Americans Suffer Chronic Ostrich Syndrome

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Updated 07/14/2016

Many of my fellow citizens don’t have a clue as to what is actually happening to them, their freedoms or rights, or their very health … but the most damning consideration here is … most don’t want a, or pretend not to have a, clue!

Tell me just how clueless they can actually be when they know exactly what and who to avoid to keep themselves out of the governments eye, or off government lists of radicals, conspiracy theorists, possible domestic terrorists or no fly lists. The obvious answer is … to keep yourself off the governments radar … you must know what said government is looking for.

Enemies of the State

This brings to mind what I like to refer to as the “Ostrich Syndrome”, an affliction far too many in America suffer from via fear, apathy, complacency or complicity. No, Big Pharmaceutical has no drug or vaccine for this affliction, and the government’s prescription is More Propaganda forcing them into a heightened level of this syndrome.

Flanders and Swann – The Ostrich Song

We have all seen the pictures of an ostrich hiding its head in the ground to avoid discovery by a dangerous predator. Yet to make the decision to hide from an eminent danger, they first have to be aware, on some level, that the danger exists. Obviously this form of defense is worthless as hiding ones head only increases the danger to oneself because you cannot see the danger approaching, nor can you defend yourself from it. In essence this makes you a more opportune and  stationary target.

Those who feel they have nothing to fear if they are doing nothing wrong, or by avoiding the truths they are at least marginally aware of, they will keep themselves safe, are doomed by their display of passivity to be enslaved and used in any fashion a tyrant sees fit.

Fear of association

These are the people, try as we may, we cannot seem to reach to educate or awaken. These are the people who this tyranny has not influenced enough yet, and just maybe … These are the cannon fodder in any coming struggle.

America is on the verge of economic collapse, global war, and health disaster. We are perpetuating hostilities across the globe, our allies are deserting us in droves, our dollar is a paper tiger propped up by the military might the oligarchs who own this country wield, and our health has fallen from the best on this planet to what most would comfortably say is the worst, and all in about three generations.

If you finally wake up

What I present to you now is a plethora of information on the disaster America steadily drives toward, and who is driving the bus.

HINT: hiding your head in the sand WONT KEEP YOU SAFE !!!


A $100,000,000,000,000 economic extinction level event is about to descend on America. D.U.M.B.S (Deep Underground Military Bases) are already being prepared (FACT) for the high level government officials, the military hierarchy and elites to ride out the massive civil unrest to closely follow this unavoidable event.

FEMA camps are ready across the country, and the unprecedented arming of government non-military forces (DHS, TSA, IRS, etc …) intended only for use against We The People is all but complete. This is not a guess but is easily substantiated … Please watch …

Habeas Corpus, Due Process, and so much more has gone up in smoke via the Patriot act, the NDAA and traitorous and unconstitutional Executive Orders.

Where were the congressional defenders of the constitution, the Supreme court push back, or the outcry from the mainstream media … crickets chirp … And now we live under an oligarchy (Princeton study), a Totalitarian government … Please watch …

Obama and his staunch anti-colonialist views instilled by his communist father and mentors in his formative years has lead to his egregious spending, bankrupting America (just about doubled national debt of all presidents before him combined). This facilitated the redistribution of wealth away from America to the rest of the world and collapsing the US economy. Debt was Obama’s weapon for the redistribution of wealth away from America.

America has also inherited more enemies under Obama’s leadership than ever in our history, and we now back and support both monetarily and militarily some of the most radical Muslim factions in existence … Please watch …

This last video requires no introduction. This documentary lays out the plans for bringing America to her knees. A role our last president was selected and groomed for by the caste who call themselves the elite.

These elitists have clearly stated that a New World Order cannot be instituted unless or until America (especially the powerful middle class) is first brought to her knees. A clear signal to the rest of the world that if the freedom loving and powerful Americans cannot hold out against the NWO … what chance do they have … Please watch …

Never before in the history of this great nation has America been attacked both from outside and within with such calculated tenacity and intention!

At this point can We The People trust (as so many already blindly do) Donald Trump to reverse this headlong rush to destruction … or is he just another well camouflaged tool of the same elitist caste  … with the same inevitable goal? The answer to this question is playing out as you read this.

Today we as a nation stand on the very precipice of total collapse. This is not a theory, a joke, a lie or even an exaggeration … this is a fact that can be easily seen by any who …

Don’t have their head buried in the sand like …

Those Who Suffer, The Ostrich Syndrome !!!

The only choice

Here we present you with the premier show of TLBTV (the first show we ever did in this series): “Eradicating Programmed Ignorance”. Hopefully this will give some ideas as to what TLB is doing, and you can do, to overcome this blight on American society …


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