Rothschilds: Evil that only A Mother Viper could Love

by Ralph Ely | TLB Staff

You have heard of them referred to as The Power Elite, The 1%, The New World Order, The Illuminati and many other labels. They are The Rothschilds. No matter what label you place on this family, the name of the game is Global Control. Being they have controlled so much of modern day history, it is apropos we start from a historical perspective with our first video.

A Document – The Rothschilds Dynasty
Credit: BastiaanV2

This wealthy and influential family has funded wars and helped sculpt the face of history as we have just witnessed. Who are the Rothschild Family of today? The 300 year old family line has become a corporate family dynasty. Their wealth and influence are incalculable.

Who are the Rothschild’s – the corporate dynasty
Lord Rothschild Explains Economic Warfare
Did you catch that? Cynical stares are worth a thousand words. The above reiterates the goal of all economic warfare which is the integration of countries into national blocs and then into a one world totalitarian government. Credit: midnight sun
The Rothschild Conspiracy Explained in 4 Minutes
Credit: James Porter

[Since the making of the video above, Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has stated he will set down and talk with  North Korea. Is that the final piece of the puzzle?~ TLB ed]

Do The Rothschilds Rule The World?
Credit: Alltime Conspiracies
The House of Rothschild Documentary
Credit: StrategyActivists




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