ACTIVIST ALERT – Suppression of Videos is alive and well at YouTube!

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Editors note: We picked up the post below from long-time Activist and Friend of Humanity, Russ Tanner on his news and information page Orbis Vitae. Russ is also a Contributor to The Liberty Beacon.

NO MATTER WHAT YOUR ACTIVISM, this is important information that you should know… particularly if you use YouTube!! (TLB)


Suppression of Videos is alive and well at YouTube!

A YouTube link to a video is like a library reference card number.

In a library it gives the exact location of a book and in reference to a video link, the video’s exact location for viewing.

Caught YouTube (Google) in their data manipulation yesterday. I can not emphasize enough the importance to know they are doing this.

Suppression is accomplished through two methods:

1. The first being a redaction of the view count. If the viewers of YouTube are looking to view something new to them and they see a video with 4,386,284 views, they just may click to view. But on the other hand “if” the looker sees a view count of 1,225 (even though it may have had 850,000 in three days) their reaction is “why bother”. Also the individual who knew about the video and enthusiastically distributed the video to all of their thousands of contacts, they look a week or two later to see the results of their efforts and see 1,225 views, get that sinking feeling of having wasted their time, and they say to themselves, why bother.

2. The second is flagging videos by data code algorithms to be obfuscated in the search engine results to make sure that the potential “new” viewers who are unaware of the video never sees it.

Saying one thing and proving it is another. Well here is the definitive proof. (at least as of 06/23 & 24/2016)

Again, I mention that a video link is like a library reference card number. In as such when you put the exact link to a video in the YouTube search line, that video should be the only video that pops up on the search. Or that video and a few other videos that are associated with that link.

Most people though, already being familiar with a topic if looking for example Jerry Day, will type Jerry Day in the search line and voila, many hits on Jerry Day videos.

** Suppression is designed to KEEP the ones not familiar with a topic or and individuals work from ever seeing it. So here is the proof:

If you put in YouTube’s search line the link to Jerry Day’s video that I circulated yesterday in a CAFR1 National post –     the results DO NOT list the video as the first hit. What happens is, on the fist page search results it lists a bunch of other totally unrelated videos with Jerry’s being at the bottom of the hits. Kinda like if you gave a librarian a specific reference number for a book, and she comes back to you with 25 books with 24 totally unrelated.

This in effect shows the YouTube search algorithm data code used has flagged the video to be obfuscated in search results. Now hear is the icing on the cake; If you put in the YouTube search bar Jerry’s video link and his name Jerry Day, now you would think; OK, now it should effeminately show the video at the top off the list and other works by Jerry day   –  Jerry Day

Well, many unrelated hits come back, but on the first few search result pages NOTHING, NADA, ZIP on his video or ANY of his work.  In numerical probability of that happening by chance is zero and to me, establishes a clear showing of data manipulation by automated code rendered by YouTube to suppress Jerry Day, his videos, and his work from the viewer “not familiar” with him or his work. But it appears YouTube’s suppression code has a glitch!

Is this just happening to him? No!

You will have to check using other video link searches to find out. Will the same results be seen by you per Jerry?

If you look before they change or fix the algorithm code, yes.

YouTube can change their code algorithm at any time to cancel or reinstate suppression codes. As of yesterday and this morning was Jerry Day’s video being suppressed within the two ways noted above? Yes!

Will YouTube stop the suppression algorithm code from having its intent of suppression keeping new viewers from seeing those videos YouTube suppresses????

Only time and verification checks will tell. I note tens of thousands of people (who know about it already) between today and yesterday are circulating the link for viewing of Jerry’s new video noted herein.

Sent FYI and Truly Yours,Walter J. Burien, Jr.
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  1. They also make my best political choices stop to load every 30 seconds! I rarely see that with the stupid liberal crap they push.

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