Monsanto Says Iowa Inquiry Ended

Monsanto said Thursday that it has been notified by the Iowa Attorney General’s office that an investigation into Monsanto’s use of transgenic traits and the production and marketing of its glyphosate Roundup has ended.

A statement on Monsanto’s website says “Monsanto Company announced it has received written notification from the Iowa Attorney General’s office that it has concluded the inquiry of Monsanto it began in September 2007. Iowa had been coordinating with several other states, and all of those states have closed their related inquiries without further action.”

“The inquiry related to the production and marketing of glyphosate and the development, production, marketing, or licensing of soybean, corn or cotton germplasm containing transgenic traits. Monsanto fully cooperated with this investigation.”

The Iowa inquiry was one of several, which included investigations by the U.S. Attorney General’s office and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, into possible antitrust violations by Monsanto regarding the use of the herbicide Roundup and Roundup Ready genetic traits in corn and soybean seeds.

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