Anti-Vax Movement To Blame For Quadrupling Of Mumps Cases This Year

Preface by Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

The following articles is one of the most disturbing distortions of truth I have ever seen! The media along with the pharmaceutical is continuing to lie and blame the non vaccinated for an outbreak of mumps that is happening in mostly vaccinated populations. THIS IS NOT NEWS!!! This is an attempt to paint non vaxers in the most horrific light possible. Critical thinkers really need to examine the history of the mumps vaccine and understand that only 50% of the world vaccinates for mumps. In the UK the mumps portion of the MMR was only introduced in 1988. Now in the United States they are attempting to use a third dose of the MMR in outbreak situations to put an end to the outbreaks. First they said a single dose would work, then a second dose, now a third!!! When will the madness end? Already they have pushed mumps into an older age group where complications are more likely to happen. Perhaps if these people actually cared about health they would simply stop vaccinating for minor illnesses and let nature take its course. (CW)

Anti-Vax Movement To Blame For Quadrupling Of Mumps Cases This Year

The year isn’t quite over yet, but we’ve already had 4,258 cases of mumps in the U.S., more than any year since 2006, when we also experienced a dramatic spike in cases. As the chart here shows, before 2006 we only saw a couple of hundred cases per year, but the numbers have been trending higher since then. After two years with about 1,200 cases each, this year looks to quadruple last year’s total when the final numbers come in.

Just as in 2005, the outbreaks were centered in a few states, mostly on college campuses in the middle of the country, especially Iowa, Illinois and Indiana. (The 6,500+ cases in 2005 were mostly in or near Iowa and Illinois.)

Why are we seeing this increase?

At least some of the blame, if not all of it, belongs to the anti-vaccine movement. Despite overwhelming evidence that vaccines save lives, and that the risks are minuscule compared to the enormous benefits, the anti-vaxxers remain in denial. They claim that the government–usually the CDC–and pharmaceutical companies have been conspiring for years to hide the so-called harms of vaccines, and they spread misinformation and fear in a continual effort to get parents to withhold vaccines from their children.

The main harm claimed by the anti-vax movement is autism. This belief, though fervently held by many anti-vaxxers, is absolutely false. It was originally proposed in a now-retracted, discredited 1998 study by Andrew Wakefield, who was later shown to have fraudently manipulated data, hidden his secret payments from lawyers who wanted to sue vaccine makers and treated the children in his own study unethically. In 2010, Wakefield was stripped of his UK medical license. As the BMJ editors wrote in a 2011 editorial:

“Who perpetrated this fraud? There is no doubt that it was Wakefield.”

Nonetheless, Wakefield he continues to promote his bogus claims (most recently with an anti-vax movie, which I won’t name here to avoid promoting it), and remains a hero to the anti-vax movement, who seem blind to his flaws.

This is reprehensible–and frightening. If all parents followed the anti-vaxxers’ advice, we would see massive surges in vaccine-preventable illnesses, sometimes leading to permanent harm or even death in helpless children. Fortunately, most children are still getting their vaccines, but the anti-vaxxers have succeeded in reducing vaccination rates in many communities around the country, illustrated most recently by the 19-fold increase in vaccine exemptions in Texas.



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2 Comments on Anti-Vax Movement To Blame For Quadrupling Of Mumps Cases This Year

  1. Thanks for your comment Nancy … BUT DID YOU EVEN BOTHER TO READ THE ARTICLE ??? It is obvious you DID NOT because it starts off by picking the title and concept apart and stating just about everything you say in your comment … Then the body of the article in question was inserted so that people could see the lies being told. Responding to a title without bothering to read the article is not always a good option if you wish to keep from looking foolish. OH and NO we have NOT become a Disinfo Rag !!!

  2. Has the Liberty Beacon become a disinfo rag? Go to You Tube and search for the Senator Posey video. He calls for Congress to hear Dr Thompson and Hooker speak about vaccine fraud at CDC. Congress ignored all of them. Why? because your illness and suffering has become a resource. We are becoming sick and polluted at an alarming rate. Are we worth more sick? You betcha!

    Do not be silent and do not consent. vaccines are hurting our children. Thank about it. Injecting healthy children with several concoctions of diseases and chemicals all at once to KEEP them healthy? INSANITY!

    Dr Wakefield’s license has been reinstated after the Bigpharma mafia attacked him and his reputation. We are all living in an environment of corporate tyranny. Wake up and protect your family. It may already be too late. Mandatory vaccination in California may be coming to your state. Mandatory profits for Bigpharma. Life-long immune system corruption and pollution for our children. Time to wake up America!

    Liberty beacon, you are OFF my list of truthful websites who support liberty. What a sham! Shame on you, Liberty beacon. Nobody dies from measles. Honestly!

    A Concerned Health-care Professional

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