Why Can’t We Get Answers to So Many Questions?

By: Roger Landry, The Liberty Beacon

There are so many reported facts (???) that don’t check out or stand up under scrutiny. After each mass shooting and within hours information surfaces that puts the official story in jeopardy or places it outside the realm of reality, and still we don’t get answers.

Let’s look at the latest altercation and some unanswered questions. We ask why in initial reports or information from the scene (whether media or law enforcement) it clearly shows multiple perpetrators or suspects of interest (two additional suspects), and yet the official statements and Main Stream Media (MSM) not only do not continue to report on this, but scrub all references of it from future reports or press releases (same as the Batman shootings)? What weapons where actually found on the scene (inside the school) and who do the three additional weapons belong to that where not the supposed perpetrators? How could the perpetrator possibly have entered a locked down school laden with six fire arms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition undetected and unchallenged?

To say the MSM are unaware of these facts with all the research and investigative resources at their disposal is to bury your head in the sand and give in to the deception! Yes, this is in fact a deception, the only question is just how deep this rabbit hole goes! This is but a few of the MANY (and there are many) inconsistencies that present themselves to those of us who care enough to really listen and work diligently to put these puzzles together.

In the backwash of these recent horrendous events two things are certain – there are pertinent facts pertaining to these incidents that are being withheld or covered up, and more people are becoming aware of this and reacting in a fashion contrary to what I believe is the intended goal of these events…gun sales and NRA membership are again soaring!

Triggered by the almost blatant appearance of deception and the immediate outcry by many in the government for bans on firearms, We The People see a possible connection to an agenda that even a generation ago most would never have thought possible. Questions now being asked by those who already feel we have a borderline tyrannical government include, are these events choreographed? Is our government to some degree involved or complacent? Why, if every statistic shows gun ownership results in LESS murders and violent crime, are our leaders hellbent on disarming us?

What happens when the law abiding citizens no longer have guns and only the criminals and the government do, ask the citizens of Australia (link included below)…THINK !!!

Chicago the epic fail of gun control

By: Roger Landry, The Liberty Beacon

The extremely negative consequences of the Australian gun ban.


NRA membership and gun sales soar in wake of school killings


Study show an increase in gun control leads to an increase in crime.


Things just don’t add up.


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