The Brady Bunch Tackles Measles

Preface by Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer 

The following video uses a nearly 50 year old episode of “The Brady Bunch” to explain how and why people have been hoodwinked into thinking of measles as anything other than a normal illness that at one time everyone was expected to catch.

Before the introduction of the MMR measles was considered perfectly normal and no one freaked out when a person had the illness. Today even a few cases is considered an epidemic and is used to prop up draconian laws such as SB277 in California. Measles is an important building block of the immune system and being naturally infected with measles has been linked with lower risk of certain autoimmune diseases and lower risk of cancer. The MMR has been linked with severe illness, atypical mumps, measles, and rubella, and in some cases death. No one can convince me that the CDC, the pharmaceutical industry, and others high in government are not aware of the risk of the MMR, or the health benefits of natural infection from measles. The measles virus is now being used to treat cancer, that should tell people all they need to know. My personal opinion is that families should seek out the measles and other childhood diseases and simply have them naturally. A week or so sick and you are immune for life. (CW)

The Brady Bunch Tackles Measles

By My Incredible Opinion with Forrest Maready

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  1. Thank you from one of the countless moms of vaccine injured kids – please keep doing what you’re doing! #powertotheparents Right on!

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