78 Non-Food Prepping Supplies On Any Hardcore Prepper’s List

78 Non-Food Prepping Supplies In Any Hardcore Prepper List

Contributed to TLB by: Colin

So you’ve started your prepper journey and you’re not sure what to buy as far as prepping supplies go. You can think of the obvious things, but know you’re not smart enough to think of everything you will need when things go south. This preppers list should be able to help you get started and sleep better at night knowing that you are much more prepared than the Average Joe.

This list doesn’t include anything food or water related, since that would almost be its own separate list of prepper supplies. The general rule has always been that man can go three hours without shelter, three days without water, and three weeks without food.

Knowing that, you should prioritize accordingly. Make sure you have enough water and food to last at least a month, and then start working on collecting the items outlined below.

This list of prepper supplies contains numerous items I think every good prepper should have. The list is split into a six different categories: Shelter, Heat & Power, Safety, Medical, Tools, and Comfort/Other. I have presented them in order of urgency.

Some of these things you would need right away, others you wouldn’t know you were missing until months later, and some you would be a fool to focus on unless you had everything else sorted out (chocolate and alcohol).



1) A Thick Jacket

If you can ensure you will never succumb to exposure and can brave the elements in emergencies, then you are already way ahead.

2) Work Boots

The health of your feet determines how quickly you can move, so you want to be sure you protect them well and are ready for all terrain.

3) Heavy Duty Gloves

Protection of your hands is essential, especially if you plan to be doing any sort of work outside or with power tools.

4) Tarps

This is the duct tape of your shelter. You want to know you have one or two in case anything goes awry.

5) Tents

Something easy to carry but heavy enough to protect you from a rainstorm. This is really about protecting yourself from the elements if you plan on spending long periods of time outside.

6) Sleeping Bags

You will be thankful for this preppers list when you are cozy in your sleeping bag while everyone else is in just their jacket.

7) Blankets

These are like a top up on your bed and can be a lifesaver if you find yourself short a tent in the cold.

8) Backpack

If you ever intend to leave the safety of your house, a backpack will make sure you are able to keep all the necessities close at hand.

9) Barbed Wire

A little barbed wire can cover your walls and secure them from any unwanted trespassers entering by unexpected routes.

10) Wire

Different from barbed wire in that it is more for binding or locking gates, if you have some of this around your house you can block off exits and secure gates more easily.

11) Car

Not only can move you around, it can also shelter you at night by providing full protection from the elements. Added bonus is your trunk acts as a safe of sorts and isn’t easily accessed by intruders without the key.

12) Jumper Cables

Your car is only useful as long as it works. This investment is one won’t regret if you leave your car lights on by accident one night.

Heat & Power


13) Propane Heater

This is just portable enough to be practical, but also very effective at keeping you warm.

14) Flashlights

This is one of the obvious ones, but you want to be able to be mobile in the dark, you’ll need one of these for every member of your group.

15) Batteries

For every tool that requires batteries, you should ensure you have extras stockpiled. Otherwise, you’re only taking half measures and are leaving yourself open to having useless tools a few months down the road.

16) Lighting

Your home becomes much safer when you have full visibility on the surroundings. The element of stealth disappears.

17) Spare fuel

Your car is only as useful as the amount of fuel you have access to, so make sure you’re prepared for a gas shortage.

18) Generator

Large expense, but this creates so much energy that if you can afford one you should be installing it yesterday.

19) Solar Panels

Another great way to generate energy, and it will generate income for your household in the meantime.

20) Battery Charger

Your batteries double, or even triple in worth when you buy one of these.

21) Candles

Less technologically advanced, but very practical and energy friendly.

22) Matches

Fires have got to get lit some way or another.

23) Lighters

You’re not really expected to be able to make a fire with just a few sticks when you could just stock up on cheap lighters instead.


24) Gun

Your safety is paramount, so you need to have at least one of these to ensure you and your family are protected no matter what happens.

25) Pistol

Guns are good, but they aren’t always easily concealed. Having one of these will help you move around in an unthreatening way while staying safe.

26) Firearm Safe

An absolutely essential purchase to make sure no one ever has the chance to use your gun on you.

27) Knife

More reliable than a gun and useful in a variety of situations, you will need a knife no matter the circumstance.

28) Ammo

Potentially more important than a gun because it can be repurposed to create fires, you won’t get much use out of your gun if you don’t have enough ammo.

29) Tasers/Pepper Spray

For the medium-alarm situations that don’t require a full use of force.

30) Security Cameras

Better to monitor things from the safety of your home.

31) Cash

In case of a systemic financial collapse, you always want some of this in your home.

32) Precious metals

These are harder to store, but more likely to retain their value in a doomsday scenario.


33) Aspirin

Too many uses to name, but having a pain killer on you never hurt.

34) Respiration Masks

Save yourself from any airborne diseases when you absolutely need to go outside.

35) Bandages

For any wounds you might have.

36) Hydrogen Peroxide

Super cheap and super effective at cleaning wounds.

37) First Aid Tape

For your bandages or cottonballs.

38) Tweezers

Lots of uses and you’ll be thankful you’ve got these when you need to do some operating on the go.

39) Scissors

Cut through clothes or bandages.

40) Antiseptic pads

these will help you quickly clean cuts or wounds while on the go.

41) Aloe Vera

All natural and very effective at soothing burns.

42) Sutures/Needles

If you ever need to stitch yourself you’ll be glad you have these rather than the improvised alternatives.

43) Basic Vitamins

Sometimes you’ll need to get your nutrients from different places than you get your food. This will help you when you get down to the canned goods.

44) Charcoal Tablets

Great for helping with stomach issues and any potential poisons.

45) Antibiotics

A few packages of these and you’ll feel much safer knowing you’re ready for anything.

46) Sun Block

You’re going to be spending a lot more time outside and you want to be ready for all of the elements.

47) Insect Repellant

Whether you’re camping or just in unfamiliar territory, this will help you make sure you avoid getting destroyed by the local bug population

48) Cottonballs

These can clean anything from wounds to weapons.

49) Vaseline

A good way to treat wounds and you will even be able to start fires if you use it correctly.

50) Baking Soda

This can cover everything from hygiene to cooking and is so cheap you can’t afford not to buy it.


51) Can Openers

This is food related, but very underrated and could also come in handy if you happen upon a few beers at some point.

52) Duct Tape

This really should be first on the list, but it’s so obvious that I’d expect everyone to have it regardless.

53) Garbage Bags

Good for storage and transportation, and you can even use them to collect water if you were in a pinch.

54) Steel Wool

Another multi-use item that is good for anything from starting fires to cleaning pots.

55) Axe

Whether for splitting wood or getting through a door in an emergency, having an axe on hand will serve you well.

56) Bucket

Buckets are perfect for storing and moving dirt or water.

57) Wheelbarrow

Like a bucket, a wheelbarrow is perfect if you foresee the need to move heavy objects and want to save your back some trouble.

58) Siphon Tubes

Once you run out of gas, you’ll want a way to refill from cars that have been abandoned.

59) Glass Jars

If you have any skill at making food that can be preserved, make sure you have something to store them in.

60) Writing Utensils & Paper

Your computer and phone aren’t going to cut it anymore. Get some pens, pencils and paper so you can still communicate with other people.

61) Bicycle

Uses less fuel than a car, and can get to hard to reach places that a car can’t.

62) Multitool

A quick tool while you’re on the go to fix any small issues.

63) Screwdriver and other assorted tools

A toolkit is essential whether you’re a prepper or not. You should know how to build things, fix things and take simple appliances apart.

64) Rope

An absolute essential, you will want to have several varieties of this for any and all emergencies you’ll encounter.

65) Compass

Your phone compass will be a thing of the past, and not everyone can navigate by the sun. This is probably worth practicing with so you don’t make a fool out of yourself the first time you use it.

66) Radio

At a point, you’re going to want to see what else is going on out in the world. Make sure you actually know how to use this otherwise, it just serves as deadweight.

67) Soap

Cleaning your body will make sure you don’t get any infections (and it never hurts to not smell).

68) Dish Soap

Cleanliness will save your life better than any gun in some cases. Keep your dishes clean so you avoid getting sick.

69) Hammer

You are likely going to need to build or reconstruct structures at some point. Having a hammer on hand will make this much easier.

70) Nails and Screws

Any building you do will require some of these.

71) Fire Extinguisher

God forbid your house catches on fire, but you better make sure you have a fire extinguisher close by if you do.

72) Zip Ties

These are great for holding things together on the go. Make sure you have multiple sizes!

Comfort And Other

73) Passport

You probably won’t be travelling any time soon, but having this around just in case could be a great way of identifying yourself if things start to get better again

74) Toothbrush and toothpaste

Not essential, but let’s get serious, you don’t want your breath smelling terrible every day for the rest of your life just because you didn’t stock up before things went down.

75) Toilet Paper

Sure, you can just rinse or improvise a substitute, but who wants to do that when you can easily buy some now and save yourself some gross encounters.

76) Chocolate

I don’t think I would be alone in missing the occasional taste of chocolate.

77) Alcohol

Liquid therapy is a term for a reason. May as well buy some of this to make yourself feel better when it seems like things can’t get any worse.

78) Your Family

What use is all this preparation if there’s nobody to share it with? Keep your family close and let them know of your plans so that you don’t end up alone in this world.

To End It Off

I hope that after reading this list of prepper supplies you are just itching to go out and buy everything on this list.

Just remember that slow discipline will get you through this journey a lot less wastefully than emotional spending sprees. You want to cultivate a horde of prepper’s supplies that fits your needs, not horde everything you could possibly need.

With this in mind, I wish you best of luck as you start this journey!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Colin is a freelance writer and editor. A fan of The Walking Dead. It led him to think what if SHTF and what does it takes to survive. Colin hobbies includes gears, tech gadgets and rehearsing different “End Of The World” situations in his head.

This article (78 Non-Food Prepping Supplies In Any Hardcore Prepper List) originated on basisgear.com and is republished here by contribution with attribution to author Colin and basisgear.com


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