nothing in the world is more frustrating for trail-blazers who expose the piracy and crimes against humanity by self-appointed criminals in “government” than being in a tiny minority, in perpetuity.  

Please comprehend, America and Americans are getting robbed and raped by the British Crown Banksters, and their incestuous, Satanic brethren within the Vatican.  Honestly, it’s too late for the population to be unconscious.  

Those are NOT courts of law for living people!  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 4 is a corporation, NOT a country.  You are NOT supposed to be paying taxes on your labor.  The police/military does NOT have jurisdiction over people.  You are NOT supposed to be using FEDERAL RESERVE fiat!  You are NOT supposed to be taking this long to snap out of the fog!!!  You do NOT need licenses to get married, or to travel about in your car.  

If you have not harmed anyone, meaning that if YOU HAVE NOT HARMED ANYONE, the jackasses in the B.A.R. wearing black robes have no business prosecuting you, ESPECIALLY when they fail intentionally to provide full and complete disclosure when they coerce you into their jurisdiction and into concealed contracts.  They’re foreign terrorists, who call us domestic terrorists if we uncover their underworld of deception.  Please comprehend!  When they prosecute you, prosecute them.  It’s not easy to fight them while everyone else is busy going along with the criminals.  

If you have problems with “Traffic” court, “Child and Family” court, “Tax” court, you’re going along with them.  “STATE OF…” is the Crown Temple B.A.R.  They are not the “injured party” or the “plaintiff.”  They’re the ones robbing your Estate.  If “STATE OF…” is the plaintiff/principal in a “case” against you, then you’re being treated as if you’re a corporate entity.  You are not the JOHN H. DOE on that “Driver’s License” that you don’t need, so why do you answer to it?  

Arm yourself with knowledge and information, and share it with your friends and family, including the stubborn ones.  If you hear them say; “that’s conspiracy theory” or “sovereign citizen,” then trust in the fact that you’re chatting with an ignorant buffoon.  A conspiracy is when two or more people work together in the same crime.  When you want into a “Court,” the pirates called “Judge,” “Prosecutor,” and “Public Defender” are ALL members of the SAME Crown Temple B.A.R., and they are ALL Attorners for the SAME Crown – Vatican – Swiss Banking Cabal.  

While we’re on the subject of exposing Satanic criminals, bear in mind, the Vatican is NOT an institution for our Heavenly Creator any more than the Zionists are.  These are the rapists, pirates, pedophiles, a.k.a. the “Synagogue of Satan,” the “Harlot,” the “Whore.”  All you need to do is figure it out, and do your part to expose it.  The truth will not earn many friends, but it will earn the right ones.  Who needs to be entertained by zombies?  

When Democrats vote for Democrat B.A.R. Attorners, and Republicans vote for Republican B.A.R. Attorners, we have morons voting for criminals!  B.A.R. members are foreign agents!  They law says they’re not supposed to hold offices of trust!  The law says that only a “person” stupid enough to claim the status of “U.S. citizen” can register to vote, so there are two very clear indicators of how truly stupid one can be, in this late date in the information technology era.  Get it????  You are NOT supposed to register to vote!  Worse yet, you are not supposed to vote in foreign elections for foreign agent Crown Temple B.A.R. Attorners!  STOP!  Stop paying the I.R.S. to fund the wars and murders of people who NEVER HARMED YOU!!!  

The U.S. attacks any country that doesn’t have a Zionist/Jesuit Crown – Vatican – Swiss Bank!  These countries NEVER ATTACKED YOU, but the CIA and the MOSSAD did attack you!  Is the smoke clearing, yet?  The Vatican, the British Crown, the Swiss Banks, the U.S. and Israel are the meat puppets under the globalist mafia, and YOU’RE FUNDING THEM!  Please STOP!!!  Your victims are dying because you have an insatiable lust for DEBT, and your victims are YOUR OFFSPRING!

LICENSE: permission to do what would otherwise be illegal.

The marriage license gives the Department of Social Services` the authority to take away your children at their discretion` (i.e., human resources).They consider your children the human resources of the` State at their discretion for management.

A MARRIAGE LICENSE is an unrevealed, private contract with the State which is a legal third party to your marriage wherein they have control over the product (i.e., children) or the disbursement of community property (via a` divorce). The State gets the power to take away your children if they deem it necessary for any reason. The doctrine of parens patria gives the State supremacy over parental rights.

Most people don’t realize that all assets derived from the marriage are the property of the State, therefore they can tax or lien that property. This includes the children which are` chatteled as property to the State until they reach legal age.

You can get a Marriage Certificate instead of a marriage license, or cohabitation for seven years constitutes a Common law marriage.

Read below to see what a fool they’re making of you, with YOUR help!  The B.A.R. is a pirate vessel.



As all BANKRUPT corporations are operating For Profits, they are not paying the Taxes that they OWE to the True American Government – the “We the People.”

TAX EVASION: FRAUD in Representation or Concealment in attempting to avoid payment of a Tax Legally Due, as in the case of an INCOME TAX, the filing of a return fraudulently understated in a willful attempt to evade payment. Willingham v United States (CA5 Tex) 289 F2d 283; Swallow v United States (CA10 Colo) 307 F2d 81, cert den 371 US 950, 9 L Ed 2d 499, 83 S Ct 504, reh den 372 US 925, 9 L Ed 2d 731, 83 S Ct 718. A felony punishable by a fine of not more than $10,000 or up to FIVE years imprisonment, or both. Internal Revenue Code § 7201. [The Governmental BANKRUPT Corporations are claiming exemption Status as a Charitable Organization but they are in fact operating FOR UNJUST PROFITS.]

CONCEALMENT OF SECURITIES: The OFFENCE (punishable by up to SEVEN years’ imprisonment) of dishonestly concealing, Destroying, or Defacing any valuable Security, will, or any document issuing from a court OR Government Department for the purpose of gain for oneself or causing loss to another. Valuable securities include any documents concerning rights over property, authorizing payment of money or the delivery of property, or evidencing such rights or the satisfying of any obligation.

DISCLOSURE OF INTEREST: The DUTY of local authority members to disclose (at the time or by prior notice to the authority) any pecuniary interest they or their spouses have in any matter discussed at a local authority meeting. They MUST also Abstain from speaking and Voting on it. Breach of the Duty is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE. [This includes bailment payments in to the retirement funds of all COURT Agents; TAX FREE or never recorded on 1099’s]

PUBLIC EMPLOYEES’ RETIREMENT SYSTEM (PERS): Governmental BANKRUPT Kickbacks from the Security Interest in the fraudulent Governmental BANKRUPT Tax payments obtained from the People and their property; when the BANKRUPT STATE is already holding the Security Tax Interest Income in the Hidden Off-Budget CAFR Accounts.

PROCURING BREACH OF CONTRACT: (Inducing Breach of Contract). The TORT of Intentionally Persuading or Inducing someone to break a contract made by him with a third party. It is actionable by the party who suffers LOSS from the Breach. [This is done when the BAR Attorneys induce you pay TAXES out of your back pocket, because you have a Contract with the STATE that they are to PAY the TAXES.]

INTERFERING WITH TRADE OR BUSINESS: The TORT of deliberately interfering with the trade or business of another person by unlawful means, thereby causing damage to that person. Liability in this TORT is wider than in the TORT of *procuring breach of contract, since it is not necessary to show that an existing contract has been interfered with or broken. [SEE Title 15 USC § 1&2.]

TORTURE: n. Under section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988, the offence committed by a public official (or someone with the official’s acquiescence) of intentionally inflicting severe Physical or Mental Suffering on any person any wherein the world. It carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Under this Act, the accused had a defense if he proved that his conduct was legally authorized, justified, or excusable. However, the prohibition on torture as set out in Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights is now part of UK law as a consequence of the *Human Rights Act. This right is an *absolute right, and torture can never be justified as being in the public interest, no matter how great that public interest might be. Public authorities have a limited but positive duty to protect this Right from interference by third parties. [In America this is covered under the Civil Rights Act. Also covered by the United Nations’ Civil Rights protections.]

WARD OF STATE: A CHILD becomes a WARD OF STATE when a WARDSHIP order {COLB or Any STATE CHILD Contract is issued} is made and the STATE’S DUTY to the Ward to pay all Bills and it remains until he reaches the age of 18 OR until a court orders that he should cease to be a Ward and all Entitlements Restored to the Ward.

CIVIL DEATH: The extinction of all civil rights, such as occurred at common law upon a person being banished, abjuring the realm, or entering a religious order, and to a certain extent upon conviction of any felony.
It has been held in the United States that the doctrine of CIVIL DEATH does not apply unless provided for by STATUTE, but has also been held that the common-law consequences of a conviction, including civil death, continue until Abrogated by statute. 21 Am J2d Crim L § 626.

CIVIL DEATH, persons. The change of the state (q. v.) of a person who is declared CIVILLY DEAD by JUDGMENT of a Competent Tribunal. In such case, the person against whom such sentence is pronounced is considered dead. 2 John. R. 218. See Gilb. Uses, 150; 2 Bulst. 188; Co. tit. 132; Jenk. Cent. 250; 1 Keble, 398; Prest. on Convey. 140. Vide Death, civil.

CIVIL DEATH: That change in a person’s legal and civil condition which DEPRIVES him of Civic Rights and Juridical Capacities and Qualifications, as natural death extinguishes his natural condition. It follows as a consequence of being attainted of treason or felony, in English law, and anciently of entering a monastery or abjuring the realm. The person in this condition is said to be civiliter mortuus, civilly dead, or dead in law.

CIVILITER MORTUUS. Civilly dead; one who is considered as if he were naturally dead, go far as his rights are concerned.

CIVIL WRONG: An Infringement of a Person’s Rights, for which the person wronged may sue for damages or some other civil remedy. Examples are Torts and Breaches of Contract.

CIVIS. Lat. In the Roman law. A citizen; as distinguished from INCOLA, (an inhabitant;) origin or birth constituting the former, domicile the latter. Code, 10,40, 7.

INCOLA: An inhabitant; a person who dwells in a place.

ABROGATE: To repeal; to make void; to annul.

ABROGATE: To annul, repeal, or destroy; to annul or repeal an order or rule issued by a subordinate authority; to repeal a former law by legislative act, or by usage.

CIVILLY ALIVE – you as a Republic Citizen of the Land.

DERIVATIVE: Something not original; something derived from another thing.

DERIVATIVE ACTION: An action brought by one or more stockholders of a corporation to enforce a corporate right or to prevent or remedy a wrong to the corporation in cases where the corporation, because it is controlled by the wrongdoers or for other reasons, fails and refuses to take appropriate action for its own protection. Price v Gurney, 324 US 100, 89 L Ed 776, 65 S Ct 513.

DERIVATIVE CONVEYANCES: Conveyances of a secondary sort, which presuppose some other conveyance precedent, and only serve to enlarge, confirm, alter, restrain, restore, or transfer the interest granted by an original conveyance. See 2 Bl Comm 324. Derivative conveyances are releases, confirmations, surrenders, assignments, and defeasances. See 2 Bl Comm 310.

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