The American Zionist run empire (4th Reich) & the business of fear and terrorism


The American Zionist run empire (4th Reich) and the business of fear and terrorism.

Contributed to TLB by Mahmoud Alostaz

The issues in the mid-east are very simple.

1 – 1917 WWI ends. Ottoman empire collapse. Sykes-Picot implemented.

2 – 1948 WWII ends. The Zionist occupation entity Israel is established. French and British troops begin slow withdrawal from Arab world and mid-east leaving behind proxy governments. USSR and USA dominates global agenda as feuding super powers.

3 – USA arms Taliban and Alqeda in Afghanistan to fight USSR occupiers.

4 – USA wins cold war. Afghanistan is in total ruin under Taliban and Alqeda control. Forgotten.

5 – The elite American, Israeli and West European Zionists, neo-conservatives and neo-liberals (keepers of the American headed 4th Reich) draft a plan to keep the USA as the only super power in the 21st century. They call the plan (The Project of the New American Century – PNAC) published in 1997.

6 – 9/11/2001 the WTC is demolished and a ballistic missile hits the Pentagon.

7 – Implementation of the PNAC begins. [see video below]

8 – Alqeda and the Taliban are revived again by the West as a main tool in implementing the PNAC plans for the Arab world and the mid-east.

9 – According to the PNAC and related plans, a new world order will take place. This new order is mainly about redistribution of global natural resources, wealth, interests protection, and global control.



Watch this Bone Chilling Documentary exposing the Truth about PNAC: (Allow for a very short download time.)


[Next Mahmoud names, names and addresses The 4th Reich Project architects: The PNAC is now called FPIs. (Foreign Policy Initiatives, link here) – TLB ed]


Once these true creepy war criminals [indicated below] are prosecuted and jailed, then their financiers, corporate and elite masters will also be exposed and prosecuted.

4th Reich Project architects: The PNAC is now called FPIs (Foreign Policy Initiatives).

William Kristol, Co-founder and Chairman
Robert Kagan, Co-founder
Bruce P. Jackson
Mark Gerson
Randy Scheunemann
Project staff Edit

Other director(s):
Ellen Bork, Deputy Director
Timothy Lehmann, Assistant Director

Senior fellows:
Thomas Donnelly, Senior Fellow
Reuel Marc Gerecht, Senior Fellow
Gary Schmitt, Senior Fellow

Research associates:
Michael Goldfarb, Research Associate
Former directors and staff
Daniel McKivergan, Deputy Director

Signatories to Statement of Principles
Elliott Abrams
Gary Bauer
William J. Bennett
John Ellis “Jeb” Bush
Dick Cheney
Eliot A. Cohen
Midge Decter
Paula Dobriansky
Steve Forbes
Aaron Friedberg
Francis Fukuyama
Frank Gaffney
Fred C. Ikle
Donald Kagan
Zalmay Khalilzad
I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby
Norman Podhoretz
J. Danforth Quayle
Peter W. Rodman
Stephen P. Rosen
Henry S. Rowen
Donald Rumsfeld
Vin Weber
George Weigel
Paul Wolfowitz

Update Note: The PNAC is now called FPIs and is headed by:
Board of Directors
William Kristol
Robert Kagan
Dan Senor
Eric Edelman


About Mahmoud Alostaz:Mahmound Alostaz pix He lives in Gaza and is a Business owner. His other professional credentials include, former Journalist at Kuwaiti TV Channel Two and former Researcher/ Teacher/ Translator at Pal Academy. Academics include study of Business Administration at Trent University, study at UWC Red-Cross Nordic and attendance at AL-Karmel Secondary School.

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