putin grand chess master

by Dave Hodges | TLB Contributing Author

Putin is the grandmaster of the chessboard. He has positioned himself to elevate Russia over America in politics, economics and military prowess.

The spin-off consequences of the BREXIT vote will lead to the isolation of America from its key allies. As this article postulates, BREXIT has started a chain of events which will make it impossible for America to win World War III and even without war, the American economy will be pushed over the cliff.

Germany, France and Italy’s Motivation to Leave NATO

Germany may be a staunch supporter of NATO on the surface, however, the Germans are playing both ends against the middle. Germany previously threw its support of Putin when he put boots on the ground in Syria to fight the CIA created ISIS. Germany is on the edge of leaving NATO, all they need is a little push from Russia. The United States has responded with shipping its most modern nuclear weapons to Germany two years ago in response to this fear. At the end of the day, it will not make any difference.

If NATO were to go on the rocks in a post-BREXIT world, the U.S. has a very narrow window from which to launch an attack upon Russia to counter Russian moves in Syria, its growing threat to the Baltic states and its newly forming partnership with Germany which serves to undermine NATO. This is clearly what the previous shipment of nuclear missiles to Germany was all about, and this increases the possibility that the war will be a case of happening sooner, not later. Certainly, NATO’s provocations by holding numerous war games at various points on the Russian border is an attempt to get Russia to respond and appear to be the aggressor nation should World War III breakout.

In a Post-BREXIT World….

The eventual defection of Germany, France and Italy from NATO to Russia is easy to foretell. This is a case of a picture, or in this case, an energy map, is worth a thousand words.

putin natural gas map

All Russia has to do is to turn off the natural gas shipments this winter and Europe will freeze and NATO will disappear.

To anyone possessing an IQ above room temperature, this map is the road map to the destruction of NATO. Key NATO allies are being held hostage by Putin through energy blackmail. If NATO was to survive, the time to have attacked Russia was over two years ago when Russia invaded Crimea, but I believe that this ship has sailed with Russia’s military buildup in Syria along with China’s support, America cannot survive, much less win WW III.

If the UK’s exit from the EU is joined by Italy, Spain, Portugal and Scotland (2nd vote coming) leaves the EU as it appears likely, the EU will fall apart and so will its financial contributions to NATO. Combined with Russia putting the big chill on Germany and the rest of NATO, NATO could quickly be history because the European nations do not have the energy reserves to stand up to a Russian energy blackmail.

US Allies Have Very Limited Energy Reserves

Britain only has an energy storage buffer estimated to be about 16 days of energy demands. What lies beyond 16 days under the present set of circumstances. The coming Britain reduction in energy usage will be imposed through rationing and denial of service to non-essential entities and service. In contrast, Germany has 77 days of energy reserves and France has 88 days. However, none of these nations have enough energy reserves to get through the winter.

Britain, France and Germany are luckier than most European nations who have almost no energy reserves and are very dependent on Russian gas exports sent through Ukraine.

Britain Is Waffling At the Threat of the Coming World War

With the BREXIT vote, America is on the verge of losing its closest and most important ally, Great Britain.

The mainstream media is reporting that BREXIT was about economically decoupling from the failing EU, controlling its borders and gaining control over immigration. What the mainstream media is not reporting is that the UK leadership is running from U.S. imperialism. And the unreported reason that many of the UK elite supported BREXIT was because many of the elite do not want to be blown up in a nuclear war for supporting American imperialism as per the Rothschild/Rockefeller banking interests that the American government presently serves. When the British elite produced the following declaration, it should have been easy for the world to have predicted BREXIT. First the UK leaves the EU and then it will eventually separate from NATO. If you don’t think so, look at what much of the UK elite were saying two years ago.

Ahead of the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weaponsmembers, mostly Britishhave expressed extreme trepidation of the possibility of coming nuclear war. The conference participants stated that “Urgent action is needed to minimize the risk of a nuclear war”.  Some of the signatories include:

  • Conservative Defense Secretary Lord King
  • A Labor Party counterpart Lord Browne
  • Former Foreign Secretaries Margaret Beckett and David Owen
  • Former NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Lord Richards
  • Former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell
  • John McColl, former Chief of the Defense Staff,
  • Even General James Cartwright, Former Vice-Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, signed the following letter.
  • The above and other prominent UK leaders stated the following:

“Tensions between nuclear-armed states and alliances in the Euro-Atlantic area and in both South and East Asia remain ripe with the potential for military miscalculation and escalation,” says the letter to Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s Minister for Foreign Affairs.

“In a vestige of the Cold War, too many nuclear weapons in the world remain ready to launch on short notice, greatly increasing the chances of an accident.

“This fact gives leaders faced with an imminent potential threat an insufficient amount of time to communicate with each other and act with prudence.”

“There should also be better crisis management in “conflict hotspots” and new security measures, warning that stockpiles were “insufficiently secure, making them possible targets for terrorism”.

The above is a chicken-little, Neville Chamberlain type of proclamation which is telling the United States that we will not be supported as world events move toward World War III. America will soon be alone.

America’s Epitaph: The U.S. Will Soon Stand Alone vs. the Nations of the World

The Russo-Chinese Energy Deals

The haughtiness of the West as they impose sanctions on Russia over Ukraine is almost laughable. The sanctions are a boomerang in disguise and will come back at us to destroy the American economy which will lead to World War III.

Russia and China cement the biggest international energy deal in history.

At the heart of the American economy and the Petrodollar is energy and Russia and China, over two years ago, cemented an agreement where they do not need the dollar/petrodollar.

The Russia –China  $400 billion energy deal, signed two years ago, will by 2018 have some 38 billion cubic meters of gas flow through the so-called ‘Holy Grail’ pipeline from the largest gas producer, Russia, to the largest energy user, China. This deal  is many things at once: It is, of course a symbolic step in the process of decoupling hydrocarbon trading from the dollar, as it foresees payments in local currencies, rubles and yuan. It sidesteps the  Petrodollar for hydrocarbon trading. Over one-third of the planet just moved away from the dollar when this recent deal was cemented.

As if the Russian-Chinese energy deal is not bad enough, the BRICS are driving a stake into the American economy as they have set up a  new development and investment bank for all of the BRICS countries. The banks  will be headquartered in Shanghai, China, with the first president of the bank will be from India. The BRICS nations, of course, are a group of emerging economies and draws its name from the five member countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. BRICS is also considering starting a joint infrastructure fund with an initial capital infusion of around $100 billion to begin investing in each other’s transportation, water and sewage systems.

China is the dominant force in Asia. It is becoming a big player in Africa. How long will it be until China dominates these two regions because they can supply energy needs better than what will be left of the United States allies.


The Petrodollar is on its last legs as America’s hegemony over the world’s economy is ending. Simply put, on the present course, the dollar could collapse at any point in time. Didn’t the Bible say something about the Kings of the East opposing the New World Order?


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