America: The Grand Illusion

By: Ken LaRive, The Liberty Beacon

Government by the People

Our founders argued a lot, but one thing they all knew and thoroughly understood was the despotic British banker control system hovering over them, and the all too familiar trappings of church-state governments so prevalent in their contemporary Europe. Our American Colonists knew all too well oppressive governments, and came to this country to forge a new experiment, self rule. It was designed with a constitution intending that the individual could express their will through state government. That concept is history.

To insure mutual security, they banded together in a loose confederacy controlled by a constitution based on the principles of international law, as suggested by Vattel in “The Law of Nations.” It gave us both cohesive and collective unity, by deliberate and intended state sovereignty. The Federal Government was operated in what was called a “neutral” area, the District of Columbia. Above all, even to the last man, the federal government was inhibited from intruding into the lives of ordinary people, and the state’s self governing potential was valued above all.

They discarded the possibility of the divine right of kings and embraced the philosophical assumptions of intellects of that day: John Loche, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Emmerich de Vattel, to name but a few.

Our constitution was drafted under the assumption that all men have self-evident personal rights based on universal law. Most debates of that time revolved around what that meant, and it was finally found under the premise of underlining Christian principles.

America becomes enslaved

Originally, our newly formed states designed a monetary system for the good of the people, and not the conglomerate international bankers and industrialists who now strangle us. Already in complete control of Europe, they saw this new arrogant federation to be a threat. These elitist bankers and industrialists are the crux of this “royal power” and sought ideas among themselves to thwart this radical experiment in liberty for their own good.

These powerful and savvy “elitists” worked assiduously toward the annihilation of this new system of rule, and knew full well from as far back as Machiavelli’s writings in France, “The Prince,” that to divide is to conquer. And so, it was understood that to control America they must finance and promote both sides to war, as was first attempted during our American Revolution. But their first major success in this undertaking was our own Civil War. Under the guise of emancipation, we as a nation became enslaved, and for all intent and purpose it no longer belonged to us.

Along the way, we Americans have had economic and military war forced upon us, and without an understandable reason or justification. Noncompliance is not tolerated, and the draft executed with extreme prejudice. There are no rules in this subversion, and this is inconceivable to the typical American who believes in fair play, truth, justice, and honor based on Christian ethics. Knowing this, considering our sensibilities to be failings, utilized and exploited, we became the tools, and their subversions became a permanent core inside of the Federal Government. This Government does not belong to us.

With time and small increments too small to detect, new norms became the American collective, and with unrelenting deceit, propaganda, and subversion, new ideological ways have grown into the powerful bogus manifestations we have today, taking hold so completely that we have grown to think the process grew from our own original thoughts.

The unique dream of an American Republic was cleverly replaced as an inverted system of domination and authority. With time, a formidable military industrialist complex became their teeth, and a Federal Reserve was created and designed to manufacture out of thin air most of the money they would need for future conquests. Taxes supplied the rest, and both were held unaccountable to the people, and what they do with it covertly is not considered our concern. Fact is, we don’t even know if there is any gold left in Fort Knox, as no audit can be mandated or demanded by the people, and this is one of countless examples… The war on drugs, the welfare state, global warming, abortion and stem-cell research, oil, insurance, health care, are just some of many others… In the process, state’s rights have come under their dominion, personal liberty seemingly allocated at their discretion, or promoted as illusion with junctures like the Patriot Act, and we grapple with what it means without comprehension.

Under their direction our congress no longer has the power to stop war, monetary support for anti-American concerns, even putting the welfare of other countries above our own is now cemented as the norm, and our constitution is ignored and subverted at their will, as we are held in check by taboo.

Overwhelmingly, congress, the senate, and all departments of government are under the control of this huge international machine, growing exponentially since the end of WW2.

How did it happen?

It was the fourteenth amendment to our Constitution that put the last nail into our Republic. It was there where the true nature and change in government took place, and is the Progressive system we find ourselves struggling with today.

As afore mentioned, the Federal Reserve creates money by borrowing it. For this privilege, these so called “moneyed nobility masters” have created a fictionalized national debt, and it is designed to dominate and control the backbone of America, you. You toil, you struggle, you build industry with your imagination, blood and sweat, and our liberty, both economic and political, is illusionary and non-viable. We wave banners, sing patriotic songs, yet vote in their puppets while praying with optimistic hope that we will this time find a leader holding an American standard. Betrayed at every turn, we see the Progressive movement sucking the life out of us without reprieve.

Even with the next election looming, we are still grappling with who will lead us, as if we have a true choice in the matter. We are told Ron Paul would never be allowed, and we asked why into a returning echo. That should raise a flag, but few care. Rick Perry skirts the issues mentioned here, yet might get elected because he is handsome, and that is the new American way. Our standards are trust, forgiveness, and memory lapses.

When the few try to rally, we are bombarded from every side with fear induced, traumatic, mind-numbing manufactured false-flag implications where fear is created. We have new enemies to hate every generation, and unable to even fathom or the possibility that the real enemy is inside of our own gates. As we languish in voluntary servitude, we are taught to eat peanuts, and to shine our collars with pride. Americans fail to see, to grasp even fundamentally, that the biggest threat to their own security, liberty and freedoms, is thwarted by our own fearful ignorance. Our intellect is suppressed, because as little children we go to them for truth.

Summary, and a solution.

Our state of affairs are scientifically and systematically designed, with little chance involved. It is indeed a science. While we fight our own government to secure our borders, watch our school systems decay, realize inflation’s heavy hand, see jobs and industry outsourced and moving overseas, soaring energy prices and our dependence on foreign supply, the burden of unrequited taxation by threats of violence, the erosion of our fundamental ethics, mores and value systems breaking down where once they gave us collective strength and purpose, and the growing government agencies infiltrating every aspect of our lives…creating a weak-natured, dependant, irresponsible and ignorant voting sub-culture. This is not the government of the people our founding fathers envisioned.

Want it back? Reach for it. It is yours. It is your manifest-destiny. If only it were that easy.

Author’s note: Several weeks ago at a party, a trial lawyer immediately asked me in a very demeaning way If I wanted to now talk politics. We had several such discussions pre Obama. I told him no, that the time for talking and debating was over, and said that I can no longer give quarter to socialists.

“Socialist?” he said with a broad smile, and loud enough to create an audience. “I’m no socialist, I’m a Marxist!” I scanned the room when he said this, but all I saw in return were blank faces. They had no clue about what he was suggesting. I thought to cry, but a smoldering rage filled me.

Once I had been allowed to witness the last words of a man being put to death for killing his girlfriend and her secret lover, his best friend. He shot them both. As they held the black sack that would be put over his head he was granted a last statement. He said: “I didn’t know I loved her so much.”

Last year I attended a meeting for the Veteran’s administration. Sitting next to me I found three older gentlemen who were WW2 veterans. I asked them in the conversation if they had ever heard of Ron Paul. “Sure,” said one, “He plays music, doesn’t he?”

“No,” I said, thinking they had not understood or heard what I had said over the background noise, “…he is a Libertarian.”

“Oh, yes.” said the closest one to me, “They are the ones who don’t believe in the trinity.”

Yes, we have a way to go, and of all of the men out there who I think could help us take back America, he is the true deal. Others are now attempting to mimic his words, but they are hollow, and without true substance. Doctor Paul understands the problem, and has voted as a strict Constitutionalist without falter his entire career.

Though many solutions have been thrown on the table, none makes as much since as some form of universal non-compliance, and yet, with the degree of propaganda, compounded with over 50 percent of the population now depending on government assistance, our chances of securing our government seems insurmountable. But then, as history will attest, the strength of the human spirit is one factor that cannot be denied, and these lofty elements that are now absent from our country’s founding principles will once again be found, understood, and in some way not yet known or comprehended, demanded and instilled. The dream that was once America refuses to die.

God bless America, and give us the strength and knowledge to break the shackles that enslave us. I ask for nothing when I pray, but give thanks for everything. But if I could, if God would grant me one wish in this life, let it be a copious amount of IQ. To survive into freedom will take a lot of that.

“It is incredible how as soon as a people become subject, it

promptly falls into such complete forgetfulness of its freedom

that it can hardly be roused to the point of regaining it,

obeying so easily and willingly that one is led to say that this

people has not so much lost its liberty as won its enslavement.”

Etienne de la Boetie

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