A Zionist candidate in the French election wants to transform France into Israel


ER Editor: We’re filing this under ‘somebody’s got a sense of humor’ or is hugely tone-deaf. Zionism is going down and getting exposed. Meanwhile, this Israel-linked candidate pops up for the French election on June 30.

Some readers feel irritated by this statement but ‘Zionism’ covers an enormous range of key topics. Such as the Rothschilds and Israel; such as their global banking system (‘central bank’), our national taxation paid to them, and repressive fiat currencies that impoverish nations; such as the system of blackmail, pedophilia and child trafficking, etc., that has trapped all our public figures; such as the threats and exclusion anyone receives if they don’t toe the narratives of their system (media control). This probably includes devotion to the Satanic cult and connections to, yes, actual Nazis. Let’s not forget the Covid bioweapon and the bioweapon injections put out by their Big Pharma arm, globally. ‘We’re saving Israel for last’ is a statement packed with incredible meaning.

Israel since October 7, 2023 has been the public takedown of this, showing the brutality of their regime, which has been going on for decades with the Palestinians. According to Derek Johnson speaking recently to Roseanne Barr, the militaries from many countries have been in there a while, trained in subterranean warfare, emptying out miles of tunnels. Perhaps there has been a DUMB or two, also (‘deep underground military bases’). Let’s not forget that American pedophiles, for example, usually get a safe haven in Israel. Remember how Israelis themselves (not Palestinians) were used as lab rats for Pfizer during the plandemic? See —

Is Trump running a clandestine military operation? | The Roseanne Barr Podcast #52

France, like the USA, is very blind to Zionism and toes the line on Israel unblinkingly. Hence, this candidate below, who actually might make some French think twice. Much of a very weird, orchestrated nature is going on in France right now, ever since ‘Macron’ announced the dissolution of his government on Sunday, June 9, a decision which was quietly leaked apparently hours before the polls actually closed.

Here’s another example of election weirdness in France. But orchestrated by whom? (Candidate Benjamin Sigoura’s constituency is one of 11 constituencies around the world of French citizens living outside mainland France; his constituency includes Israel.)

Is Zionism actually being given some bad publicity here, to wake up the French normies? We like the tone of this piece below. Le Media en 4-4-2 understands what’s at stake. See this page on the Talmud as a reminder of their hideous value system. 

Aren’t elected representatives of one government classified as traitors if they’re working in the interests of another, in this case Israel?


A Zionist candidate wants to transform France into Israel: “Community militias, compulsory teaching of Jewish history…”

Prepare yourselves, dear French people of the 8th constituency of French people living abroad, because Benjamin Sigoura is coming with a program that risks shaking the foundations of our secular Republic!


Compulsory teaching of Jewish and Israeli history in middle and high school, a proposal from Benjamin Sigoura
ER: Why is there a gun symbol in this picture?

This Zionist candidate, closer to the Talmud than to the Declaration of Human and Citizen Rights, is proposing the creation of armed community militias to ensure the security of our fellow Jewish citizens. No more national police, make way for “Exodus” version shock patrols! Let us nevertheless remind ourselves of this support for the genocidal country Israel… that in France, it is strictly forbidden to constitute a private armed force, according to the provisions of article L. 212-1 of the internal security code. (ER: a clue)

And that’s not all ! Anti-Semitic crimes will be punished with maximum penalties, with the added bonus of forfeiture of nationality. Goodbye freedom, equality, fraternity, hello capital punishment for the evil goyim!

But our dear Benjamin doesn’t stop there! He wants to impose compulsory teaching of Jewish and Israeli history in middle and high schools. Goodbye Jules Ferry, hello Theodor Herzl… And maybe even obligatory hours watching films such as “Schindler’s List”, “The Pianist” or even “Shoah”, directed by Claude Lanzmann, which lasts no less than 9h26 ! (sic) And then what else? If the children don’t know their lessons like the back of their hand, they risk being sent to a reform camp in Gaza?

But what would a good Zionist be without an exceptional compensation fund for companies that are victims of boycotts? Benjamin Sigoura has thought of everything to support “kosher” businesses!

And to top it all off, our candidate wants to promote advanced surveillance technologies to enhance security. (ER: Israel excels in this technology. Ask the Gazans.) Big Brother yarmulke version, does that tempt you?

ER: Why is he filming this at night in the dark outside?

But where has our good old French diplomacy gone? Don’t panic, Benjamin Sigoura has a solution: proactive diplomacy to defend Jewish interests internationally and free the hostages. Goodbye Quai d’Orsay, hello Western Wall!

And the icing on the cake, our candidate wants to install our embassy in Jerusalem, the eternal capital. Goodbye Paris, hello Jerusalem!

But rest assured, dear voters, Benji promises to defend the security and interests of Jews in France, while respecting French law. Phew, we were scared! But still prepare to trade your civil code for the Talmud! (ER: another clue)

So, dear voters, ready to vote for Benjamin Sigoura and transform France into a corner of Palestine?



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