America is Having a Heart Attack!

America is Having a Heart Attack!

By: Bill the Butcher

Ever since the beginning America has been the hope of the hopeless. From the Pilgrims to those landing at Ellis Island to a woman pushing her baby into a marine’s arms in Afghanistan, when all is lost there is the image of that statue in New York holding her torch, and the belief of millions that if they could get there everything was gonna be okay!

The streets were paved with hope

And by and large it was true. The streets may not have been paved with gold in America, but they were paved with hope. A place where all started with the same opportunity and could make their life without some warlord coming and taking it away.

And that was the dream. The American Dream! To earn your keep, whatever it was, live your life, and bequeath to your children a better start than you had, and on and on it goes. To appreciate your heritage but build a new heritage, a new history in the new world.

And it wasn’t perfect. While some were building that life there were others trying to preserve the life they’d had ever since their ancestors came across the Bering Land Bridge which would later close forever. But that was the way it was. Nobody came to America by accident. They all had a reason.

The great stew pot

America has been called the great melting pot, but that implies hot metal, and much suffering and transformation. America was a great stew pot. As new ingredients arrived the stew got better and better. Everyone knows that day old chili is better than fresh. You get up the next morning and take the pot out of the refrigerator, scrape off the orange grease on top and feed it to the dogs, warm it up and make a pan of cornbread. If anyone ever tells you that ain’t a healthy meal just don’t ever talk to them again!

And America was a healthy meal. We believed! Six hundred and fifty thousand Americans lost their lives on the proposition that all men are created equal. Women became equal a little later, but somebody had to take care of the kids. And now Black Lives Matter tries to convince us that only they think Black Lives Matter while they steal the hard earned money donated by black folks who bought into that Ponzi Scheme.

The only country that people would do anything just to get in

But America for the most part had a good heart. From the coal mines of Kentucky to the California sun, The United States was the bread basket of the world and it was the only country that people would do anything just to get in!

Where’s the integrity

America had pride. The pride born from the belief that the American way was the way. Think! When you hear that Elon Musk is the richest man in the world don’t you feel just a little proud? When some guy named Ali Babba this or that becomes the guy does it not irritate you just a bit! That’s American pride. I’m pissed off that the biggest dope pusher was El Chappo. Tony Fauchi sells more dope than him! Where’s the integrity of the numbers?

Two kinds of people

There’s two kinds of people in this world. Them that get in the middle of the bar fight, and then there’s them that hide under the pool table ‘til it’s all over and come out to announce that they won the fight. Folks like BLM, ANTIFA, LBGTQ What-EVER, and all them boy/girls that seem to be popping up all over the place.

Real Americans

Americans, all real Americans don’t want some guy in a dress reading Story-Time to their eight year old son. They don’t want their would have been first grandson dead in a bedpan at Planned Parenthood. And who in the hell ever said, “My dream for my son was for him to marry his boyfriend!” The Heartland is having a heart attack!

America divided

We’ve all been divided into segregated groups. And the walls are high. We identify by the definitions that we’ve been sold by media, politicians, and some jack-a-lope who wrote some book about how to talk a kid out of eating mud pies.

There is still hope

But it ain’t over yet. There is still hope. Back when I was on APRI with the Very venerable Kiler Davenport I had one statement that particularly rubbed his hair the wrong way. Kiler gets a lot of hay in The Illuminati, The New World Order, but the group he’s really proud of . . . something called The Council of The Three Hundred. Supposedly these merry men meet every year and try to take over the world. Sorta like Pinky and the Brain, only with suits. Well, after about thirty to forty five minutes of him going on and on about how great these foreigners really are I’d gently remind him that there were more of us than there are of them, and he’d lose his three best hemorrhoids right there on the air. Highly entertaining. Y’all should check him out.

Now, Kiler has his ideas, and I have mine, but that don’t change the truth none. There ARE more of us than them. So why don’t we have a better, more sane country? Because all of us in the big group are having to work in order to feed them in the little groups. And if you take one chitlin out of their mouth well then you’re a racist. (Yeah, I just said that! That racist enough for ya?)

God help the white man

And the white man gets blamed for everything. What about the black man, the red man, the yellow man, and if you believe in what Kiler preaches, the green man? I’ve been watching for years and I ain’t seen none of them walking on water yet!

We listen to the politicians and it gets worse and worse. You’re running out of gas while Texas has more gas than it can pump. Now you’re running out of baby formula. Baby formula? That’s because pregnant men can’t nurse! Most women come with two jugs of milk. But you guys are too busy trying to catch the “A” train to get to work to understand the word obnoxious.

A short walk from obnoxious to nauseous

It is a short walk from obnoxious to nauseous. America is sick. The Heart Land is having a heart attack. But there is stent. There is a bypass. The hard working integrity of Valley Forge, Gettysburg and the Alamo is still there. You are still there! We are still there, and there are more of us than them!

When something sounds crazy it probably is. A man who cuts his dick off is not a woman, he’s just a man who cut his dick off. Someone who takes exception to a pronoun you may use to refer to them does not understand freedom. They are free to call themselves anything they want. You are free to perceive them any way you like.

In the words of the Prophet Will Rodgers:

There are three kinds of people in this world. Them that learn by education, them that learn by observation, and there’s them fellers that just have to piss on the electric fence, and find out for themselves!”


This article (America is Having a Heart Attack!) is republished here with permission and with attribution to the author Bill the Butcher and The Butcher Shop.

About The Author: Bill the Butcher is the purveyor of The Butcher Shop which is a collection of independent writers ranging from journalists to op/ed, from conservative to liberal. Whatever cut of literary meat you prefer the Butcher Shop is here to serve. View all posts by The Butcher Shop

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