The Legacy Media Has Passed the Point of No Return

July 16, 2024 0

By: Steve McCann Joe Biden’s one major accomplishment during his calamitous tenure as president is to abet the legacy media in their head-first dash into permanent and irretrievable disrepute. The legacy media’s self-prostitution in concealing […]


The Loss of Political Trust

July 13, 2024 0

By: Douglas Schwartz Trump’s epitaph must include credit for injecting “fake news” into the lexicon. You are reading these words via alternative media born in response to the industrialization of fake news. The news business […]


KEN’S CORNER: My Cat is a Marxist Communist

July 9, 2024 0

My Cat is a Marxist Communist Commentary by TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive From a distance he looks benign. Beautiful fir that is licked clean, concentric spirals of soft colors that blend perfectly in the […]

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