All Governments Lie: The Death Throes of the 4th Estate (MSM)

All Governments Lie: The Death Throes of the 4th Estate (MSM)

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Today the Mainstream Media (MSM) is in its death throes as more of the American public … and in fact the global population awaken to the misdirection, redirection and disinformation being dumped on us continuously. This is now the purveyor of our new norm, what permeates all of what we are supposed to believe and understand.

Today we suffer not only the tyranny of a hostile deep state or shadow government, but also the massive corruption and absolute complicity of The Fourth Estate otherwise identified as the Mainstream Media (MSM) or the Press. Once tasked with holding our government accountable, this entity has long since devolved into a power-broker puppet of the first order, and shows no further allegiance to We The People at all!

This has thrown this constitutional Republic into a state of distress … (FACT)

It is appropriate and spot on to state that in modern history the press has failed us miserably, aligning themselves with those who would subvert our freedoms and liberties for the benefit of a few elitist would-be emperors. This has never been so blatantly apparent as what we witnessed in the political farce we experienced as the last Presidential election (well over 3 years ago now). We witnessed (and still are) its perversion by the media, and its challenge of the will of “We The People” in a major push to overturn our voices via false accusations, blatant lies, and various other nefarious but unsuccessful attempts.

And speaking of the election … Was there any mention by the MSM of the (KNOWN) three million plus illegals voting Democrat? Was there any mention of the (KNOWN) at least four million deceased votes cast (most likely considerably more), again massively favoring the Democrats … Nary a whisper … And how about the huge, and maybe even treasonous, breaches of both national security and law with respect to Hillary and numerous other DNC operatives (far too many to mention here) … The MSM reported on this … RIGHT?NOT! Actually just the opposite, and only the truly independent media (Such as TLB) chimed in about these and so many more issues! Yet every time Trump even breaks wind, these fake news harlots spew apocalyptic predictions for days.

Question: Would their complicity have held fast even if they had succeeded in stealing the election from Trump … I would have bet my life on it, So …

How the hell are they not guilty of sedition … intentional plotting to influence (subvert)  the will of We The People … ???

Today We The People suffer a deep state government … or shadow government … of constant lies, hidden truths, and agenda far beyond anything that benefits us, all trumpeted or parroted by a totally subservient MSM, or The Fourth Estate. This is not a guess and we can see the goals of past CIA Director William Casey …

We will know our program of disinformation has succeeded when everything the American people believe is … FALSE …

… being supported and advanced by this complicit Mainstream Media (MSM) in an attempt to facilitate an unaware and compliant citizenry, fully realizing the benefits of this reality for their masters.

The movie Network released on Nov 27, 1976, foreshadowed a lot of what we see becoming more apparent and prevalent daily. As we become more aware of MSM complicity … what will we do? How will we react? How will we hold the MSM accountable?

Who can forget the following classic scene …

Here is a blatant example of programming and scripting we suffer daily. There are countless other examples … if you care enough to look …

We as a supposed free society, a society that places great value on freedoms and liberties, are so complacent or apathetic that most cannot see what is happening right before their eyes, and we are in mortal danger of losing all we hold dear. It is vital to understand that this corrupt and tyrannical deep state government is not user-friendly, and that their most effective agents in perpetrating their tyranny, the Mainstream Media (MSM), is no longer the harbinger of truth, and protector of our freedoms and rights as most still believe … But are in fact a highly effective tool, a treasonous Benedict Arnold aiding in the ultimate destruction of America as “We The People” wish it.

I now present a somewhat recently released (2017) documentary focused on this topic. You (like myself) may not agree with all of it, or some of the presenters, but taken as a whole it is a story that all Americans should see and draw their own conclusions. Please take the time to watch it and share it along with your related research, experience and wisdom, to those who need to be properly informed or awakened …

All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception, and the Spirit of I.F. Stone

Today the Mainstream Media, The Fourth Estate can only be truly described as Traitors to We The People!

This brings me to one of our most challenging quotes by Benjamin Franklin

“Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

And the question that still remains unanswered “Can we keep it?”

Parting Shot …

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