It is time to UNITE & STOP the Destruction of Our Planet!

by Pam Jones | TLB writer/reporter [Post entry from Pam’s Blog]

It is time to UNITE & STOP the Destruction of Our Planet! ~ PamJones

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I have put the following video together in hopes that it will awaken the people of planet earth to what I believe is the biggest crisis mankind has ever witnessed.   Without CLEAN AIR & SUNSHINE NOTHING ON EARTH CAN SURVIVE!

Today, I am asking ALL Mothers, Grandmothers, Fathers & Grandfathers to join me in demanding that Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!  I am asking you to start LOOKING UP at our skies and witness the biggest crimes against Humanity.  The worlds self proclaimed elites know they are losing control of the worlds population and have been poisoning us in many ways now for years but Geoengineering can be WITNESSED WITH OUR OWN EYES!  Our food is poisoned!  Our Medicine is poisoned! Our water is poisoned!  Very little of today’s conveniences are safe for us to use and consume.

If you would put your cellphones down for awhile and pay attention to what is going on in our skies and STOP believing what you are being told by the lying news anchor/actors on TV you will clearly see that all of us and all life on the planet is under attack.  Look around at the sickness sweeping our nation and planet.  Cancer, Autism and hundreds of other diseases are running rampant and millions are falling sick and dying.

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There is NO time to wait for answers. There is no time for excuses.  Our planet is under attack and our families are is grave danger.  We are facing a man-made extinction level event.  Now is not the time to continue to think someone else is going to fix this problem, NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE US…. WE, Humanity must come together as a species and rise up and DEMAND IT STOP.  Our children and their children are depending on us to do what’s right.  Will you join me?

Be Blessed, Pam Jones









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