How to Peacefully Defend Your Home and Community from NWO Stormtroopers


By: Patriot News II

This is the second half of a two-part series on how to peacefully defend your home and communities from the coming invasion of traitors and foreign and domestic terrorists upon our people. THIS LIST IS NOT COMPREHENSIVE, IT IS ONLY MEANT AS A STARTING POINT. The invasion will most likely be launched en masse within a few months, although it has already begun in certain areas of our country, including Free Trade Zones, some areas of our national forests, Anaheim, Chicago, New York City and Boston. To facilitate the usefulness of this article, I will part with convention write most of it in the form of a semi-comprehensive list of ideas and strategies you and your friends and neighbors can use to help defend yourselves from violent psychopaths when Obama and his fellow terrorists give the order to move against our country. READERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO SEND MORE IDEAS FOR POSSIBLE INCLUSION ON THIS LIST. THIS ARTICLE/LIST WILL BE UPDATED EVERY DAY, AND MAY BE COPIED AND SHARED ON ANY SITE OR PAGE FREELY.

The mainstream media/entertainment/CIA/Vatican complex has effectively been brainwashing people en mass in our country to think with their fists and fight like apes, if they want to be considered a “real man.” The reason for this is obvious: men and women who fight with their fists die easily under assault…even more easily than those who try to prove their “skill” by shooting people with guns. The NWO does not want you to THINK your way out of situations, because they cannot conquer you if you do that. The way to win EVERY fight is to avoid them by being alerted to the danger and having a foolproof escape plan ahead of time. Here’s how to defeat ANY invading foe without using force:

1 – Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and as much spiritual preparation and maintenance as possible, including continual personal, family and spousal prayers to our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ, Family Home Evenings, daily scripture studies with family members and privately. Also maintain a constant state of positive, healthy thinking and calm. The most deadly attacks by the NWO are negative spiritual/ELF/HAARP/brainwashing/negative propaganda/Satanic temptation, doubt and fear-based.

2 – Perimeter sensors around your property.

3 – A number of plants within your house to provide constant oxygen in case of a bioterror attack that keeps you indoors for a prolonged period of time.

4 – High-level sound devices to cause pain and alert others

5 – Paintball guns and rounds to blind MRAP windshields and helmeted UN troops

6 – Dogs surrounding your neighborhood and the whole town, to alert the town before they arrive.

7 – Watchmen on the Wall for your city. No one should know their names or where they are located.

8 – HAM Radio operator on every block, and hopefully in every house

9 – EMP guards.

10 – Keep your TV screens, cell phones, computer screens, etc. all turned away from anyone and everything in your house as much as possible, even when they are “off.” They can and are all being used to spy on you through audio and video feeds by the FBI, NSA, DHS, etc.

11 – As much food storage and water storage as you possibly can get. Use non-GMO, heirloom foods and water purification bottles as much as you can.

12 – Escape tunnels from a secret part of your house to the nearby sewer, forest, or other undetected escape route.

13 – Set your house up so that you can easily burn it down if necessary. Keep all your vital records, bug-out-bag, meds, etc. in a pack. Use in conjunction with #12 if needed.

14 – Dress in black from head to toe, and wear a black ski mask at night.

15 – Gas masks with filters for radiation and gas attacks.

16 – Non-lethal gas grenades, including tear gas, smoke bombs, etc. for escape and distraction.

17 – Phone/personal contact trees with everyone you know in your neighborhood, town and families whom you trust. Keep the information flowing about threats and constantly personally trouble-shoot new ideas for yourself. Do not tell anyone all your plans.

18 – Videocams, hidden and open, with live feeds to the internet and other contacts. Upload attacks to the internet and others. Identify all your attackers as much as possible and expose them later.

19 – Have many men ready with chainsaws to create a barricade across the roads, so that any non-flying NWO vehicles can not enter.

20 – Some sort of tool(s) for food obtaining…crossbows, bows, guns, traps, etc.

21 -flashlights to blind your enemies.

22 – Flares to alert others.

23 – Loud horns to alert people all across town. This is a classic and foolproof way that has worked for millenia.

24 – Spy drones with cameras to scope out your enemies from blocks away. This could be especially helpful for Chinese/Russian/Cuban troops, many of whom will be parachuting in to your area or coming from the National Forests where they live and train right now.

25 – Small oxygen tank/masks.

26 – Be aware of all military outposts, police stations and train stations and lines and avoid those areas when prompted by the Holy Ghost. Listen to the Holy Ghost’s promptings constantly and follow them.

27 – Create a secret, hidden room. Stock it with food, water, plants for oxygen, etc. Hide out in it until you can escape.

28 – Stay in the woods and out of sight if travelling if needed. Build forest shelters now for use later for possible use, or build them later.

29 – Bring something to cook with like a propane stove or hobo stoves, that will not make bright lights or a lot of smoke or steam.

30 – Have a bag stocked with easy to eat and prepare food, like perhaps MRES.

31 – Potassium Iodide to stave off radiation attacks from Fukishima and localized nuclear attacks on our cities by the NWO. These may also help to prevent problems in those with thyroid disorders.

32 – Use Google Earth maps to check out the local geography of your area beforehand. Make flexible plans for escape.

33 – Have a compass in your Bug-Out-Bag.

34 – Keep a Bug-Out-Bag in all your vehicles and one also in your home. Use ones that are dark in color to blend into the darkness and shadows. Waterproof it if it is not already. You can get some waterproofing spray at shoe stores on online easily for just 7 bucks or so.

35 – Get a LIFESTRAW (Google it)

36 – Small radio and batteries or a hand crank one that does not need any. Ditto for flashlights.

37 – Have a good little container of 16 penny and other size nails, along with a hammer and pioneering-grade twine/rope in your Bug-Out-Bags in case you need to build shelters or other necessities.





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How to Peacefully Defend Your Home and Community from NWO Stormtroopers

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