The people urgently need to take back control of their democracy

The next stride forward

Intro by Watchdog

The following started life as a comment by a reader on this article.

It is so apt that I cannot resist turning it into a featured article. I’ve  not yet been able to contact the author but as soon as I do, I’ll edit this intro to make sure he gets full and richly deserved credit.

In  the meantime, I hope he will forgive me for promoting his message.

What he has to say nails our current predicament, what we need to do about it and how to go about it. I’ve added emphases to what I feel is the most important part of the message.

A wise man once said: “When in doubt, do something.”

Well, here’s something that can be done and must be done.

by JamesMc
The people urgently need to take back control of their democracy.

Every country, every institution, is under threat from the technocratic, transhumanist ideology that has ‘mission crept’ its way into the every structure and institution of our society courtesy of the WEF, the Trilateral Commission, the Banking cartels, the World Bank, WHO, Big Tech, Big Pharma, billionaire elites and the various UN backed organisations.

How do we do this?

We do it through all the multiple and varied ways that the divergent groups on Telegram and the alternative media networks are successfully promoting to wake people up.

But now we need to coalesce together to form one voice, to achieve one goal – to take back our democracy from these parasites and bottom feeders.

Here’s a novel idea.

Instead of political parties writing manifestos for the people to vote on at the next election, (which they invariably fail to act on as promised) why don’t the people who are fighting for freedom and democracy get together and write their own manifesto, present it to the nation and ask them to vote for the party that commits itself to honouring it and implementing it in the national interest?

Apart from this, there would need to be some mechanism other than periodic elections, to oversee and assess the government’s performance and hold politicians to account. A peoples’ council – a parliament of common sense.

Ultimately what I think we need is a People’s Charter – an updated version of the Magna Carta that held King John to account for exploiting the peasants and barons of the time.

Our democracy has been debased by these over-privileged elites. They need taking down a peg or two and reminded whom it is they serve.


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3 Comments on The people urgently need to take back control of their democracy

  1. It never ceases to amaze me when I read something like this URGING Americans to “Take BACK your DEMOCRACY”…. #1) America was founded as a Republic, not a DEMOCRACY (Mob Rule) but that is EXACTLY what it has become because it was Incorporated long long ago. #2.) You can’t take back what is no longer a Country but a Corporation. You can demolish the De Facto and restore the De Jure… but pretending that ANY of this can be resolved legislatively is just pure and utter nonsense.

  2. The power of the pen is worthless if the power of the sword is kept sheathed. You can wordsmith common sense and good intentions onto as many documents you want, but they are worthless if they are ignored, trashed or burned to ashes by those currently in power.
    Far too many “politicians” are nothing but amoral power seekers and they have come into full flower under the spreading W.E.F. regime that has spread across the world. Voting has become an exercise in futility rather than an exercise of the people’s power to govern.
    The government has become the proverbial “bully” on the block. As a kid, I was always the smallest guy in class and tended to be the one who suffered the bullying. Until one day, after gym class, I got kicked in the ass from behind by one of my usual tormentors. He and his buddies had a big laugh, but I threw down my books, punched him several times in the face and literally pinned him to the chain link fence with my hand around his throat. It was hard, it was fast, it was violent. But, most of all it was effective. I was never bullied again, by anyone.
    Our government is well down that path – as well as many other governments around the world – using make believe stories like “Climate Change” or “Pandemic” as a reason to be bullies. Enough is enough.
    Truckers and Farmers are pushing back, but until we the people of the West come to the realization that the people of Sri Lanka are leading the way in the fight against “bullies” we won’t have a chance at living our lives as we have in the past.
    The politically correct notion of “tolerance” has been drummed into people for the last 20+ years. What began as a gentle way of being polite to the less fortunate has become a methodology to allow criminals to get away with criminal acts, politicians with ways to close businesses, lock honest citizens in their homes and now as a way to disarm the populace so they can’t protect themselves.
    Bullies don’t deserve tolerance.

  3. Didn’t middle-class, working Americans do this with the 2016 elections on one Donald J. Trump? I am quite sure this is why the Washington establishment was so determined to rid themselves of Mr. Trump. Putting aside the “image” that the media has been able to promulgate, most Americans liked that ISIS was defeated, terrorist leaders killed, North Korea, China, and Russia kept in check; that our embassy was moved to Jerusalem, that Israel’s sovereignty in the Golan Heights was recognized, and the unbelievable accomplishment of the Abraham Accords. Most Americans do not support open borders, or CRT on our public schools, that inflation was non-existent, and unemployment — especially for minorities and women — was at historic lows under Trump. Under Trump, NATO was finally made to pay their fair share (something that, had they done earlier, would have helped prevent Russia’s invasion). Most Americans now appreciate the fact that we were not only energy-independent but were undermining Russia with low gas prices (another thing that was preventing Russia from invading Ukraine). All while being the most investigated human being in all of human history, and still, some six years later, it takes a sham
    committee — co-chaired by Cheney — to have STILL found nothing of significance. Most of Trump’s supporters saw him as an outsider disrupter, fighting against both the swamp and the lies of the Uniparty. I feel it’s no exaggeration to say most of Trump’s grassroots power base supports his America First agenda.

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