A serious threat to the wellbeing of the pharmaceutical crime syndicate and its hopes for global dominion?

A message from natural nurse Kate Shemirani

Intro by Steve Cook

Below I have featured a post from Kate Shemirani, whose integrity, courage and insight I greatly admire.

Please take a look at it and form your own conclusions.

Ms Shemirani was viciously attacked in our sociopathic media during the Covid psyop for her efforts to warn the populace about it and the dangers of the booby-trapped pseudovaccines. Her campaign in the teeth massive propaganda from an entrenched and ruthless corporate power that has subverted government and weaponised “healthcare” was not for the cowardly or faint-hearted. The “crime” of which she and heroes like her are guilty is being  a serious threat to the wellbeing of the political/pharmaceutical crime syndicate and its hopes for global dominion.

In the end she was of course prove correct and while justice has yet to be brought to bear on the perpetrators and facilitators of the worst deliberate mass poisoning event in history, her efforts to sound the alarm doubtless saved many thousands of lives.

She is therefore, in my opinion, someone we should pay attention to.

So check this out and see how it grabs you.

From Kate Shemirani

12 years ago, following surgery that I was  later to regret, I declined chemotherapy, radiotherapy, Tamoxifen, and Zolodex for a deadly breast cancer diagnosis.

I had read three independent peer review studies which stated that if I did everything on the menu, my survival was 20% at two years and zero at five years. I followed the full Gerson therapy for two years, high dose vitamin C for two years, B17 vitamin therapy for two years and mistletoe/Iscador injection therapy for one year.

I remain alive and well and cancer free today . The last part of my healing journey is to teach others what I have learned for myself.
Information from history that your oncologist will never tell you about!

Gaston Naessen; a renowned biologist and developer of nitromonoicamphor (714-X).

A political battle erupted in Canada over its use as a treatment for cancer. Dr Naessen’s Won his personal battle against the Canadian medical establishment because his treatment had successfully defeated cancer in the relatives of some of the most prominent political figures.

Dr Naessen’s view of cancer and the treatment is one that rejects, the cancer industry/establishments illogical position that it is; a cellular disease isolated from general biologic disorders. Dr Naessen believed in a holistic approach and that the evolution of cancer is linked to and solely dependent on the organism in which it grows.

He rejected the use of radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, because these are directed at the result of the problem, the symptom, rather than the underlying cause.

These treatments will also mutilate the organism, destroy normal tissue, and suppress the bodies ability to attack, contain and reverse the processes responsible for the cancer.

That is your modern day cut, poison, burn and the deaths caused by the treatment as opposed to the disease itself!

He correctly reasoned that all of us are exposed to many causes of cancer daily, and yet some do not develop cancer.

So is there not a probable resistance to cancer existing in some and not others?

Experiments revealed that those diagnosed with cancer readily accepted tumor grafts from other individuals whereas normal individuals did not. This remarkable event was directly opposite to the usual graft rejection one would have expected.

**The obvious explanation was that the cancer patients had lost their natural defence mechanisms** that would have normally rejected the grafts. These same patients however, did reject grafts of normal tissue.

This indicated that the defences dealing with cancerous tissue were different from those dealing with normal tissue. Other experiments further indicated that normal volunteers rejected grafts of cancerous tissue.

So, there are obviously biochemical codes or sensors within us which, when destroyed or altered can no longer signal a response by the immune system to attack the invader.

They in fact, adopt the identity of the cancer tissue and will then act towards normal tissue as if it is the enemy!

ALL VACCINES with immortalised cell lines contained within and given to infants! Next up, mRNA VACCINES!

It goes something like this…mRNA to DNA to new proteins to new cell parts to new life… in reverse!! It’s to cause attack. It’s to kill. To destroy that which is normal and healthy.

If you cannot see that they are destroying your immune system by deceiving you into believing that this is healthcare, keep following for more information!

No vaccine has ever been proven safe.

No vaccine has ever been proven effective.

No two vaccines have ever been tested together for their efficacy.

Every single ingredient put in a vaccine is there for one reason and one reason only; to degrade your God-given immune system!

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