Child Abuse Sanctioned By the State In Our Schools Is Still … CHILD ABUSE!

effects-child-abuse[1]By: Roger Landry (TLB)

While Discipline in schools has been an ongoing problem, children with behavioral problems are now being locked away in padded rooms and/or restrained and administered electric shock treatments (yes I actually said that, see video) within our public school system? This is blatant “CHILD ABUSE”!. A major issue at hand is the many Autistic children in the education system today just by the sheer numbers of those afflicted. The predominant issue presented here is in the dealings with children with behavioral problems (again something commonly associated with children afflicted with Autism).

Do shock treatments or padded isolation rooms help in correcting behavioral problems? Just ask the children themselves to come to the realization that it accomplishes just the opposite! This is what our current education system is allowing, and we who put our trust in this system of education are relatively unaware of what is happening to our children. So if armed with this information … Is this a system we should now trust and support, or rail against and force changes to? Please watch this video !!!

These are the people we place our trust in, to care for and educate our children. We trust them to prepare our children for social interaction with the outside world. The first point of contention from this video is that a person is not allowed to express themselves, nor be themselves. Granted constant disruption cannot be tolerated in a scholastic environment, but as a child or teen (especially an autistic or special needs child), there is a driving need for expression of their feelings.

But the use of Authoritarian methods, such as padded rooms and shock therapy, will only exacerbate the issue at hand. The simple understanding of a person with behavioral problems is not the issue, it is how they as human beings are dealt with. The methods being used are more than any person or child should be forced to deal with! We are all human beings, no matter who we are, and being treated like animals hearkens more to the treatment of  a prisoner of war in an active war zone or a psy-op, than the disciplining of an adolescent.

All children are influenced by what they see, are taught and what has been done to them by others. Their so-called environment shapes and molds them and their future behavior and actions. Allowing such inhuman actions to be perpetrated within so-called First World nations says we are no more humane than the cave dwellers who beat each other for food on the ground, and our children will carry this forward in life.

Our children must be protected from threats and actions of abuse, whether it be verbal, physical, or sexual – SO, please tell me why We The People are allowing our children to be abused in the name of education, and why the Federal Government is allowing and fomenting what IS in reality Child Abuse and Mind Control to alleviate perceived behavioral issues in our children? Armed with this knowledge would you allow your child to participate, or continue to participate in this education system, autistic or not?

child-abuse-images-5110[1]We are all aware that if a parent put their child in a box or restrained them and administered electric shocks as a means of punishment, they would be charged with child abuse and sent to prison, or at a minimum lose their children to the care of the state.

BUT at the same time, our system of education, both national and state, allows children to be treated in this fashion. Why is this legal, or is it a privilege only reserved for the educators of our children and the state?

The burgeoning question really lies with any parent – Do you in fact approve of this barbaric treatment, and if not why would you allow this in your State or anywhere in this country?

And maybe we should all stop and try to figure out the long term ramification of these action on our children. Why is it when I went to school in the late 1950s and 1960s none of this took place … schools would never have dared to treat our children in this fashion, and the worst you could expect as a disruptive male student is a paddle on your backside from a male principal for egregious behavior (that was the extreme).

But now in so many of the almost 100,000 public schools in America today (that does not even count the religious or private schools) we must accept adult men, tackling, punching, hitting, electroshocking or isolating our children in torture boxes … WHY? Could it be that a state bent on totalitarian rule, geared to produce a well defined, unquestioning, and timid society, via the conditioning its youth to behave “or else”, has locked onto the idea that the production of just such a society will have a much higher success rate if the conditioning starts when they are most susceptible to this type of influence … as children? Watch this video then you tell me.

Are we really that deaf and dumb to what is happening to our children? Are we willingly relinquishing our parental rights and loving concerns to the all powerful state because we truly feel that they can better accomplish what we cannot? Or are you as shocked and pissed as we at TLB are about these revelations? The time to push back against this barbarism is now, or the future of our children and indeed this country will suffer irreparable harm, and freedom from a governments total control of our lives, actions and that of our children moves one step closer to extinction …


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  1. Lets talk about corrupt teachers unions. Lifetime pensions.
    We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control.
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Teacher leave them kids alone….

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