The Wheels of Global War Are Turning & the Brakes Are Shot



By: Roger Landry (TLB)

WWIII is all but inevitable at this point in time … but most Americans, and much of the world seems blind to this or occupy a state of blissful ignorance!

The west is forcing the Bear (Russia) into an untenable position via interactions and meddling in Ukraine, hard hitting economic sanctions and continuing work on a intercontinental ballistic missile shield (among other issues). As a result, the BRICs nations are forcing the west into an untenable position via trade in local currencies, military and economic pacts that exclude western nations and their uncompromising push to collapse the petrodollar.

The problem is neither will blink and escalation to all out war seems inevitable!

It has been said to the point of nausea the “Those who don’t study and learn from history … are doomed to repeat it” … OK ready for another go around?

What we are seeing is the positioning of the pieces on the global chessboard, alliances being formed along lines we never would have thought possible a few short generations ago. America allied with Neo-Natzi factions promoting ethnic cleansing, Russians allied with once staunch western allies like Greece, India and Brazil, and it gets more convoluted by the day. The last time the world experienced anything even close to this was just prior to … WWII …

No region displays the political and military slight of hand and positioning taking place as much as the Ukraine. Lies, half-truths and misrepresentations are the mainstay for an American public that is too far removed to be involved or even care much.

What most Americans don’t understand is the next world war wont be limited to conventional weapons they are used to seeing on TV alone … This war WILL hit home via mechanisms of nuclear strikes or EMP attacks, biological annihilation or other as grim mechanisms of today’s modern warfare. The days of America escaping massive damage or casualties via geographical isolation … are gone!

Just how involved is the USA and its puppet states (European Union), or Russia and its puppet states in this Ukrainian conflict, how deep does this go, and what are the real world ramifications?

Neocons 1

Glenn Greenwald writes: Ever since the coup in Kiev was carried out, unpleasant facts about the pro-government forces have been largely ignored in most establishment U.S. media accounts, leaving a handful of commentators to point them out. In January of last year, as the coup was unfolding, the Guardian‘s Seumas Milne argued that the west’s morality narrative about Ukraine – democracy-fighters v. Putin oppressors – “bears only the sketchiest relationship to reality” and that, instead, “far-right nationalists and fascists have been at the heart of the protests and attacks on government buildings.”

Britain’s Channel 4 reported on the central role played by far-right ultra-nationalists in that coup, noting that Sen. John McCain traveled to the Ukrainian capital (pictured, above) and shared a stage with the worst fascist elements.’s Justin Raimondo has long been warning of “the ascension of a genuinely fascist mass movement into the corridors of power” in Kiev, noting that far from being a handful of fringe elements, “the activists of the two main fascist parties in Ukraine – Svoboda and ‘Right Sector’ – provided the muscle the insurrectionists needed to take over government buildings in Kiev and across western Ukraine.”

Read more here: Clapper Calls for Arming Ukrainian Forces: Who Would That Actually Empower?


TLB: But the one thing we can all be 100% sure of is that no one is telling the whole truth … as a matter of fact truth today is treason for so many who have so much to hide, as once again a world prepares for war.


From: VICE News

The Kremlin’s Secret War: Russia’s Ghost Army in Ukraine

The bitter conflict in Ukraine has cost thousands of lives, but the Russian government has continuously denied sending its soldiers to the frontlines, despite accusations to the contrary from NATO and Western officials.

Since August 2014, a small but steady stream of coffins began arriving in villages across Russia, containing the maimed bodies of soldiers killed in “unknown circumstances.” Some would be buried hastily at night or in secret funerals, their graves zealously guarded from prying outsiders. Journalists investigating the deaths have reported being threatened with intimidation and attacks.

In cases that the Kremlin could not so easily ignore, the dead or injured have been hailed as “volunteers” who entered Ukraine on leave from the army — heroes who fought unofficially for the freedom of their Russian-speaking brethren.

See more HERE



Escalation seems out of hand and on autopilot as Ultra-Neocons such as Senator John McCain and others bask in photo ops with Ultra terrorists and Neo-Nazis, doing their damnedest to instill credibility to factions and ideologies millions died fighting wars against a scant 70 years ago. I have asked this before and I will ask it again as many times as it takes to get a decent answer …



The elites are about to push the reset button (WWIII), and start the entire process over again. Millions and most likely Billions will die (intended). The ultra wealthy will concentrate even more wealth and power unto themselves. The only thing that stays the same throughout all of this is the winners … the so called elites (Banksters) who own the world and ALL its leaders. When will the world wake up from this continuous cycle and say ENOUGH ???

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